Tetris Nightmare

I hope you enjoy my first fanfic ever!


I do not own Tetris: the very first version is created by Alexey Pajitnov.

This story is inspired by the Puyo Puyo Anime "Satan in a Crisis" (except I made it Tetris). JUST IN CASE, I DO NOT OWN THAT EITHER.

"Lemme try!" I heard a faint voice somewhere.

"No, buddy," another voice replied, "You suck at this."

What are they talking about?

"Please? PLEEEEEEEEASE?" the first voice pleaded.

"Okay, okay," the second finally agreed, "but only one round."

Where am I? What's this narrow room with this extra-high ceiling? What IS that voice?

Questions fell like rain. Then suddenly, a shadow fell on me. I looked up.

Then I saw colored blocks floating in mid-air!

I sprinted away from the shadow, just in time to avoid being squashed. It made a huge thud as it fell barely a meter away from me.

"Holy ravioli, that was close!" I exclaimed. I decided to climb on it, just to see what it is. It was about a meter a side, and 4 of them were connected to form an L-shape.

Is this a Tetris game?

Another shadow fell on me as I thought. Luckily, it instantly moved to my front—judging from the color on the L piece, it was the player's right.

Another piece fell. Then another. And another. One after another, I dodged the shadows.

Suddenly, I was blinded by a flash, deafened by a boom, and the blocks under my feet fell about two meters. I managed to break the fall, but it hurt.

"Take that!" the first voice shouted. "Two lines at a time!"

"Meh, two lines?" the second voice stated. "Until you clear four lines at once, you can't act like a badass! Here, I'll show you how I roll."

Oh, great. NOW I'm in trouble.

The next block to fall was an O. (That's the "square" if you didn't know yet.) And it suddenly fell instantly only a few centimeters away from me!

What are they thinking, hard-dropping right next to me? Do they see me at all?

I figured they don't, and I went on sprinting, this time more intense.

I climbed and dodged, climbed and dodged for a minute or so, as if my life depended on it. In fact, I think it did. At flashing speed, blocks fell, four by four.

"Wow! How do you do it so quick?"

"'Cause I'm an uber1337."

A long shadow fell on me. I looked up. The blocks were light-blue.

That must mean…

Before I finished my thought, The blue piece flipped, and sank in a hole at the edge of the room. I was afloat when blocks sank four meters under me!

I screamed as I fell. It seemed like a minute. I braced myself for the impact. I was falling backfirst. I'm gonna crack my back!

The instant I thought I fell, I was lying in my bed, sweating like a rat running away from the cat. I blinked. I blinked again. Looking into my alarm clock, I found out it was 6 AM, right when I usually wake up.

I was just relieved to know that was a dream.

I got off of bed, got out of my pajamas, and walked to my Wii. Then I did what I felt I wanted to do: I played Climber mode on Tetris Party.

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