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Summary: Flack is getting used to the fact that he will never find a woman like Angell. Years have passed and although he has come to terms with her death, he wonders why he has never even let himself come close to finding someone new. Then new Detective, Lara Deluca, comes to work at the precinct and after a slightly rocky first day he finds himself falling for her. As he starts to learn more and more about her he discovers she and her young son are in danger from someone from her past. Unable to outrun it any longer her past catches up with her and Flack has to fight to keep her and her son safe. He's determined to not lose someone else who he loves, but should he prepare himself for the worst? Could he recover from that sort of pain again?

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Chapter 1

Don Flack was less than impressed with the heat of the day. It made chasing down perps even harder. He wasn't sure if they were getting faster or if he was slowing down or if he was just losing interest in this job. Even though years had passed since her death he was finding himself thinking more and more of Jessica Angell recently. He missed her and had yet to meet someone like her.

He pulled his car up outside the precinct and climbed out. He tried to push his thoughts aside as he reached into the back of his car and pulled out a suspect he had just arrested. He gave them a 'helpful' shove towards the precinct. What he didn't expect was for them to turn around and crack their elbow into his face, once, twice and then again.

Flack was too slow to stop or dodge the next blow that came: a hard kick to the leg. He went down on one knee and the suspect kicked out again, his boot connecting with Flack's face. The attack had come to quick and Flack was in no position to stop it right now. He looked up and saw the suspect's boot coming at his face again.

He waited for the painful connection but what he heard was the suspect yelp in pain. He pushed himself up off the floor and was about to walk over to the person who had the suspect pinned to the floor, his arm twisted up behind his back, when he saw who it was. He froze for a second, a little shocked…and kinda embarrassed.

"Thank you Miss but I'll take it from here!" he said to the petite brunette who continued to crouch above his suspect. He wanted to drag the guy up from the floor himself but she beat it to him. She practically threw the guy into Flacks arms.

"He's all yours if you think you can handle him. I was late for work anyway." she said.

"And what, you figured you'd just be a good citizen first?" Flack asked the brown eyed beauty standing in front of him.

She half smiled at him and cocked her head to the side slightly. "Good citizens don't get paid for tackling scum like him. Cop's do." she said.

"You're a cop?" he asked.

"Detective." she corrected.

She twisted round and looked up at the precinct. She then turned to face Flack. "My first day. You work here?" she asked. Flack just nodded. "Great, you mind showing me who Detective Donald Flack is?" she asked.

"You're looking at him." he told her.

She smiled at him, wondering if showing him up was really the best thing to do. Having done it anyway she figured she should just introduce herself. "I'm Lara, Lara Deluca. I'm your new Detective."


Flack had only had time to show Lara around the bullpen and introduce her to a few people before he got a call. He'd decided to take Lara with him. She had to learn the ropes, he just hated that he had to be the one to show her them. Once at the scene, he had found he was actually surprised how good she was at her job, but he wasn't about to praise her for it.

At the scene he'd introduced her to Mac and Jo. He wasn't surprised to find Jo had instantly liked her. She had a southern accent just like Jo's, but nowhere near as strong. Mac just seemed curious by her, like he did with all new people he came across.

After finishing at the scene, Flack had asked Lara to drive back to the precinct. They had hardly got anywhere when a tire blew out. Even though she had offered to change it, it was Flack who had got down and done it; just as the God-damn rain had begun to pound down. This whole day had been one nightmare after another.

When they had finally got back to the precinct everyone, rather the men, were all too busy trying to chat Lara up. It meant no work was getting done and he had immediately blown off steam at Lara for distracting everyone. He felt bad for it as soon as he had done it. It wasn't her fault the guys at the precinct were all as horny as teenage boys when a pretty face was around.


It was gone 7pm when he decided to go to the staff gym. He needed to blow off more steam. He really had woken up on the wrong side of the bed today and he needed to lose the mood before he went home and crawled back into bed.

He got to the gym, ready for a workout, only to find all the guys gathered around the mat. They were cheering wildly, sounding like they were watching some sort of wrestling match. He pushed his way through the crowd just in time to see Lara throw one of his guys to the floor. He waited for him to push her off him but she wouldn't allow it. After a few seconds she pushed herself up. Everyone on the inside of the crowd gave her a 'well done' slap on the back or high five, except for himself of course.

Lara saw the look he gave her and turned around and put her hand out to help the officer up. He took it even though he was clearly suffering from a bruised ego. She turned back around to see Flack still giving her the same disapproving look.

"What? I figured they might not wanna hit on me if I kicked their asses." she explained to him, obviously not bothered whether he approved or not.

"Whatever!" Flack said as he turned and went to walk away, not seeing how pissed off Lara now looked at him.

"You' know, if you have some sorta problem with me…we could always settle it right now, right here." she called to him.

Flack stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face her. He tried not to smile and shook his head. He turned back around, despite his guys shouting encouraging things to him. They wanted to see a fight between the two of them.

"Come on, I'll even go easy on you!" Lara shouted to him.

Flack stopped dead once more and turned to face her. She stood smirking at him, her arms out to the side of her as if to say 'well, what you waiting for?'

"Give me those!" Flack said as he snatched some gloves from one of the officers. Everyone cheered as he put them on.

Lara stood in the middle of the ring of officers, waiting for Flack. Finally he was ready. He walked over to her and they hit their gloves together and prepared themselves. "Don't hold back!" Flack told her with a smile.

"After the hell you've given me today, I wasn't planning on it!" she told him.

Flack just smiled and then threw the first punch but Lara side stepped, dodging it. She kicked out, hitting him in the side, getting a cheer from most of the men, the others shouted encouraging things to Flack.

Flack threw two quick punches but again Lara dodged them and then she threw a punch that hit him square in the jaw. For a little thing she sure could hit. Not letting the others see that the punch had shocked him he threw another punch. It hit her in the face but hardly budged her. She threw her arms up and grabbed him in a headlock before swinging him to the floor. He hit the mats and tried to jump right back up but she was suddenly crouching over him, a tight grip on his arm that she had twisted up his back, clearly her favourite hold on a person.

"You gonna say sorry?" she asked him quietly.

"Like hell!" Flack muttered before he pushed himself up and twisted his body around.

Lara crashed to the mat and he threw himself down above her, pinning her arms down above. Her legs trapped by his. His hold wouldn't hurt her but it would certainly keep her down. She looked up at him, with a smirk on her face. He noticed her chest was rising and falling as fast as his. They were both putting as much into this as each other, and were both out of breath.

Without meaning to his eyes dropped to her chest. Her top had slipped down, just slightly, just revealing the tiniest bit of the top swell of her breast. He was sure he saw something there, a scar perhaps…having let himself become distracted Lara flipped them again so she was now above him, pinning him down. Her knee came to a quick stop between his legs, close enough to do damage if she moved it just another inch. "You say sorry and we can end this now."

"And if I don't?" Flack asked, fighting for breath.

"Then I suppose we just keep fighting." she said, fighting for breath herself.

"That is kinda tempting, but I happen to be quite attached to the part of my body that your knee is about to crush, so…I'm sorry." he said.

She was clearly shocked that he had actually apologised to her for being a jerk and sounded like he meant it. Her shocked expression turned to a somewhat seductive smile. "Shame, I wasn't done trying to work out if I prefer you above me…or below me." she said as she pushed herself up leaving Flack lying there with a huge grin on his face.

He sat up, ignoring all his guys playful booing. He was too busy watching Lara as she walked out of the room. He found he couldn't stop smiling. He wished he'd realised earlier just how good this day had been…thanks to Lara coming into it.

There was someone else watching Lara, someone in the crowd, another officer. He quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a picture of Lara. He then shoved it back in his pocket and walked out of the gym. "Finally, he'd found her."


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