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Chapter 18

Flack was driving as fast as he possibly could. His heart was pounding so hard that he was sure it was going to burst right through his chest. "Please, God! Please, God let her be okay!" he prayed over and over as he grabbed his phone and tried calling Mac again.

He had tried once and had got no answer. He'd already called for back-up but he needed to let Mac and Jo know what was happening. Still getting no answer from Mac's phone he was about to hang up and try Jo's again but at the last minute Mac answered.

"Don, what's up?" Mac asked.

"Mac, Cal's got Lara again!" he yelled right before he had to turn sharply to avoid running head on into a lorry.


Lara was trying to pull herself along the floor on her stomach but Cal was pressed down on top on her, grabbing her arms, trying to pull them behind her back. She had got a quick look at the zip ties in his hand and knew she couldn't let him get them on her because if he did she really didn't stand a chance.

"Get off me!" she yelled at him when she felt him press his knee into her back and rip her arms back. She felt him wrap the zip tie around her left wrist and cried out in frustration. Then, not willing to give in yet she ripped her right arm from his grasp and swung her elbow back.

It slammed into his crotch, making him fall back off her with a yelp of pain. Without waiting a second she jumped up to her feet and ran into the kitchen with Cal right on her heels. She quickly spotted the pans on the stove and she wasted no time in running over to them.

She grabbed the biggest pan and turned and threw it without having time to really aim it like she would have liked too. She felt some of the boiling water spray back and splash her arms but it was nothing compared to the amount that soaked Cal all over his arms and the left side of his face, neck and chest.

She didn't stand around to hear Cal's roars of pain but they echoed about the apartment around her anyway. She ran through the living room and down the hall and into her bedroom. She was heading for the bedside cabinet where she always kept her gun. She got to it and pulled it open. Her heart suddenly sank to see it wasn't there. She just knew Cal must have already moved it.

"Looking for something?!" she heard him growl from behind her. Her gun was in one of his hands and a large kitchen knife was in the other.

She spun round to face him where he stood by the doorway, angry blisters covering his face and neck. "You little bitch!" he spat at her, "When did you learn to get so tough?"

"As soon as I knew I'd had enough of you beating the shit out me, and the moment you hurt my son!" she growled angrily, thinking back to the time Cal had first hurt Jace as a baby.

"Our son!"

"He's never been yours!" she snapped.

With an angry roar Cal ran at her at full speed. Lara could only try to dive over the bed, but she screamed in pain as Cal sank the blade of the knife into her leg.


Flack was getting so close to the apartment but he was sure the damn building was moving further and further away from where it should have been. He had gone through several red lights and broken several other roads laws, all while his heart battered hard against his chest. He simply didn't care about the law now. The only thing he cared about was getting to Lara in time to help her from whatever Cal had planned.


Lara swung her arm back again and knocked the gun out from Cal's hand with her elbow. She heard it slide across the wooden floor but she couldn't see where it had gone. Before she had chance to hit him again she felt him yank the knife from out of her leg and once more cried in pain as more blood seeped from the wound.

She yelped in pain againa moment later when she felt Cal grab her hair. She couldn't stop him from pulling her up off the bed and swinging her hard into the wall. She saw stars immediately, spinning stars. Before she saw it she felt Cal's fist connect hard with her face, once, twice and with the third blow she crumpled to the floor with a mouthful of her own blood.

She tried to push herself up but Cal stood hard on her leg that was bleeding from him having stabbed it. She screamed in agony and tried to push his foot off but it was no use. Doing the only thing she could she head butted him hard in the crotch. It wasn't something she'd never imagined herself doing in her life but it worked and Cal fell back once more holding himself.

With much more difficulty Lara managed to get to her feet. She limped out of her bedroom and down the hallway and into the living room, with her hand over her wound as her blood seeped through her fingers. She had barely crossed the living room when she felt Cal shove her hard. She fell forwards into the couch and struggled against him as he flipped her onto her back, leaning her back over the back of the couch as he wrapped his hands around her neck.

He began squeezing tighter and tighter, so hard Lara was sure his grip alone would snap her neck. She tried to pull his hands from around her throat but it was no good as his grip was just too tight. She desperately needed to take in a deep breath, her vision was blurring and everything was starting to go black. She was just about to pass out when Cal was forced off of her.

Lara slumped to the floor holding her throat and taking in a much needed gulp of air that threatened to choke her. She turned to look and sighed with relief to see Cal was lying on the floor beneath Flack who was punching him hard in the face over and over.

Flack threw punch after punch, the hardest he had ever punched anyone or anything. He heard the crunch of cartilage as Cal's nose broke and began oozing blood. He was so fixed on causing Cal as much pain as he could that he didn't see him raise his own fist. He just felt it connect with the side of his face.

A sharp pain shot right through his head and Cal used the moment's distraction to push Flack off him. Flack quickly tried to get up but Cal threw himself down on top of him and punched him square in the face. Flack tried to get up but he just couldn't with Cal's weight on top of him. Cal threw another punch and Flack found himself in a daze. His head felt like it was spinning, spinning too much for him to get up when Cal got up, but only so he could grab hold of a heavy glass vase full of small glass marbles.

He walked over to Flack and held the vase up over his head, ready to throw it down on Flack. A loud gunshot suddenly rang out and a bullet slammed into Cal's shoulder, the vase fell from his arms and smashed to pieces on the floor by his feet.

He yelled in pain and glared at Lara who was holding her gun, having picked it up off her bedroom floor. As Cal stormed toward her she pulled the trigger over and over and over, emptying all the bullets into Cal's body.

Both Flack and Lara could only watch as Cal slumped backwards into the wall. He slowly slid down it, leaving a bloody trail behind him. His eyes never left Lara's until he hit the floor, dead.

Lara released a breath that she hadn't realised she had actually been holding since the first time Cal had hit her, the first time she had feared for her life. Flack pushed himself to his feet and used the back of his hand to wipe away the blood from his bust lip.

He walked over to Lara and had to carefully peel her hand away from her hand. "Baby, give me the gun." he whispered to her.

Lara allowed him to take it, but never took her eyes of Cal, she was sure he was going to pop up from the floor and come after her again. However, the moment she felt Flack wrap his arms around her she felt safe again. She wrapped her arms around him and held him back, with her head buried against his chest she cried with relief. Finally it was all over and she knew that she would lead a happy, safe life from now on with Flack and Jace.

Finally she wouldn't be scared anymore, and she'd never have to run and hide again.


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