Watashi, Watashi, Watashi. ACCELERATOR X LAST ORDER

"Noooo!" Accelerator shouted the 15th time as he threw the cue cards at her little face.

"I! I! I! I like the color red!"

"Misaka Misa-"

"Noooooooo! Say it, I!"


"GAAHH!" He tugged at his white locks and scooted closer to her as they were sitting across from eachother cross-legged.

"Misaka Misaka apologizes. Misaka Misaka will try again until she gets in right says Misaka Misaka as she tries to hide her blush."

He sighs, closing his eyes trying to calm himself before he exploded again. He never really cared about her speaking glitch up until recently. For some reason he just cracked and he couldn't take it anymore.

"Last Order... Try again."

"Mis- I like the color red. says Mi- I mean period."

"Ok again." He said as he picked up another cue card with another sentence.

"Mi- I like to run. Period."

"Good good-wait you don't have to say the pe-"

"I like the color blue. Period." She smiled triumphantly.

Accelerator face palmed and slowly slid it down his face looking defeated.

"You don't have to say the period."

"Why not? question mark, says Mi-"

"No. No stop."
He tugged on his white hair again. She just doesn't get it does she.

"Ok try this one." He held up another card.

"I like cake. Period."

"You don't have to say the- You know what nevemind good enough." He threw the cue cards about and laid back, closing his scarlett eyes.

"You don't have to say the Period or your name or how your feeling or what your doi-"

"I know." She said as she stood smiling.

His eyes opened wide.

"I just wanted to spend the day with you. I enjoyed your company." She smiled warmly at him.


"Misaka Misaka will take a bathroom break now," Her voice faded out as she left the room.
"says Misaka Misaka as she leaves."

Accelerator smashed a pillow over his face.
"Are you kidding me? Says Accelerator Accelerator, wanting to fucking kill someone."