"Exuse me, says Misaka says Misaka, tired of being ignored."

"What." The frail white haired boy finally answered her after the long silence of the walk.

"What's your real name?, says Misaka says Misaka, honestly curious."

He stops dead in his tracks but she keeps walking because her eyes are closed as she smiles.
She bumps into his back with an 'oomf'.
"Why does it matter it's just a name." he said quietly.

"Ouch. Sorry says Misaka says Misaka, in an apologizing tone."

He glares down at her about to speak but she cuts him off ignoring his previous answer.

"I mean Accelerator is a cool name and all, but that can't be your real name, says Misaka says Misaka honestly, in a non-offensive tone."
"That. Is none of your business" He continues walking as Last Order stares at his retreating form.

"But Misaka Misaka wants to know! Says Misaka says Misaka as she stomps her feet childishly!"

She began to tug on his injured arm and he gasps in pain glaring at her as she continues to jump annoyingly.

God will she shut the hell up!

"Misaka Misaka!-"

"Ok! I'll tell you what it means but not the actual name."

"Oh yes yes yes! says Misaka says Misaka as she claps her hands excitedly! Does it sound like accelerator? Is it pretty shouts Misaka Mi-"

"Maybe if you shut your hole you'll find out." He snapped as they continued their slow pace.

"Ok. Sorry Misaka Misaka apologizing for interupting,"

"It depends on the context and pronunciation but it means... the falling of snow."
He looked at her concentrating expression with satisfaction at her silence.

"That's... pretty says Misaka says Misaka with admiration, Misaka Misaka was not expecting it to be something so... delicate says Misaka says Misaka with contemplation."

Then her eyes lit up. Accelerator's delicate features twisted in annoyance knowng he'd never hear the end of how 'pretty' it was. His name totally ruined his dark persona so he kept it to himself.

"Is it because you have white air? asks Misaka Misaka failing miserably trying to hide her laughter." she giggled making his glare soften a bit.

"I guess it is."