"Hey!" A voice yelled over the canyon, echoing of the solid walls and around the space in between. Its thick Australian accent make the voice seem deeper than the echoing alone.

"Supreme King!" A second call beckoned the young man down below, on a stone bridge that crossed the canyon, leading to a dark castle, hidden by mountain rocks. The castle sat in the depths of the canyon, low and covered in darkness. The young man was dressed in black armour, with golden metallic trim and golden spikes. His feet were covered by knee high black combat boots with black spikes on them. A black helmet also with golden metallic trim and a sliding face plate decorated the young man's head. A red cape draped over his shoulders and latched up at the front, flowing around the spikes that protruded outward and upward from the back of the armour.

The young man stilled, facing the entrance of the castle, waiting.

The voice rang out again. "I challenge you!"

The armoured young man smirked behind his face plate. He'd known that someone would come eventually to challenge him but he didn't think it would be this soon, right before he planned to vanquish the remaining resistance. The voice seemed familiar, like a distant memory of a dream. But the young man dismissed the thought.

He contemplated his options and quickly decided that he was too bored around the castle. None of his minions wanted to duel him, in fear of being sent to the stars, as they had seen countless others disappear to. No-one else had come to challenge him since he defeated Brron and took over the throne, as he was meant to.

Past the darkness of the entrance hall, the young man could see someone walking closer to him. Soon enough, it became apparent that it was a girl who was walking towards him.

The young man's golden amber eyes focused on the girl as she became clearer. She was dressed in a black, laced corset with gold straps and gold lining, going down the length of her torso. It also had a gold ribbon at the back to secure it to her frame. A short black, ruffled skirt with gold trimming stopped at her mid-thigh. Black fishnet tights ran from under her skirt and covered the length of her exposed thighs. As she walked along the stone floor, her four-inch high heeled, knee length black boots clipped against it, the gold heels a stark contrast against the deep grey, almost black looking colour of the floor. Her dark, copper-like coloured hair flared behind her slightly, curling lightly up. The bottom layers of her hair fell to the end of her ribs and the top layers of her hair were cut so that they just brushed the nape of her neck.

On her head was a crown, made from black metal that wound around her head in strings that looked like a sort of plaited pattern with some gold metal strings and tiny gold and black leaves and a topaz jewel in the centre of the crown, a set of black and gold leaves on either side.

Piercing gold eyes locked with the young man's and her mouth twisted into a dark, loving smile. His face reflected hers, the same smile twisting into existence on his lips underneath his face plate.

The girl stalked closer to the young man and greeted him. "My Supreme King," she said adoringly, draping an arm over his neck, feeling his arms coil around her waist. He pulled her closer to himself, letting their bodies meld together, his armour clinking lightly as he adjusted to having her in his arms.

He smiled adoringly down at her. Even with the heels on her feet, she was still shorter than the Supreme King by a few inches. "My Queen," he whispered back, feeling the love swell in his heart for her.

His queen grinned back at him and with her eyes, asked him a silent question. With a small nod from her king, she lifted his face plate just enough to see his beautifully glowing gold eyes. And with her smile still upon her lips, she pressed them to those of her Supreme King.

She heard twin gasps echo around the canyon and, reluctantly breaking apart, she and her Supreme King turned to face the direction the gasps came from.

Up in a gap between two jutting rocks, two men stood out against the grey rocks, one standing tall (though he faltered slightly when he saw the face of the girl) and another who was kneeling around the edge of one of the rocks. The tall man was dressed in tan cargo pants and a white, cotton shirt with long sleeves. On his back, strapped into a brown leather harness, was a deep green and yellow-bellied crocodile whose length exceeded the man's height. The man also had white bandaged wrapped tightly to cover the right side of his face, diagonally moving from the left side of his forehead down to the middle of his right cheek. This kept his right eye hidden from the Supreme King's view.

The Supreme King stared at this challenger for a moment longer. The lack of view to his right eye intrigued the King somewhat. He imagined himself defeating this man and sending him to the stars with every other duelist who had failed to overthrow him and his soldiers, his minions. He could see this man disappearing in a mass of golden lights, but not before the Supreme King stood above him and tore the bandages from his face.

Heavy breathing that echoed around the canyon broke through the Supreme King's thoughts and he shifted his eyes to assess the other man atop the edge of the canyon to his home.

The other man kneeling at the edge of the canyon was darker skinned, with thick black hair styles into a mess of twisted dreadlocks, a deep red tank top underneath a dark brown, open vest that finished at the end of his rib cage and dark brown cargo pants, which were tucked into calf length black combat boots. There was an orange belt looped through his pants with a tanned holster on his right hip which held a bright yellow, gun shaped duel disk. There were other black pouches attached to his belt in front of both of his muscular thighs. His left hand had a duelling glove on it, with pale grey orbs over the knuckles.

They both had looks of shock on their face as the girl looked at them. The Supreme King looked back at the girl still wrapped around him and smiled lightly as her eyes refocused back upon him. They silently communicated with each other, knowing the signs of what the other was trying to convey to them.

In this moment, the Supreme King understood his beautiful girl was telling him of her support, whether he should choose to duel or choose to accompany her back to their chambers. He wished he could follow her there; he knew he would follow her anywhere if she asked it of him. But this man, the one who challenged him, was in part responsible for the renewed strength of spirit that came from the resistance. Defeating the remaining resistance members was proving to be harder than before, although not impossible, due in part to this challenger. No, he would not let this challenge go unanswered. The Supreme King raised a hand to his face and moved his face plate up, saying, "Very well. I accept!"

Twin yells of shock emanated from the source of the challenger. The Supreme King smirked, lifting his golden eyes to face his newest challenger and probable victim.

The man standing on the edge of the canyon wall faltered in his stance, dropping down to one knee and bracing a hand against the rock beside him to keep from tumbling down into the abyss. His rough features were frozen in an expression that was a mix between shock and fear. Almost unable to believe his own eye, a whispered word fell from his parted lips. "Jaden?"