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Just a Kiss

"Did you see the way she was all over you?" His eyes flared up with instant rage once he and Roy were alone in the quiet of Mount Justice, Artemis gone and the others asleep. "I just got so pissed and-"

"Wally, relax."

"I can't relax!" Between the adrenaline of a mission, the unadulterated rage that was flooding off of him, and Artemis's betrayal, Wally couldn't even begin to sit still; he was already pacing and getting overdramatic with his hand gestures. "She kissed you!"

Roy put a hand to his forehead, rubbing his temple slightly. Between confirming his suspicions and that damn kiss, he was already at maximum stress. Wally's added anger did nothing to help. "You know it was nothing. I can promise you one hundred percent that it was nothing."

He was pretty much just getting fed up with all of the craziness. Artemis. Cheshire. All the bad guys working together. "I know, but still, it hurts. It's- It's like ripping off a bandaid or something. It hurts and you know it hurts and if you tell yourself it still hurts afterwards, it'll still hurt afterwards. And it still hurts afterwards, Roy."


"I know it meant nothing, I know you don't like her, but that doesn't mean it stings any less!" The pacing was getting faster, the dramatic gestures getting exaggerated even more. "She's an assassin who obviously has a Red Arrow obsession, and I'm your boyfriend, and what is all this? This is a problem because what if she keeps kissing you and calling these 'dates' and what if she tries to kill you, huh? Then what am I supposed to do? Sit by and pretend like I didn't see it? Pretend like I'm not worried she'll come after you?"

He was too tired after the running and the near-death experiences and such to really try to comfort the speedster despite how much he really just wanted to give the other ginger a big freakin' hug. Roy just pleaded, "Wally, sit the fuck down, it's late, you have curf-"

"She got to kiss you before I did, okay? That just pisses me off! Because, hey, what if I wanted that kiss, dammit? What if Roy isn't straight, huh? Because that bi-"


He had actually stopped pacing long enough to fire off a furious glare in Harper's direction. "She doesn't have a right to go around making out with vigilantes!"

Roy stepped forward, put his hands on Wally's shoulders, and breathed, "I'm yours, and that's what really matters, right?"

Shoulders suddenly sagging in defeat, the rage evaporated from his eyes, replaced by tired defeat. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Wally faced the world again looking right up into Roy Harper's beautiful blue orbs. "Right."


Just a kiss.

Rough lips pressing against soft ones, tension running thick and then fading away like the sunset. Slow and patient yet consoling and sweet, beautiful as anything could truly be. Hands in hair and on hips, desperate love leaking through closed doors. Eyes closed, emotions glowing like tiny lanterns. Hearts were hummingbird wings. And it was just a simple kiss.

Just a kiss.

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