[Night Ranger's song Good-bye plays as Crockett quits Miami Vice: "…. I was never much good at goodbye, And all this could be, Just a dream so it seems…."]

It was days since both Sonny Crockett and Gina Calabrese had quit from Miami Vice. Crockett had gone to visit his ex-wife Caroline and his son Billy, after dropping Tubbs off at the airport. While he was doing that, Gina went to visit her doctor. She needed to know the results of the tests, before they began their adventure.

"Gina, I'm sorry to tell you this. The cancer is spreading. The chemotherapy hasn't worked."

"So what does that mean doctor? Are you telling me I'm dying?" Gina asked quietly.

"I wish I could tell you differently. But you'll be lucky if you live two years."

"Oh my God. I was feeling better, I thought …." Gina cried into her hands.

"Is there anyone that I can call for you, that can help you through this difficult time?" The doctor asked.

"No, I don't want anyone to know I'm sick. Thank you doctor." Gina left the doctor office.

Gina decided she needed to get her affairs in order. She went to the bank, saw a trusted lawyer and made a will. Then once she had everything taken care of, she went to see Crockett's snitch Izzy. She told him what she wanted and asked how long it would take. He put a rush on it and said it would be ready tomorrow afternoon. That night, she wrote some letters. In the letters she explained about the cancer, why she kept it a secret and how much she loved each of them. It was really hard to write them, but she finished them all but the one for Sonny. That one she would keep in her purse anyway, so it could be finished later. The other three she dropped off at her lawyer's office the next morning. She was finally ready to go.

She called Sonny's car phone. He was on his way back to Miami and answered after two rings. "Ya?"

"Sonny it's Gina, I'll be at Izzy's, pick me up there."

"Izzy's? What the heck do you want with that joker?"

"Well you have Sonny Burnett's passport, I'm getting one that is similar."

Sonny looked at his phone a second, shrugged his shoulders and said, "could come in handy. Okay I'll swing by there on my way back. I'll probably be there around two."

Gina hung up and took a taxi to Izzy's. He already had the passport ready for her to pick up. She paid him the rest that was owed and said thank you. "Take care of yourself Izzy."

Izzy got a strange vibe off Gina, "eh, you okay Seniorita? I got some stuff that can cleanse the temple of the body, real good."

"No thank you Izzy. Sounds like Sonny's here." A second honk followed and she waived good-bye. She went outside and got into the Ferrari.

Gina leaned over and kissed Sonny, long and deep. She sat back and before he could say anything, she asked, "how was your visit with your son?"

He had been going to ask her what was with that kiss, but her question distracted him and he forgot all about it. "It was good, he's growing up quick. He's nothing like me… and that's a good thing."

"Before we head south would you mind if we visited my family? It's just my Aunt now."

"Sure if you don't mind if I visit my older brother Jake, he lives in Key West."

"She lives on the way in Key Largo, so why not."

Sonny looked over at her, "let's see the passport you got."

She showed him, "last name is Burnett. I figured since we are travelling together, it would just make things easier."

"Darlin' I like how you think." Sonny grinned. "You want to call your aunt, let her know we are on the way." He nodded towards the phone.

"It's okay Sonny, she knows I'm coming."

Crockett frowned, Gina saw it and added, "I was originally planning on taking a vacation, it just turned out a little differently." This was not a lie, she had been planning on it since she had found out she was sick.

They went to Key Largo and Crockett met Gina's Aunt. He watched her interact with her Aunt and got an odd vibe. It seemed like she was saying good-bye, as if she didn't plan on ever seeing her again. But when he over heard her promising to come for Christmas, he ignored his instinct. When Gina told her Aunt she had actually quit, her Aunt at first was angry, then she tried to guilt her to go back and finally accepted her choice. By the time they left, Gina was ragged from all the emotional drama.

Sonny notice Gina looked a little pale, "are you feeling okay?"

"Sometimes family reunion's can really be too much. She mean's well, but getting away, being someone else for a change…." She didn't finish the sentence, but he understood the sentiment.

"Ya," Sonny sighed, "it's not going to be the best reunion when I go see Jake."

Gina fell asleep on the drive to Key West. Crockett looked at her, what a woman. He admired her and loved her, it just had taken him almost loosing her when she got shot during a drug cartel investigation, to realize it.

They were travelling down HWY/US 1 south, towards Key West. There was little traffic and they were moving at a good speed. Crockett was enjoying the drive. Glancing in the rear view mirror of the Ferrari, he saw a red dot coming quickly into view. It was a red Ninja sports bike. He knew it was one of the fastest bikes of the year. As it approached the Testarossa, it slowed down and matched speed. It pulled along side of them and that's when Crockett noticed that the rider was a woman. Her helmet and visor were black so he couldn't see her face. She gave him a thumbs up, showing him she liked his car. Then nodded at the road in front of them. He smiled, she wanted to race. Gina was still asleep, so he took the invitation and ran with it.

[The radio was playing Danger Zone by Kenny Logins. "…And shovin into overdrive, Highway to the Danger Zone, I'll take you, Right into the Danger Zone, You'll never say hello to you, Until you get it on the red line overload, You'll never know what you can do, Until you get it up as high as you can go…."]

Crockett down shifted and shot forward. The woman on the Ninja tucked her body closer to the bike, for less wind resistance. As they came up on traffic the bike pulled ahead as it was more agile in going around cars. She reminded him of a receiver in a football game, dodging players during the run to the end zone. Crockett also noticed that with every lane change, she used her signal lights properly and clearly checked her blind spot before making a move. That was rare in drivers and riders. He himself often didn't signal. She let him catch up, waited for an open stretch, then grabbed throttle and raced on. He shook his head, Tubbs use to say he was nuts with how fast he drove. This woman could die instantly if something happened. She had no fear. When she became a spec in the horizon, she waited again for Crockett to catch up. She gave him a nod and a wave, changed lanes and took the next off ramp. He noticed it was in the direction of the airport. He had enjoyed their little cat and mouse game. They were almost in Key West.

Gina woke up, stretched and smiled at him. "Sorry for falling asleep."

Sonny smiled at her, "well we're almost at Jake's."

Gina slid him a devilish look, "how long?"

He looked at his watch, "fifteen minutes or so."

Gina grinned. She put her hand in his lap and began to make her way up his thigh. He shot her a smirk. "Darlin' we might take a detour if you keep doing that," Sonny said.

She winked at him, unbuttoned his pants and dipped her head down. He moved his arm to rest on her back. Her head moved up and down, the sensation causing him to groan her name. He ended up slowing down considerably, but still going with the traffic flow. A truck driver passed him and honked. Finally Gina finished him. She sat back up and he re-fastened his pants.

"So that's the way to get you to do the speed limit," she teased, "good to know."

Sonny shook his head at her, "honey you're letting your devilish side out!"

Gina laughed. She fixed her make up, feeling younger then she had in years. She stroked the back of his neck and let her dress rise higher on her legs. She was tempting him and he loved it. He put his hand on her smooth legs and let it move up to rest on her thigh.

"Damn woman, you're a distraction." Sonny flashed her a smile.

They drove towards his older brother's place. As he shifted gears, Crockett always returned his hand back to her exposed leg. They pulled on to Maloney Avenue and then parked. He leaned over and kissed her, leaving them both breathless.

"I'll get even with you later. For now, we're here."