The next few days after Salazar's party, Crockett and Petra were very busy. They took the boat back to Norman's Cay. There they got scuba gear and started the salvage process. With a few men, they were able to retrieve most of the product. While that was going on, Crockett removed the black box and relocated it, to be retrieved at a later date. When he surfaced he said that he couldn't find it. Two other divers tried to find it also and confirmed what he had said. From the wreckage of the plane, Crockett determined that a stinger took it out. After the salvage, Petra flew back to Miami to make arrangements with Salazar for boats to bring in the product for a while and cargo containers. When there she also advised her DEA contact where the plane's black box was, so they could retrieve it. Then she flew to Columbia, then Panama, to Mexico and then back. She had multiple meetings with Escobar, Noriega and Salazar. Thankfully she had no contact with the Ochoa brothers. She hadn't seen Crockett for two months and wondered if their paths would ever cross again.

She had been undercover for two years now, Crockett had been on this assignment for months too. The information they both had relayed, was building a solid case to take down the Medellin Cartel and the members of MAS. Petra knew that Alejandro Noriega's father Manuel was actually a CIA informant, but he had gone rogue and was just using the government's blind eye, to further his smuggling. She wasn't sure if his son knew this, but as far as she was concerned they all were fair game. She worked extra hard to take down the Ochoa brothers. With Crockett's help, they managed to alienate the Ochoa brothers from Escobar. That started an internal war, while issues continued with the Cali Cartel. Slowly MAS and the Medellin Cartel unravelled. Crockett was pulled out and brought back to the USA to debrief. He hadn't seen Petra in months.

During his debriefing, Martin Castillo dropped off Crockett's real ID. "Marty, how've you been?" Sonny shook his ex Lieutenant's hand.

"Good. I understand you've concluded your first DEA undercover assignment," Castillo said quietly.

"It was a long one. Very similar to Vice, but with a bigger budget and more players."

"Petra is still under?" Castillo asked.

"Yes, but we are bringing her in this week." Mike, Petra's handler informed.

Castillo nodded. "Time for a vacation for you both."

"Marty, you know there is no rest for the wicked." Sonny grinned.

Mike had other ideas, "Sonny he's right, both you and Petra will be taking time off, before the next assignment."

"I'm not arguing," Sonny laughed. "Thanks for coming personally Marty."

They shook hands and Castillo left. Crockett had lots of paperwork to fill out and he was doing that for a few days. He hated paperwork and he couldn't wait to see Petra. He missed her and thought of her often. Mike had said that they were going to be partners on the next assignment as well. He had learned from past mistakes and if she wanted him too, they would make business and pleasure work together.

Petra was relieved when they finally pulled her in, but she didn't relax until she was in the office and debriefing with Mike. She hadn't seen Crockett in ages and wondered if he had even missed her. Her dreams had been filled with him.

"You and Crockett are going to be partners for some future assignments. You're a good team and since you both have worked in the Escobar camp, that reputation is very valuable. But you both are required to take two weeks vacation." Mike instructed.

"I'm fine, a week is good." Petra protested, thinking that he was doubting her sanity.

"That's an order Salaya, not a suggestion. Crockett has been given the same order. Finish your paperwork and then I am kicking you two out of the office."

"Yes sir," Petra saluted cheekily. She went to her desk, but didn't see Crockett in the office. She was done her paperwork and said good night to Mike. Disappointment was in her heart, not seeing Crockett all day.

"Petra!" Sonny called out, when he saw her come out of the building.

She stopped dead, turned around and her heart began to beat rapidly. "Sonny? Okay, who authorized two Ferraris?"

"I have my ways darlin', you should know that by now." Sonny teased. "We're driving to Fort Myers."

Petra smiled as she walked closer, "are we taking 90 North?"

Crockett's smile showed her his dimples and his eyes spoke to her. She saw what she'd been hoping for all these months they had been apart. She stepped closer and they embraced. "I missed you," she confessed.

Sonny smirked, "I would hope so!" Then as she protested, he kissed her hard. "Sweetheart, you've been on my mind the whole time."

Petra took the keys out of his hand for the red Ferrari. She raised her eyebrow, "wanna race?"

They agreed on the end point and then got in their cars. Both started their engines. Tires squealing they raced forward.

[Motley Crue's Time For Change song plays: "….Change, Now it's time for change, Nothing stays the same, No it's time for change…."]


Sonny introduced her to his son Billy. They spent a summer together and Billy gave his blessing to his father to marry Petra. Sonny proposed at the end of that trip and Petra accepted. A year later they got married. At their wedding his old Vice friends reunited; Ricardo Tubbs, Trudy Joplin, Stan Switek and Martin Castillo. Gina's Aunt also attended and she told Sonny, that Gina gave her blessing by giving them a beautiful day. Billy was able to come, but not Caroline and her husband. Petra knew all about Gina and at sunset, when she stood alone with Sonny, she thanked her out loud, for giving him to her.

Both Petra and Sonny Crockett thrived on challenging each other. Their partnership helped bring down some of the big drug lords of the 1990's. They also worked together with other government agencies and helped weed out some of the corruption that plagued the system. Together they met the future head on; as partners both in love and in their fight for the good guys.