~DuDe da Movie~

~Chapter.1 - The True Beginning

It was a normal day, the birds were chirping, the town's fountain water was flowing, and all else was average. Then...it happened. The bright, blue sky turned dark red, with black clouds. Then a large swarm of mysterious...things attacked Fliptown. The town was in pure chaos...Until...A hero came flying down into Fliptown! He was a tall, noble stickman with an honorable pride to defend this town. His name was Dude. Dude quickly draws his large, powerful sword from his scabbard. Then he starts dashing towards the mysterious enemies. He draws closer, and closer, and CLOSER and he swings his sword at the opponents. A crushing victory! The towns-folk quickly run to him and lift him into the air, celebrating his victory. The crowd suddenly gets louder and louder until a faint - RINNNNNG goes off.

*Opens eyes*

"Gahh...it was just a dream..." says Dude. "HONEY! Get ready, it's time for school!" Yells Dude's mother. "I'll be right down." Dude says in a faint, shallow voice. He walks toward bathroom, grabs his toothbrush and brushes his teeth. "Well, atleast one things exciting for today!" Exclaimed Dude. "It's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" Time passes and Dude heads off for the bus. "Good Mor'n, Dude!" says the bus driver. "So, it's yor lass day o' school is it not?" "Yep! I've waited so long for this day, next year is finally highschool!" Dude added. "Well now, them kids grow up fass dow dey?" The bus driver added. Dude walks in bus and looks for a seat. "For my final day of school, i'm gonna find the best seat in the house!" Dude thought to himself. He trys to sit next to a popular kid in school. The kid pushes Dude away. "This seat is RESERVED, K?" accusing Dude. Dude looks upset and stares at the kid. "Fine, then." Says Dude. He walks to several other seats with popular kids. "... All 'reserved' seats...?" whispers Dude. He looks for another seat. "Hey, there's a seat." Dude walks to the seat There lies one of his best friends, Geno.

"Yo Geno." Says Dude. "Sup, brotha?" Asked Geno. "Nothing much for me, just blown away that it's the last day of 8th grade." Dude says. "Yep...good times... So, what are you gonna do over the summer?" Questioned Geno. This summer I'm gonna be as cool as I can, I'm gonna make alot more friends then I ever have over a summer period!" Exclaimed Dude. "Pfft, you mean how you handled with your seating scene?" Asked Dude in a chuckling voice. "Shaddap!" Yells Dude. "Lawl, just kidding." Says Geno. Geno lightly punches Dude on his shoulder "Heh..." Whispers Dude. Dude lightly punches Geno... Geno flew to the opposite side of the bus... "Gasp. Woah! What the...?" The children burst out.

"What...How...Huh?" Dude bursts out in a confused tone. "Owwww..." Geno Whimpers. "That's...weird... Says Dude. How did I...do such great force on him?" Dude thinks to himself. I barely hit him... "Are you oka-" WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT? Geno interrupts. "I...I don't know...?" Dude Whimpers. Dude looks at his hands. Later, when everyone got to school...

"Hello, class." Says Mr. Farbark, the 8th grade homeroom teacher. He walks around the room. "So, this is the final 10 minutes of the school year." "This will also be your LAST year in this school." He proclaimes with excitement. "Uhh...ya." Added the class. 10 minutes later... RINNNNG. Yaaaaaay! Shouts the class, running out of the classroom. Dude grabs his bag and runs for the door. "You just hold on a second, son." Says Mr. Farbark. "Yeeeees?" Dude asks. "I've got word on what you've done today on the bus to GENO." Mr. Farbark proclaimed. "Oh, well, you see-" "See WHAT? The fact that your in detention for TWO HOURS?" Exclaimed Mr. Farbark. "Whaaaaat? TWO hours on the LAST day of the SCHOOL YEAR?" Said Dude, angered. Just then Dude closed his eyes and a small earthquake started as his rage builded up. "Wha-WHAT'S GOING ON?" Asked Mr. Farbark. Dude then flung his eyes open, then started to look around.

"Ok, what the HECK is going on around here? First my sudden build up of strength, now random eathquakes after...my...OH...MAI...MY DREAM!" Exclaimed Dude "Your what?" Asked Mr. Farbark. Dude explains to Mr. Farbark the dream he had that night. "You think some silly dream is actually coming true?" He asked, carelessly. "Yeah! Later on in it I got insane powers that made me get stronger and stronger." Exclaimed Dude happily. Dude then runs out of the classroom and gets outside. There he finds a crowd gathering around. A kid walks closer to Dude. "Are you...ok, Dude?" He asked. "All I can say is brace for impact." says Dude.

To Be Continued...