~DuDe da Movie~

Chapter. 6 - Fighting is Hard

"So... I gotta beat THAT many enemies?" Dude asked, feeling sick. "If you want the Light, then yes." Kadar replied, pushing Dude in the Training Room. "Fine. Bring 'em in." Dude said, trying to get a hold of himself. "Swarm starts... NOW!" Kakar exclaimed, pushing a red button on the wall next to the room Dude was in. Dude felt a little shaking from inside the room, "Hmm, guess I got no choice..." Dude sighed, retriving his Sword.

Then, a door in the room swung open, releasing tons of enemies. From inside, the Training Room looked sorta like a

colosseum. Very large, empty, and such a strange feeling in the air.

Dude has his Sword in his hands, ready to strike at any bound moment. "First enemy! Anti-Man, a common enemy, known for invaiding the Fliptown Temple." Kadar stated. "Those..." Dude whispered to himself remembering the enemies at that temple.

"Those where the enemies with the Bows." Dude adds. Kadar starts, "Annnnd... BEGIN!" Just then the Anti-Man, with a Bow, charged at Dude. Dude strikes a pose, then charges at it aswell.

Dude strikes the Anti-Man with great power, sending it flying against the wall. "1 K.O.!" Kadar announced on a speaker, loud enough for the valley to hear. "Send in more! Hurry!" Dude yelled. Kadar sends in more enemies to attack Dude.

"Yes, like... 10 at a time!" Dude askes loudly, feeling pumped. As the Anti-Men came in, Dude killed them almost instantly!

"That makes... 60 ." Kadar announced. A large crowd of towns-folk gathered around the viewing window into the Training Room. "Dang, I got a crowd now." Dude said to himself, feeling more proud of himself. "Kadar, send in the final 40, now!" Dude screamed to him.

"You sure? the final 40 are alot harder to handle altogether." Kadar told Dude. "Yeah, I got to get that Light soon!" Dude replied. Now prepared to finish the test, has gotten too cocky.

"What is THAT?" Dude yelled out. "That is 39 Anti-Men, AND a replica spirit of Glocknus." Kadar answered back. "O...k..." Dude said, about to give up.

A replica spirit is the same kind of enemy that was a major boss or something, but sence it was defeated, a spirit has remade it into a replica with the same amount of power and everything!

"Are you ready, Dude? All you have to do is defeat these opponents then your free to travel to the Light!" Kadar explained. "Y-yeah..." Dude replied. "BEGIN!"

The Glocknus' eyes glowed a darkish red and charged at Dude. "Same enemy, huh? Same enemy, same weakness!" Dude thought to himself. "And... DIE!" Dude yelled, jumping up to the Glocknus, slamming the Sword into it's weak point on it's head. "Hrrrrrrrt!" The Glocknus screamed. "Heh, I know that sound." Dude laughed to himself.

"Ok, that light on my Sword in the REAL battle with Glocknus was a attack boost, I'll use it now!" Dude said, letting the Sword's light glimmer a bright white. "Now, suffer the same way you're brother/sister did!" Dude screamed at the Glocknus.

He slammed the Sword onto the Glocknus' head. It fell to the ground, then blew up into a dark purple light. Yet it was harmless. "Yes. Now for you guys..." Dude whispered to the Anti-Men.

Dude dashed to the Anti-Men with his Sword in one hand, and Shield in the other. "Die!" He yelled, taking them all out

simultaneously. "Yah! Victory!" Dude cheered. The crowd watching also bursted into cheers. Kadar was shocked. No one had EVER defeated the Training Room without being defeated.

"Dude. You may achieve the Light, you proved you're worthiness towards you're mission. All I must say is... good luck." Kadar finished, showing Dude to the volcano trail entrance. "Thank you, Kadar. You'll see, I'll get the Light and that volcano won't even budge!" Dude thanked him, as he ran towards the trail.

"I hope. Be safe." Kadar finished, walking to his house. A few minutes later... "So this is the final place before the volcano itself huh?" Dude asked himself. "Well, I'm ready. What ever is guarding the Light, prepare to be defeated!" Dude said proudly, walking into the trail.

To Be Continued...

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