I shared a look of horror with my friends, there was someone coming down the stairs, and there was no back way out. Between Devon, Lake and I we could most defiantly take on whoever was coming down the stairs, then again; you could be too sure when it came to physics.

But it looked as if the girl had a plan; she was quick to her feet and gestured for us to hide under the stairs. Devon looked indignant, obviously wanting to stay and fight; but the girl gave him a cold stare that left no room for argument.

Because I was the alpha Devon turned to me for the final call. As much as I hate cowering; I had to agree with the girl. The footsteps were becoming closer by the second. Catherine however chose to stay where she was.

All three of us huddled under the dark stairs, from this position we had a clear view of the entire room. It was dry and musty under the steps. I could see dust particles floating in the air around us. Cobwebs hung from the steps, but our eyes stayed rapt to the scene before us.

We watched as the girl in the cage spit her gum out, she brought her hand up too her face. It was hard to see what she was doing, but as my eyes started to adjust to the darkness under the stairwell I saw that she was using one of her canine teeth to rip open the soft flesh on the inside of her palm.

Her teeth made a long narrow strip in her skin that was seeping with red blood. She didn't hesitate a moment before bringing her hand up to her mouth and sucking in the blood. I heard lake's sharp intake of breath, and out of the corner of my eyes I could see Devon watching with fascination.

I could hear the footsteps right above us and heard a muffled voice, I watched as the girl made eye contact with Caroline who was still standing in front of the cage, and then things got interesting.

Caroline began to scream "Oh my god, someone, help, Oh God! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP HER." I look back at the girl and saw that her hands were at her throat and she appeared to be chocking. Caroline continued to scream and the footsteps on the stairs above us descended faster and faster.

The girl was now on her knee's convulsing, her eyes became white and glassy; the blood that she had gotten from her hand, now came out of her mouth in red bursts. She appeared to be coughing up blood.

The person from the stairs; who we know saw as Archer finally appeared at the base of the stairs. He ran up to Caroline. "What happened?" Archer asked, trying not to look as panicked as he felt; watching the girl choke on her own blood.

Caroline gripped the bars of the cage, and somehow managed to look both frantic and horrified. "I don't know I just came down here and she started…." Her words fell away, as the girl in the cage slid farther down the floor. From where we were standing, we could see the blood that now stained her lips and hands, how it trickled down her chin.

"DO SOMETHING" Caroline's voice was getting louder in volume and pitch as she clung to Archers arm and gestured for him to help the girl.

Quickly Archer pulled out a set of keys. His hands were shaking as he tried to fit them through the lock. I saw how he kept glancing nervously at the girl; who was now on her back shaking and writhing, a pool of her own blood beginning to form on the concrete ground of the cage.

Finally, they key entered the lock and no sooner was the door to the cage open, did the girl swing her leg out. She caught Archer off balance and he tumbled into the cage face first. He would have landed right on top of her had she not moved out of the way.

He tried to scramble up, but the girl was already on top of him. Her knees pinned his sides down long enough for her to plant a solid punch near his jaw. His eyes closed and he didn't move. Swiftly she got off Archer but he began to stir. So she kicked him in the side. Hard. This time she leaned down and checked his pulse, her slender, bloody fingers touching his neck leaving a smear of blood.

"He'll live" the girl concluded as she stood up from where she was crouched near his neck. Calmly she grabbed both Archer's arms and dragged him deeper into the cage. She sat him up against the far wall without a care. And as if she had done this a hundred times before, grabbed the keys from his hand and started towards the cage door.

It was at this point that she gestured for us to come out from under the stairs. Without realizing it I had gripped Devon's upper arm, in an attempt to stop him from going to the girl's aid.

The girl, who was now leaning up against the outer cage bars, studied my hand on his arm with an emotionless expression, until I removed it.

We watched in silence and studied the girl, who was still leaning against the bars of the cage; not a care in the world. She made a disgusted face as she wiped her wrist across her bloodied mouth, which only made the blood smear even more.

Devon walked up to her and handed her a white handkerchief he had pulled from his pocket. Instead to looking at it; she looked at him as she wiped it across her mouth, eye contact never breaking.

She held up the bloody cloth, when she was finished riding the blood from her hands and face. The white fabric was now covered in read blotches. "I assume you don't want this back" she said as she waved it in front of his face, half smiling.

"You assumed correctly" Devon said eyes still watching her even as she put the bloody kerchief in the pocket of her jeans

The girl's eyes flicker towards Caroline, who was studying Archer as he lay in the cage. The girl opened the cage door and cleared her throat indicating that Caroline step inside. Caroline shook her head silently.

The girl let out a deep, long, exasperated sigh. And as if she were talking to a five year old she asked Caroline "does your mother know you're here?" Caroline nodded. "Does she know that Archer is here?" still speaking slowly. Caroline continued to nod. "So don't you think" she started annunciating each word "that she will find it kind of weird that I am gone, Archers in a cage, and you got away unharmed"? Caroline says nothing but slowly enters the cage. I see Devon smirk.

But before the girl could close the cage door Caroline stops her, "what about food?" She asks "it could be days before mother realizes I'm here. We could starve." The girl eyes look cold and hard but she still manages to smile as she pulls out a packet of gum from her pocket and tosses it to her. "It's watermelon."

She turns to leave and then looks back. "I almost forgot" the girl says and punches Caroline in the nose, knocking her to the ground, Unconscious. It was Caroline's blood that now trickled from her nose and onto the cage floor as she lay next to Archer.

The girl promptly locks the cage, and drops the set of keys a few feet from the door, so that Caroline would be able to unlock herself when she woke up.

I stare at the girl, mystified. She was a walking set of contradictions, one moment she is chewing calmly on a piece of gum the next she is kicking Archer as he lay defenseless on the ground. She punches Caroline in the nose and locks her in a cage, yet leaves they key not far from the door.

She turns and starts to walk up the stairs, then turns beck to look at us "well are you coming or not"?

We follow her up the stairs in which Devon takes the opportunity to say "you never did tell us you name".

"You never asked for it" the girl retorts

"Alright" Dev says, I can hear the smirk on his face as he asks "what is your name?"

"Isabelle, just call me Iz or Izzy" she says.

The stairway is cramped but Devon manages to put his hand out for her to shake "nice to meet you Belle"

The girl frowns, but still takes his hand in hers. "There is room in that cage for one more, you know"

Devon just laughs and the sound continues to ring in my ears even after we leave the basement.