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"What?" snapped House, unhappy to be disturbed.

"House?" said the female voice on the other end of the line.

"Speaking," said House, with an extra pinch of his usual snarkiness. "Who is this?"

"Cameron, shit, I was trying to call home, and I must have called you by mistake."

"Cameron, is everything OK? Why aren't you at home? Where are you?"

"To answer your questions in reverse order, I'm at the hospital. Chase flipped his car on the way home, and… well, it's totaled. But I'm alright, mostly."

"And the wombat?" asked House, surprised to find himself concerned.

"He's kind of in rough shape. I mean, there shouldn't be any permanent damage, but he's in surgery."

"Why were you calling home?" House asked after a moment, unable to think of anything to say to the news of Chase's injuries.

"My mom's there, and I don't want her to worry, and I want to make sure she's alright."

"Oh. Look, I'm coming into the hospital, do you want me to stop by your apartment and check on your mom?" House had no idea where this sudden urge to get to the hospital came from, or from where he decided he wanted to meet Cameron's mom.

"Um… sure. Alright. I live at-"

"I know where you live. I'll see you in about an hour, then."

House ran into the shower and put on some clean clothes, stuffed some vicodin into his pocket, and got on his bike. He drove to Cameron's apartment and knocked, and got no response. Peeking into a window, he couldn't see any lights on.

He still had his key, and he let himself in, flipping on a light as he passed it. "Hello?" he called, not sure what to address Cameron's mother as. "It's a friend, not a foe." Still no response.

He passed through the small kitchen and went into the guest room. Someone obviously had been living here from the sight of clothes strewn around and the bed linens rumpled, but no one was in the room.

He continued down the hall to the master bedroom, and found the woman he was looking for curled up on Cameron's bed. She was clutching a picture frame and staring off across the room, a certain vacancy in her eyes.

"Well, hello," said House, unsure of himself suddenly. "I'm a friend of Cameron's- Allison's, and she sent me to check up on you. She had to head back into the hospital."

"What is your name?" asked Cameron's mother, in a strange, vacant monotone.

"Gregory House, I used to be Allison's boss."

"Hello, Gregory, I'm Stella." Stella had the same green eyes as Cameron, and she looked like she had once been very beautiful. She was thin, like Cameron, but it didn't fit her. It seemed that she was naturally curvy, and had recently lost the weight. Her complexion was sallow. Her expression was forlorn and a bit hopeless. She looked down at the picture in her hands, the image on which House couldn't see, and seemed to leave the conversation.

"Allison was always a good girl," she said, seemingly out of the blue. House was getting uncomfortable, so he checked that Stella didn't need anything, bringing her some food from the fridge and a glass of water anyways, and told her he would have Cameron call her soon.

He then drove off towards the hospital.

He went to diagnostics first, though he wasn't sure why, and was surprised to see Thirteen sitting at the table, peering through some large medical tome.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, genuinely curious.

"Kutner and Taub took off, and I'm stuck making sure our patient doesn't die. I think I'm onto something though… the rash on his back looks like-"

"Great. Did you hear about Cameron and Chase?"

"Yeah, I saw Chase, he looked kind of mangled when he came in. They said his blood alcohol was up, though. Cameron was with him?" she asked, a slight questioning in her eyes.

"He was just driving her home. That's it," he added after a moment. "But you haven't seen Cameron?"

"Nope, I didn't know she was in the car with him."

"Alright, finish your rash research, I'm going to the ER."

Thirteen rolled her eyes at him as he strode out of the room, as fast as he could with his cane. House went down to the ER, and was told Cameron was in an exam room, and House could see her when the attending physician was finished. Of course, House wanted to barge right in on her, but for once, decided against it.

He went to the surgical unit, where he watched Chase's surgery from above. It looked as if he had ruptured an organ, and he had a lot of damage to his left arm. He was also getting a transfusion. He looked rough, but House could see it looked a lot worse than it was; his vitals were strong.

When he returned to the ER, House found that Cameron had been moved to a different room, but he could now see her. He went to her room, strode in, and ducked down to kiss her lips in one motion. Then he stood back to get a good look at her.

She was still grinning foolishly from his kiss, but House could see a pretty significant wound on her right temple, and a lot of bruising down her face. Both of her hands were bandaged, and from the way she was sitting, he guessed some ribs were either bruised or broken.

"Your head feel good?" he asked, with a slight smile.

"Great," she winced, putting a hand to her ribs. "It's a pretty severe concussion, but I did a full neurological workup and there's no brain damage. House sighed in relief over the worry he hadn't even allowed into his consciousness.

"How's Chase?" she said, quietly.

"He's almost done in surgery, and he should be fine, but he's going to be in a bit of pain for a while."

She nodded, and looked down at her hands. She slipped a finger under the elastic bandage that covered her other hand, and House saw her begin to pick at her skin.

"Stop." He said. "Don't hurt yourself."

"Sorry," she said, "Nervous habit. I don't even notice I'm doing it til I take skin off."

"Been anxious lately?"

"How's my mom?" she asked, her eyes widening. "I can't believe I forgot about her. Is she alright?"

"Cam, calm down, she's alright. You've had a rough night; it's understandable that she's not the first thing on your mind. But I brought her some food and water, and left her lying on your bed."

"Thank you," she said quietly, sipping on some water from her bedside table. "I know she's not fun to deal with, but she's getting help."

House nodded, unsure of what to say.

"How long are they keeping you for?"

"Just til the morning, I hope."

"Want to grab breakfast, then?"

"Alright," she said, smiling at him, "But then I need to get home to my mom."

"Deal." He sat down in a chair beside her bed and turned on the TV. He settled on a station with BMX biking, and he held her hand as he watched. She was asleep in minutes.