A/N: I SERIOUSLY have an obsession with this anime. I just hope they make a third season! Anyway, onto the story. Here, we find Naruto waking from what he thinks was all a ridiculous dream...or was it? How will he adapt to a world filled with youkai existing just beyond the boundaries of what shinobi consider to be reality? How will he react to Ukioe Town, Rikuo, and everything else ahead? But, more importantly...

...When will he take his penultimate revenge on Konoha?

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. With passion, I gain strength. With strength, I gain power...with power I gain vengeance.

~Nura Naruto.


Nurarihyon was getting too old for this crap.

He could feel his old bones aching as he turned to face Rihan, knowing full well what news his son brought. Given the circumstance, it should have been good news. As it were he found himself susipicious. But he would hold his suspicions until he heard Rihan's side of the story.

"So, I have a grandson, do I?" Nurarihyon began, scowling down at his son. "Another grandson?"

"Pops, I can explain-

It took a blink of an eye for the Nurarihyon to land a flying kick on the face of his ridiculous son.

"You rascal…! I thought Yamabuki couldn't have any children! Not only that, but you've already got yourself a son! Seriously, are you out of your mind?" The Nurarihyon yelled in disbelief; shocked and outraged, pointing his finger fiercely at his stupid son, who, for the most part, scratched the back of his head and yawned.

"Chill old man, chill." Rihan cajoled, hoping his father would calm down. "I swear, I didn't know about the kid until a few days ago!"

And it was true.

Several days ago, Kubinashi and Kejoro had returned with an unconcsious boy in two; whom they claimed to be Rihan's long lost son. When questioned further, the pair swore they'd seen his transformation, and felt his youki. He'd collapse midway through the journey, unable to sustain his demon form for more than the three days necessary to find their way back to Ukiyoe town.

Nura Rihan had only ever lain with one woman before Wakana. His former wife of fifty years, Yamabuki Otome. What his father didn't seem to understand was that despite the curse of Hagoromo Kitsune, his first wife had done just that; because she'd borne him a son.

"So where is the little runt?" Nurarihyon sighed, taking a puff of his pipe. "Don't tell me he's already run off."

"Pops!" Rihan exclaimed aghast, gawping at his father. "Stop worrying!"

"If he's anything like you, I should worry!"

"Apparently, he's from some village on the outskirts of Edo." Rihan answered. "If not for that pulse of youki he'd released they never would have found him." Nurarihyon knew what his son spoke of. These so-called shinobi were similar to onymoji, the sole exception being that they were ignorant of ayakash,i to the point of stupidity. They did not see nor did they believe in the existence of these otherwordly creatures from the beyond. They had no way of knowing just how tightly their worlds were intertwined. But still...


Wasn't that the last place Yamabuki had been seen?

"Still, to think that she had a son...why didn't she return?"

Rihan grimaced.

"Pops, can we not talk about that?"

"You piece of shit! I believe you haven't answered my question! What happened to Yamabuki?" Nurarihyon grumbled at his son in an irritated tone. Rihan stole a glance back from whence he came, squared his shoulders, and faced his father.

"Pops, I don't think Yamabuki is coming back."

There was a silence.

"She's passed on, hasn't she?" Nurarihyon took a long drag of his pipe, but said nothing more.

"Probably." admitted Rihan, turning to leave.

"Wandering off again, are you?"

Nura Rihan turned; his head reappearing over his shoulder, regarding his father with a blazing iris.

"I'm going to see Yamabuki's son." There was a fire in his son's eyes, and steel in his tone. "My son. And your grandson, if you give a damn. You have a problem with that well you can try and stop me from leaving. Either way, I'm going." With that, he spun on his heel and left the ancestral hall...

Leaving his grandfather to stew in his thoughts.

When Naruto finally came to, the world was white.

He'd had the strangest dream.

He'd dreamt that he was being beaten, that he was on the verge of being killed. But he hadn't been killed. He'd killed them. The dreamy was fuzzy on that part; and he wasn't quite sure how he'd done it, only that he had. It was nice to dream all things considered. He'd finally taken his vengeance for all the pain they'd given him. But it was just that he told himself.

Only it wasn't a dream.


Nura Naruto opened his eyes. Blinked. Sat up. Propped himself up on his elbows. He was in a bed. That much, he could understand. But what he couldn't understand was this; where the hell was he and why could he see a sakure tree through a paper rice panel. Also, he was staring a bird. Not just any bird, mind you.

He was staring at a crow.

It was a small crow with a large, round head, a small beak, tiny red pupils, and a dark red gem-like item on his forehead. He wore a strange, creme colored robe, with prayer beads around his neck and tabi on his feet. His large wings kept him aloft, drifting just above the boy's face. And then the crow did the strangest thing.

He spoke.

"Are you alright, Waka?" the crow asked.


Naruto screamed, scrambling backwards until his head slammed against a wall. Black spots speckled before his vision, blinding him. He groaned scrubbing at his face but to no avail. The crow was still there when he opened his eyes. So was the tree and so too were the strange little creatures millng around the edges of his peripheal. He saw no more than a dozen of them, some hidin gin the rafters, and others, lurking just beyond the door. Their shape and form varied from creature to creature but one thing remained ever static. These were monsters. Creatures he had no business dealing with. Creatures that scared the shit out of him!

"What the hell am I doing here!" He shrieked, the sudden shout causing them to take shelter within the walls and ceiling. "And where the hell is here, anyway!"

"Ano...waka...you came here of your own free will." The crow replied. "Also, the Lord of Pandemonium is waiting for you...

Naruto sweatdropped, just now coming to terms with the bird.

"A talking crow?" He shook his head. "I'm dreaming." A laugh. "Yes, that's it. I must be dreaming!" This couldn't be real. He couldn't possibly look like this, with long, crimson hair, and eyes of the most scintilating scarlet.

"Young Master I can assure you, you're most certainly awake-

"The hell I am!" The boy snapped back. "None of this makes any sense! The next thing you'll tell me, your so-called Lord of Pandemonium will walk right through the door!" As his luck would have it the door chose that very moment to slide open.

"Did somebody call me?"

Naruto went pale as a sheet.

"Y-Y-Y-You're kidding me, right?"

Standing before him was a man. But not just any man. This man was clad in a pale green, stripped kimono and wooden sandals. Long, black hair, jutted out from his head, an hereito impossible feat for a human. For a human. His golden eyes gleamed with warmth and amusement as he stepped inside; his lips quirking in a silent smile as he entered the room. The boy eyed him warily.

"Yo." When he spoke his voice was like black velvet; soft, smooth, and utterly charming. "Looks like you're finally awake." Naruto was taken aback by the man's words. Unlike the talkative crow...this man looked normal. Save for the eyes. Those deep, bewitching pools of gleaming gold and saffron threatened to drag him down to suffocate him with kindness if he so allowed. He had many things he wanted to say to this man, but instead he settled for a lame-sounding:

"Yeah...I guess so...

"Kubinashi tells me you turned thirteen yesterday." Naruto recoiled at his touch; because his words evoked the memory. The beatings. The pain. The boiling of his blood as he stood up, despite his wounds and and...and what? He couldn't remember anything after that. It didn't even occur to him to question the name of the youkai escort who'd first brought him here. Too subsumed in thought, he found his panic receding, replaced by an eerie calm. He didn't remember this Kubinashi fellow, but the man did have one fact right. He'd turned thirteen only a few days ago.


The man stared at him for a long tender moment. Naruto squirmed restlessly beneath the man's gaze. Who the hell was this guy? Why was he staring at him like some sort of long lost son? Wait a second. Did he actually think that? Did he have some sort of relation to this man? He peered up at him, scrutinizing. Impossible. He didn't look a damned thing like him. The black hair, those golden eyes, they weren't his!

And then the man-asshole!-had to ruin it all by speaking.

"Congratulations!" The black-haired stranger laughed abruptly; clapping the boy on the back, neatly knocking the breath from his lungs. "You've finally come of age!"

Naruto looked at the man as if he'd just grown an extra head.


"Rihan-sama's right!" The talking crow chimed cheerily. "Naruto-dono awakened to his youkai form only recently!"


The man-Rihan-laughed heartily.

"I expected no less from a child of mine."

Naruto froze.


Naruto looked left. Then he looked right. Finding nothing and no one, he touched a quivering finger to his chest in disbelief. He was hopelssly baffled. Was this man saying he was his son? No, that couldn't be it. It couldn't possibly be possible...


The other smirked, golden eyes shining in sinister mirth.

"Well, I'm certainly not talking about Karasu-Tengu."

The words hit him like a frozen fist in the gut. Naruto felt like he'd just been stabbed. This man was claiming to be his father? After all these years, he just appeared? Just like that? Where had he been?

"Wait wait wait!" Naruto threw ups his hands in exasperation. "Wait just a damned second! What the hell is going?" He jerked a finger at Karasu-Tengu. "First, a talking crow starts well, talking by calling me young master. Second, you honestly expect me to believe that I'm your son? Where's your proof?" He folded his arms, defensively, ignoring the small part of him that urged himself to embrace Rihan.

"Until three days ago, I didn't know you even existed." Rihan admonished lightly. "How could I possibly search for someone I didn't know about?" Naruto opened his mouth to refute the man's claim, then snapped it shut. He had a point, there. It did little to lessen the sting however. He unfoled his arms, suddenly hesistant. He didn't want to believe that this man was his father. Not yet. Thankfully, he didn't have to.

"What's with those things up there?" He pointed toward the ceiling.

"What?" Rihan hurriedly looked up then, surprised as indeed he saw a lot of small youkai peeking at them. "Oi! I told you not to come inside my room!" he shouted, totally annoyed that those small creatures didn't listen to him. Well, those youkai quickly squeaked and scrammed away though, probably afraid that they had angered the Nidaime of the Nura Clan.

"Jeez… those wimps…!" Rihan huffed slightly as he went back to sit, and he heard Naruto chuckle at him. "What's funny?" he looked at the boy, narrowing his eyes, feeling slightly annoyed because he'd laughed at him.

"Ah…, I'm sorry," Naruto hid his still snickering mouth with his palm. "It's just… relieving, I guess…," he sighed as he put down his hand and then smiled genuinely at Rihan, making the boss widen his eyes slightly witnessing such graceful expression from the younger boy. "You're not as scary as I thought." And it was true. Rihan's comical shout and outburst made him almost fatherly in his eyes. Almost.

"I'll take that as a compliment, son."

"I have a name."

Rihan perked up at that.

Ah, so Yamabuki had given him a name, after all! He wasn't quite willing to tell the boy about his mother just yet, but he was eager to learn his son's name all the same. What could she have named him? Knowing Yamabuki, it was probably something like...


Rihan nearly fell over.

"Naruto?" he repeated, dumbfounded.

Much to Rihan's dismay, the boy nodded.

"Yamabuki...she seriously gave you that name?"


This time, Rihan really did fall over.


"Ahahaha...just the name of an old friend." Rihan lied. Shit, how am I going to tell him about his mother...

"Really?" Naruto asked. "It sounds familiar...

"It isn't!" Rihan reassured him. "Really!"

"Soooo...let me get this straight." Naruto began, counting off on his fingers. "I'm the son of a demon-

"Half-demon." Kurasu-Tengu corrected.

"Whatever!" Rihan waved the comment away.

"Anyway, I'm the son of a half-demon, which makes me-

"Half-Demon." The old crow repeated, matter-of-factly, causing Rihan to pale.

"How the hell does that work?" blinked Naruto.

"Rihan-sama fathered you with Lady Yamabuki, a full demon." Karasu-Tengu puffed its chest out proudly. "Which makes you, waka, a half-urgh!" He never had a chance to try and finish his sentence as Rihan violently seized the small crow and tossed him outside. Naruto sweatdropped at that. His father really was scary after all! Violent, too! With an iratr sigh, the hanyo stormed outside and began to berate the crow.

"Damnit, Karasu-Tengu!" The nidaime shouted! "I wasn't going to tell him about her just yet!"

"But the Third Heir deserves to know!" countered the crow as he extricated himself from the earth. "How can you keep this from him!"

"We haven't decided whether or not he'll be the third, yet!"

"But he has Rihan-sama's bood!" Karasu-Tengu insisted. "He's more than worthy of becoming the third heir!"

"I have a mother?"

Naruto's question, soft and simple, tore through their arguement and ripped it to pieces.

Both youkai exchanged a saddened glance.

"Naruto-sama, Lady Yamabuki has...

...passed away." The words tasted like bile in his throat, but Rihan pressed on. Better to lie, better to let his son think Yamabuki dead,

"R-Right." The blond remained convinced that this was all just a figment of his imagination, but he plowed on ahead. "So...in continuation I'm the half-demon son of a half-demon, who married a demon." When the yoka nodded, Naruto continued. "And because I'm the oldest child, that makes me the next heir of his clan? apparently I can go between forms at will?" When the two demon nodded, Naruto fell silent.

"So you understand then?"

"Like hell!" Naruto leapt to his feet, screaming at the top of his lungs. "There's no way I'm going to accept this!"

Rihan sighed.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Look, I'm flattered, really, I am, but...

Karasu-Teng nodded.

"Rikuo-sama will be so dissapointed...

That got Naruto's attention.


"Your little brother." Rihan answered. "Well, half-brother actually."

"I have a brother?"

"Half-brother." The Karasu-Tengu chimed. "Rikuo-sama will be five years old tomorrow."


"Well, I guess it can't hurt to meet him...

Naruto felt his heart melt as he soon as he saw him.

He was a young lad, bright and inquisitive.

Nura Rikuo, a sandy haired boy with dark chocolate eyes, peered up at his big brother for the very first time.

"Otou-san, who's this?" Rikuo asked

"Rikuo, this is Naruto." Rihan explained, ruffling the blonde's hair . "He's going to be your big brother from now on."

"Now wait just a second!" Naruto shouted. "I said no such thing-huh?"

Rihan was already walking away.


A/N: Poor Naruto, he just isn't up to being a youkai, is he? Sadly, this takes place only a few years before Rihan's untimely demise. Will he live? Or will he fall fate to the same end as the manga? In continuation I know Yamabuki wasn't supposed to have any kids because of that stupid Hagoromo Kitsune, but really, who is to say that it was because of the curse that she couldn't have a kid or what? LOLZ

You know, I feel REALLY sorry for Konoha now...

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Here's another preview of what to expect in the oncoming chapters! We get to see the Nura Clan's reaction to Naruto's prescence as a whole next chappy! And a certain Hyuuga may reincarnate into the Keikain household *grins* Soon thereafter, vengeance shall be wrought upon Konoha! HAHAHA!

"Supreme Commander, allow me to test the boy." Gyuki requested.

"Oi, Gyuuki...is that really necessary?" Rihan asked.

"If he is to be the Third Heir then I must be certain." With a soft hiss, the katana flew forth from its sheathe. Without a sound, he advanced upon Naruto; the boy watching as the tapered tip trailed through the grass and its gentle grip and came into a readied position.

"Oi, oi, what the hell?" He eyed the blade warily, sliding back half a step. "

"And if I fail?"

"Then you shall die!" Gyuki brought the blade crashing down.


Naruto head snapped up and his eyes gleamed a violent violet.

"So all I have to do is stop your attack...Gyuki?"

The transformation happened so swiftly, Nurarihyon nearly missed it. One minute the boy was standing there, his knees knocking together. The next, his head snapped up and his voice changed; taking on a deep, husky tone. He raised a hand, finger extended the pale skin gleaming in the afternoon light as Gyuuki rushed him. A great wind swept for the depths and burst outward, all in the same instant.

And then it was over.

Gyuuki's blade was sent flying, the broken hilt and handle twirling end over end over end before sticking itself in the earth.

The Youkaized Naruto peered down at his opponent and smiled. He lowered his hand, revealing the tapered tip, trapped between two fingers.

"Have I passed your test, Gyuuki?"


"He's definitely your son, Rihan." Nurarihyon nodded.

Rihan smiled; the proud smile of a father filled with pride.

"He certainly is."

Naruto growled; it was a deep, throaty sound.

"Oi oi oi...what the hell do you think you're doing, little sister?" Yamabuki Otome blinked up at him, startled to find the blade trapped within her brother's fist. The tip had just pricked Rihan's back, alarming the second heir, but nothing more. Naruto hauled her forward, not into his fist, but into his arms. The young Yamabuki didn't even struggle. Of this, she only trembled.


He saw movement within the flower petals.

"What's this?"

The eye of Gorozaemon didn't even have time to scream as the demon's claws pierced his flesh, tearing his head from his shoulders. The decapitated head, loosed a nameless cackle as it rolled free fromthe body, dtermined that it would one day have vengeance.

"This isn't over!" The eye swore to himself. "I will return! I will have my revenge!"

"And I will have mine,with this clan as my weapon." Naruto whispered blackly as he drove his fingers through the pulsating red iris. "Now, begone!"

Hope you enjoyed it!

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