A/N from A.C.: Just a short ficlet. I've missed writing these two.

Saix let out a low groaning purr, his hips moving slowly, grinding against his mate's leg. Said mate, one certain redhead, was watching him with foggy green eyes. Gripped in the blunette's hand was Axel's wrist, those long fingers penetrating his mouth. Saix's golden eyes were shut tight, his head bobbing up and down, sucking on the redhead's fingers.

"Isa..." Axel moaned loudly, his body shuddering, legs spreading. He watched carefully as his lover's head moved, lips parting. He watched as a pink tongue slipped past plump lips to reach otherwise unreachable skin.

Saix gave a muffled whine, moving with Axel's leg. He rocked his hips slowly, grinding his arousal against his mate's leg. He cracked his eyes open, hazy golden orbs moving to look up at the younger male. He swallowed down more of Axel's fingers, his tongue twirling around those thin digits. The small twinkle in the blunette's eyes grew a little as he skillfully pushed past his gag reflex and swallowed around those perfect fingers, massaging them with the muscles of his throat.

"I- Isa..." Axel shuddered, trying to pull his fingers out.

The blunette reluctantly released those heavenly digits and slowed the thrusts of his hips against Axel's leg. "Wh- What is wrong..?"

"I... Fuck, Isa... I need more..." Axel's voice was strained, "Please..."

"No," came the flat response, "I want... to pleasure you with only my mouth."

"Please... Suck me, then!"

"No, Lea..." He pushed his hips down, biting his bottom lip, "I will not touch it..."

"Wh- What?"

"I want you to come... without being touched, Lea..." He leaned forward, licking at the redhead's neck gently.

Axel gave a low muffled moan, "Wh- What? I- I can't..." He tried desperately to grind his aching cock against his mate's stomach. Saix's hands firmly gripped the other's hips and held them down to the bed. The redhead whined, squirming, trying to get free of that grip. "Isa..."

Sharp teeth teased and pulled at his left nipple while fingers and claws played with its twin. The smoky golden eyes moved to look into those heated emeralds and Saix released the hostage between his teeth, "Why, what is wrong, Lea?"

The redhead whined low, his fingers digging into the bedsheets, "Gaia... I'm so fuckin' close..."

"Come for me, Lea... Mark my skin with your release..." Saix purred heatedly in his mate's ear, both hands working to pleasure the redhead's chest.

With a scream of completion, Axel did just that, his bucked his hips, cock spurting his release onto the pale flesh of his lover. Saix moaned low at the feeling, eyes closing as he reached his own climax, come painting both of their chests.