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Chapter 5: Don't Let Anyone Wake Me

Elijah and Elena walked out to their car, Elena still crying from the movie. He had forgotten how long it was and realized it'd be nearly dark by the time he got Elena to the clearing. He was certain that Caroline had delivered on her promise to make things perfect, and he was having a hard time concealing his excitement.

"I'll never get tired of Titanic," sniffed Elena, rubbing her eyes to rid them of tears. She slowly put her hands down as she got into the car. Elijah slid into the driver's seat.

"What is it? Do you feel okay?" he asked concernedly.

"I just realized that all I've been doing lately is crying. And I hate it," she chuckled lightly, but the pain in her eyes was evident.

"Elena, you don't have to –" Elijah began as he pulled his car door closed and started the engine, but Elena stopped him.

"I have to talk about it, otherwise it's just going to hang over me." She took a deep breath as she stared deep into Elijah's brown eyes. Elijah watched as her chocolatey eyes watered, but she held the tears back. "I wish we hadn't lost the baby," she confessed.

"Of course you wish we hadn't lost the baby," soothed Elijah. "I wish we hadn't lost the baby. It's a terrible thing for you to have to go through and I hate being helpless. I keep wanting to say something that will make it magically better, but I know I can't. Seeing you in pain. . . It kills me, Elena."

"I know it does," she said softly, a small smile coming onto her face. "And you've been so strong and supportive. You've pushed away your own pain and focused entirely on me. And I love you so much."

Elijah felt the familiar sensation that Elena often inflicted upon him – fireworks, sparks, butterflies, the whole nine yards. He never got used to the feeling, but he didn't think he wanted to. He loved the way Elena made him feel more alive than usual.

He leaned over the console and kissed Elena. She put her hand up to cup his face as her other hand worked its way into Elijah's hair.

"Mm," said Elijah, pulling away from Elena. "We've got one more place to go."

"Huh!" Elena pouted, crossing her arms in front of her chest and turning her head sharply away from Elijah like a two-year-old child might.

"Fine," conceded Elijah, "one more." Chuckling as they leaned together once more, Elijah felt things right themselves. He knew that he and Elena still weren't over the loss of their first child, but he'd rather they move into the future than dwell upon the pain and suffering. As Elijah kissed his wife, he thought about the many times they'd done things like this – kissing and the things that came along with it.

"Elena," he murmured into her ear as he put the car in drive.

"Fine," she giggled and they pulled apart. "How far?"

"Not very. But," he said, putting the car in park again, "you have to wear this." He pulled a blindfold from his pocket, where he'd put it earlier that day.

"Really? A blindfold? I didn't know you were kinky like that."

"Oh, just put it on," Elijah laughed, rolling his eyes.

The false resentment in Elena's face made Elijah chuckle as he pulled out of his parking spot and headed toward the clearing.

When they arrived in the woods, Elijah stopped the car, but told Elena to keep the blindfold on. He got out of the car to open Elena's door, but stopped dead at the sight of the clearing. White paper lanterns hung on strings from tree to tree, all meeting in the middle at the arch like the spokes of a bicycle tire. White flower petals littered the grass, making a trail to the arch and all the way around the picnic blanket. Caroline had really outdone herself. Elijah made a mental note that he owed Caroline – big time. Snapping out of his awe, he made his way around the car and opened Elena's door, taking her hand to help her out.

"Can I take this thing off yet?" she asked, slightly put-out.

"Come with me first," he whispered into her ear, startling her. She hadn't known he was that close to her. He took her hand again and led her into the middle of the aisle, facing them toward the arch. He stepped behind Elena and untied the blindfold. Just hearing Elena gasp at the sight of where they were and all the decorations, Elijah knew Caroline was his most valuable asset.

"Oh – my – god," breathed Elena as she turned in place, taking in her surroundings. "Elijah. . ."

He stepped forward again and put his arms around Elena and kissed her forehead. She placed her own arms around Elijah's sturdy, chiseled body and pressed her head into his warm chest.

"Shall we?" he asked, gesturing toward the picnic blanket.

Elena fake curtsied. "Let's shall," she giggled, her eyes shining against the light from the paper lanterns.

Much to Elena's surprise, Elijah scooped her up and carried her like a groom would carry his bride over to the blanket. Before setting her down, he took advantage of her position and kissed her hard and fast on the lips, the fireworks once again returning.

"Sometimes I think you're a dream, a figment of my imagination," Elena admitted as they sat down on the blanket.

"That's odd," smiled Elijah, "considering how I was just thinking the same about you. You're always so beautiful, even in jeans and a hoodie. Even in nothing."

Elena smiled as she pushed Elijah down on his back, climbing on top of him. "You look even better in nothing than I do."

Elijah knew in that moment that their lips meant that things were going to be okay. Regardless of how long it took them to heal from the loss of their child, their love would keep them going. Elijah was struck with the rush of affection and love he felt for Elena. His love for her was so powerful that it almost hurt. Back five years, he wouldn't have thought he'd ever meet the right girl, let alone someone as beautiful, caring, awe-inspiring, and loving as Elena Gilbert. And now he had her and all he ever wanted. Right in that moment, both Elena and Elijah felt released.

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