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The sun was high in the sky and sweat dripped down her back. Her father had been training her hard all day. He had begun to bring in Spartan boys for her to spar against and to test her.

She had fought three already. They were all younger than her and she had the upper hand.

They said that the last boy was born a warrior, a true Spartan. His name, she did not know. She didn't fear him, the girl feared nothing.

A girl the age of six fighting against a boy the age of nine. He had three years more worth of training, but his tutor wasn't the king of Sparta. He entered the small training arena. He had short blonde hair, his eyes a fierce silver, meet her dark brown ones.

The both of them had been given severely dull blades for the sparring. The girl held her's in her right hand while the boy twirled his around from hand to hand. Elder Spartans had begun to gather in the small arena. They had heard of the fierceness of this small girl and wanted to bear witness.

The girl grew tired of waiting for the boy to make his move. She dove at his feet but he skillfully jumped over her. She tucked and rolled back onto her feet. She regained her composure and determination filled her eyes.

Everyone in Sparta could tell whose child this was, for she looked exactly like her father. The only difference was the long golden hair that fell to her shoulders. It looked like golden silk; some say she was blessed by the sun god Apollo, and her hair was a representation of the sun. Some say that she was blessed by the God of war, Ares, and by the fierce look in her eyes, hardly anyone would disagree. Others would also remark about her beauty, for her only being six, and call her the daughter of Aphrodite.

Hard determination filled her eyes and she thrust at the boy once more. He blocked the attack and swung at the girl. She weaved to the side and rolled again. The boy was growing impatient with all these defensive moves. He let out a small battle cry and began to chase the girl around the arena.

The girl was faster than the boy, though, they both began to tire. The battle raged on for two hours, the sun slowly sinking in the sky. Finally, the girl fell onto one knee, defeated. The fight was not finished though, the boy ran over, taking the girl to the ground. He had her pinned down in the sand. She looked up at him, exhaustion was shared in there gaze.

The boy stopped struggling and just lay on the girl, staring into her deep brown eyes. Suddenly, her waist was turned; she slipped out from under the boy and flipped him onto his back. She startled him and held him to the ground, blade at his throat.

The battle was over and the young female had won. Triumphantly she got up off him and looked into the stands to find her father. He smiled with pride and the determination in her eyes turned to pure joy.

I large smile overcame her features and she turned back to the boy. She offered him a hand. He look at it for a moment before gratefully taking it. The girl pulled the boy from the ground and brushed the dirt from his clothes.

In a silky voice, the girl asked the simplest of questions: "Spartan, what is your name?"

"I am Stelios..." Was all he simply replied.

The girl nodded her head and walked out of the arena and into the waiting arms of her father. He scooped the once again, innocent child into his large arms like she weighed nothing. Compared to the tan skin of her father, her skin seemed pristine and flawless.

The elder Spartans congratulated her father and they began to laugh. They all agreed that she will be a hellcat when she grew up and could not wait. The boy soon learned that the hellcat was named Alexandria, an odd name for a Spartan female. It had a certain ring to it though… For he would never forget the beautiful name…


5 years later

In the five years that passed, Alexandria had grown to be quite the beauty. Her golden hair grew longer and her face was more sculpted like that of her father. The beauty of his child made him smile but also made him worry for one reason.

The Ephors.

The plague infested priests would come down one day and pick out an oracle. Only the most beautiful Spartan women were chosen. She had her hair tied back in a long braid, for it had become a nuisance on the battle field. It was often a weakness when the boys were grab hold of it and pull her down.

Women were not accepted into the Agoge so the young girl continued to train with her father. She had grown much stronger and she became more agile than normal girls her age.

Alexandria had quite some skill with the blade.

Today was going to be a difficult day though, for she had to face the top Spartan boys from the Agoge.

She had heard of their speed and strength but this did not affect her. For she also knew that she was strong and fast. She stood before the first boy, eyes unblinking. The boy looked back into her deep gaze. He was younger than she was but he was already just as tall.

They began to circle each other; sizing the other up.

Alexandria swung her hair back over her shoulder, switching her blade to the other hand. The boy took this as an advantage and lunged at the girl. He swiped and it made a large arch just inches from her flat stomach. She reached over the sword and grabbed his hand.

She squeezed the pressure point and the boy let out a cry of pain. He released his sword and it disappeared into the deep sand. The boy searched frantically for his sword but he did not have time.

The boy rose to his feet, ready to defend himself from her attacks. She threw her sword to the side. She jumped into the air and leapt over him with grace. She easily landed, the boy turned around. She struck out with her long leg and connected with his gut.

The heel of her foot sunk deep into his innards and he flew to the ground. Out of breath, the boy lay on the ground. Alexandria walked over with her sword and simply pointed it at the boy's throat. He held up his hands in defeat, the battle had not lasted long.

She let down her sword and offered the boy a hand he took it. She easily pulled him to his feet.

"You are pretty skilled with a blade, don't be too hasty though! May I have the privilege to know your name?" She asked politely. The boy had been looking at the ground but when she asked he slowly raised his head.

"I am Astinos… Son of Captain Artemis…" He said, glancing up to the stands. His father stood there with a stern expression on his face. He was seated next to the King.

"You are a fierce fighter, Princess Alexandria…" He said bowing his head. She bobbed her own head, showing him respect as she knew her father would have wanted. After another moment, she just smirked and walked away. People did not need to tell her that she was a good fighter.

She knew it herself.

Alexandria wiped the sweat from her brow. It had been a short lived battle. The sun's heat was baring down on Sparta today and everyone was lazing out in the heat.

Like always, the elder Spartans came and watched her spar against the younger boys. They would often laugh when she would defeat the boys, but they knew that luck was on their side.

For if they had been the same age as the girl, they would have fallen against her as well.

A cool breeze rushed down from the mountains, blowing her long braid in the wind. It had cooled her some yet she had another battle to go. They had chosen the top boys from the Agoge and she had to face them.

She had defeated the first boy with ease but the second was to be very gifted. Her father had told her that the boy was three years older than she was. The elder Spartans laughed again. They began to place bets on the outcome of the fight.

Once more, she was ushered into the arena by her father. He laid his fist over his heart and nodded to her. She repeated his actions before turning back to the large doorway. Once more, hard determination filled her dark eyes as she viewed her opponent.

He was a tall slim boy, taller than last. He had begun to get that Spartan look: his muscles had begun to be sculpted and he had lost the fat from his stomach. He heard her quiet footsteps in the sand and slowly turned to his opponent.

They had not told him her name. All he knew was that she was gifted for a girl. He rested his steely gaze on her and took in a quick breath. She was beautiful.

She had a long delicate braid falling down the middle of her back. Her face looked as though it had been sculpted by angels. Her skin was lightly tanned by the sun, compared to others, her skin was very pale.

His gaze drifted downward until he noticed the shining blade grasped in her hands. It looked freshly sharpened and it glinted evilly. One wrong move and he could be without an appendage.

She began circling him slowly taking soft steps in the sand. He watched her from the corner of his eye as if he was not suspecting anything.

He quickly spun around, spraying sand in all directions. He now faced the girl and her sword missed his side by inches. He brought his sword down and knocked her sword from her hand. He kicked it away from them and held her at sword point for a moment.

She darted to one side, quick as a cat. She rolled at his legs but he was too fast for her. He dodged and she quickly got up from the sand. He swung at her multiple times. She was able to read his attacks and easily dodged, moving her shoulders from the path of my sword.

The boy over swung at her gut and stumbled. Her hand connected with his jaw and sent him reeling back. He grasped his jaw with his free hand felt a small cut were she had hit him. She stood back smirking evilly at the blood she had drawn. This infuriated the boy he growled and returned to his feet, jaw throbbing.

He rushed at the girl, sword high. He over swung once more, becoming desperate. She did a spinning kick and connected with his side. He let out a loud groan and blood spewed from his mouth. He flew to the side and landed in the sand once more.

His sword had been thrown from him and he looked around for it frantically. He had no time. She rushed at him and began punching his core. Each time a blow connected, he coughed up more blood.

The boy lay there exhausted and breathing heavily. The girl stepped away from the boy's broken body. She was also breathing heavily and sweat had formed on her forehead. She stumbled over to her sword and stalked back over to her opponent. She held him at sword point like the last boy and the boy still lay in the sand breathing deeply.

He was determined though. He took in a sharp, pained breath and sat up. The girl stood shocked. No boy had yet to stand against her after she had them cornered.

The boy slowly rose to his feet, wincing. He had a few cracked ribs and his jaw was still throbbing. He carefully straightened up all the way. He looked the girl directly in the eye. He whipped the blood from his mouth. He took a step forward before stumbling.

The girl jumped out of the way, not wanting to spear her victim. She threw her sword to the side and kneeled down next to him. She turned him over on his back and look down at him.

He had dark stone blue, silvery eyes. She quickly walked back over to the side of the arena. Grasping a sweat cloth that had been laid out, she jogged back over to him.

The other Spartans had watched with interest. Never before had they seen the girl act so compasionate. She whipped the rest of the blood from his lips.

He looked up at her, staring at her angelic face. She had the deepest brown eyes he had ever seen. Realization suddenly hit him.

This was the girl, the girl that beat him five years ago. She had been much smaller then and not as beautiful. He remembered how her golden hair spun around her when she twirled. Alexandria

She dabbed the rest of the blood from his jaw and looked back down into his eyes. Realization then hit her. This was the boy from five years ago. The one that had been difficult to beat?

He had the same steely eyes and had a handsome look about him. What was his name? Stominos? No… Stelios? Yes! That's it!

She carefully helped him to his feet. Alexandria pulled his arm over his shoulder and helped him limp out of the arena. A loud bout of laughter erupted from the stands. Feeling rage form in her stomach, she turned and glared at the older males. It was only a moment before they fell into silence once more.

It did not do well to go against the princess's wishes.

"Alexandria… Well done!" He greeted her with a large smile. Stelios looked up at her expectantly. The last time she fought Stelios, she had a smile on her face and joy in her eyes at her father's praise.

There was none this time. She only look at the ground. She had never harmed anyone as much as Stelios.

"Do not worry about me, Princess Alexandria…" Stelios said with a weak smile.

"I may worry about whom ever I want!" She said in a snappy tone. He looked taken aback at her sudden outburst. "I am sorry, Stelios…" She said suddenly as she walked away.

How did she remember my name? Stelios sighed and then winced in pain. He would have the medics check him out once he returned from the agoge. Little did he know, he would not get to see her angelic face for a great amount of time.

He was told that she was three years younger than him but he didn't take it likely. The last time he was defeated by a girl he was nine, five years had passed. She had become even more gifted.

The older Spartan boys had told stories of lovely princesses from other lands and he never really understood why they would talk about them so much. They would praise their beauty and would almost fawn over the flawless beautities.


It was a strange word that only his mother used. It had a different sound to it. It had a different feel in his mouth when he said it outloud.

Was this the warm feeling he felt deep within him when he saw the blonde haired beauty?


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