"Are they okay? just tell me they are okay" Penelope babbled as she ran in to the hospital waiting room , as quick as her 4 inch heels could carry her. Hotch looked up from his stack of files, never one to let a spare moment go past without using it effectively , and nodded at the younger woman.

"I told you on the phone Garcia they are both fine, they sustained mild concussion and a few lacerations"

Penelope dropped in to the seat next to J.J , the other blonde turned and patted her friends hand. "They are both fine, headaches and a couple of cuts and bumps" smiling encouragingly at the frightened hacker.

"I can't believe Morgan let Reid drive the SUV – what was he thinking?" Rossi stated and smiled a little at Emily's shudder. Penelope's head snapped up "Reid? As in Dr Reid? As in the guy who regularly scrapes the SUV every time he tries to park it Dr Reid?"

"It's Reid who keep scratching the SUV ?" Hotch asked, then shook his head as he realised he should not have been surprised, the young man may be a certified genius but he was notoriously bad with spacial relations.

"Are you sure Morgan was okay before the accident? Because I really cannot understand why he let Reid drive – maybe we should tell someone to check Morgan out a little closer, he might have an aneurysm or something" she babbled and turned cool eyes on Rossi when he laughed.

"I am sure he is fine Garcia" he told her – then frowned as she stated. "Would you let Reid drive you back from the airport Agent Rossi?"

Rossi walked over to Hotch and whispered in his ear. "Maybe the girl is right about getting Morgan checked, there is no way I would get in a car with Reid driving"

Hotch kept his eye on Garcia as she began to pace around the room. "Garcia I am sure Morgan just lost a bet but if it makes you feel any happier I will go and see if we can see them yet".

Penelope nodded in thanks and turned to look out the window as the late afternoon light began to creep over down town DC, she missed the gentle nod between Hotch and Rossi as he stepped over to take his place next to the young woman.

Rossi watched the concern creep over Garcia's face as her mind wandered, the love for her 'boys' and her family was evident every single day, he didn't need to be in the BAU to see how fiercely she tried to protect them all and worried for them all, it was also very sweet to see that extra concern for her special "special" agent Morgan.

"You would be a very easy person to profile Miss Garcia, every single thought is right there in your face" he told her warmly.

"Derek should have been driving, we all know how easy Brainy boy gets distracted – if they have to stay in do you think I should go and get some things for Derek from his apartment?" she queried as she walked back and sat with Emily and J.J – the other two women exchanged slightly raised eyebrows and puzzled expressions.

"You have a key to Morgan's place?" JJ asked softly, knowing how private the man liked to keep his private space and life – none of them had even been there to her knowledge, but it seemed she may have been wrong.

Garcia nodded, completely missing the small smiles between her friends as she said "Yes he gave me a key when I went over for movie night a few years ago – he didn't like me waiting in the rain plus he said I might need it for emergency's – this is an emergency right?" she babbled.

Rossi frowned "Movie night?" he watched as she blushed slightly.

"Myself and Morgan have a movie night once a week, we each get to pick and we alternate who's apartments we will stay at, he says it helps him to decompress with the job – although why he keeps bringing horror movies around lately I have no idea – he knows I hate them – I spend half the evening with my face buried in his chest" she laughed at the memory, Emily coughed to hide her chuckle and JJ and Rossi looked at each other with widening smiles

*well you sly dog Derek Morgan* JJ thought, and her friend had no clue.

"They have their go-bag's with them, and I am sure we will know more in moment" as Rossi spoke he saw Hotch appear at the doorway and nod at them to follow him.

They walked silently from the room, the only sound Garcia's clicking heels, she gripped JJ's hand tightly and was thankful that Emily walked with her to – she knew it was silly but she needed their support – she hated hospital's, between her parents being killed and herself being shot, the only nice thing to happen in one was the birth of her gorgeous godson Henry.

Sitting up in their respective hospital beds, opposite sides of the plain white room Morgan and Reid suddenly heard Garcia's unmistakably clicky heels eating up the floor towards them.

"So we have a deal kid?" Morgan asked nervously, his voice low as he kept waiting for the door to open.

Reid smiled at him and nodded, lacing his fingers behind in head "Yup, I expect full payment for this" - even Morgan lowering his eyes to dangerous slits could dispel his good mood – his head was hammering and he ached everywhere but he was in a wonderful mood.

"I would say thank you, but I will leave that until I know what's going on" Morgan laughed, then fought to stay silent as the door opened and their team poured in.

JJ ran to Reid's side while Garcia raced to Morgan's – both men grinning a little then catching their bosses eye pulled their faces in to seriousness – Hotch hadn't missed the smiles or the women fussing over them, he turned to Rossi who was grinning hugely at the scene before him.

"Your as bad as them" he told him, humour lacing his voice as Rossi told him "Would you complain of a beautiful women fawning over you?" Hotch shook his head and coughed lightly to break up the conversations rattling around.

"Reid what was you thinking! You know I am revoking your drivers license and making you go back to driving school – I can do that so stop smiling at me" Garcia told the young genius.

Morgan took her hand and felt her small hand grip his tightly, she wasn't looking at him – seemed like she was scared to "Hey pretty momma – I am fine – and Reid just had some bad luck is all, could have happened to anyone" he told her softly, feeling her pulse jump as he rubbed his thumb over her wrist lightly.

"Well you brave hero's will be happy to know that you can leave, as long as you have someone with you for the next 48 hours due to the concussion or you are in hospital on your weekend off" Hotch told them with sarcasm dripping from his choice of words.

"Well I am sure Morgan is going to have his choices from his speed dial, I on the other hand had better get used to these very bland walls" Reid sighed dramatically, earning a deep frown from Morgan and a flutter of activity from Emily and JJ.

"You can stay at my place, Will is out of town and Emily was coming over for take-out and baby time, I am sure Henry would love a playmate for the weekend" JJ told him, Emily looked at her and smiled "Are you sure Reid can put up with us both"

"If his smile is anything to go by I am sure he will get by" Rossi laughed as they bundled him in to his wheelchair and mock fought over who was going to push him down to the car, grabbing his bag on the way out the door they waved their goodbye to the others.

Hotch and Rossi looked at each other , suddenly feeling very unneeded in the room.

"We will go and make sure Reid signs the right papers and wait to hear what you are doing Morgan" Hotch told them and then both the older men fled the tension that was building.

"Who would you like me to call for you" Garcia asked him softly, finally bringing her blue eyes up to his own – he looked at her and saw a deep sadness and fear staring back at him.

"The only woman I have on speed dial is you Miss Penelope Garcia, so it seems I am stuck in here" he told her, leaning his head back and sighing deeply, he heard her laugh softly and opened his eyes slowly.

"Okay, you can stay with me, its the least I can do, after all you are were knight in shining armor when I was shot" she smiled, walking over to retrieve the waiting wheelchair for him.

"I am not getting in that" he grumbled, standing slowly and flexing his muscles in a way that made her grin. She only arched an eyebrow and he caved.

"oh mon cheir when are you going to know I am not a push over" dumping her purse in his lap she took his go – bag from beside the door and trundled him grumbling out of the room.

"Woman do not make me carry your purse to!" he wailed as the door swung shut on her laughter.