Thank you so much for the reviews! - I wrote a morning after because I felt I wanted to see how they were the next day lol.

The blonde and raven haired beauties lay side by side in bed, the early morning light bouncing off the walls as the sun rose over DC, the blonde awoke slowly and reached out to hug the pillow closer just as the door opened and Reid walked in.

"Good morning ladies" he said brightly, two sleepy women looked up at him and mumbled a greeting, then JJ sat bolt upright.

"Henry? What time is it?" she babbled, glancing at her watch as she jumped out of bed.

Reid held up his hand to stop her ranting, smiling at her loony toons pj's.

"He is fine, in his playpen. He has had his breakfast, all changed and dressed for the day" he smiled at his friend as she sat back on the bed and ran a hand through her blonde hair.

Emily sat up and looked at him quizzically. "You did all that?" she asked, a little surprised.

"Well I heard him wake up, I don't usually sleep much after 6am, I thought his mummy deserved a late morning for a change – besides gave him some man time with all you females around" Reid joked, at that moment Henry started to grizzle and Reid went to fetch him.

Emily looked at JJ who was smiling broadly at her friends antics.

"Oh just for your information your a bed hog, I knew I should have taken the couch" Emily grumbled.

Reid walked back in holding a beaming Henry, as soon as the baby saw his mother he held out chubby arms for cuddles, Reid handed him over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I don't think Will would have been to happy with me sharing with JJ" he told her, watching as JJ and Henry snuggled together and the little boy giggled, chewing on a fleshy fist, drool dripping off his hand and on to his mother leg.

"She snores, so I think bed hogging is the least of your complaints Missy" JJ told her friend, laughing when Emily looked shocked and appalled.

"I've made coffee, and I think I can run to toast" Reid told them, trying to break up the bickering.

"We don't get breakfast in bed?" Emily sighed.

"Hey I am the injured one here remember, I wonder how Morgan is feeling this morning?" he queried, then blushed when Emily and JJ looked at each other and grinned.

"I'll go make the toast" he told them beating a quick retreat, their laughter following him down the hall.

"Those two have filthy minds" he told himself quietly.

Across town Rossi sat in his favorite armchair, newspaper spread over his lap and sipping on his second cup of good Italian coffee of the day, flipping through his mind wandered to the previous evening, a good meal with his friend Hotch and his adorable son always cheered him up after a grueling case.

Looking at his phone and wondered if he should call Morgan and Reid to see how they were feeling today. He was pretty sure that Reid was loving every second of being around Henry – the young genius took his god fatherly duties seriously.

As for Morgan, he wondered what he might interrupt if he called so early, if this weekend didn't bring those two together then nothing could – no un-subs, no lost or murdered people to think about – just them for a change. He decided to leave Morgan be for a while, Garcia would make sure he was fine.

He was still chuckling to himself when he picked up his phone and called Reid to check on his progress.

Hotch placed the cereal bowl In front of jack, and smoothed a hand over his son's head lovingly, Sitting opposite him he picked up his coffee cup and smiled as Jack proceeded to make a fine mess on the table, himself and anywhere else the cereal seemed to fly.

"So little man what would you like to do today?" he asked him.

"Can we go see Aunty Penelope?" Jack asked, his mouth full of cereal – Aunty Penelope was lots of fun and always had little presents for him, plus she gave nice cuddles and told him funny stories.

Hotch smiled and shook his head "Sorry i think she is busy today, but we could go visit with JJ and baby Henry, Emily and Spencer are with her – maybe we could pick up Rossi and see if everyone would like to go out for lunch?" he offered to his son.

Jack considered this for a moment, after glancing out the sun streaming through the window he grinned.

"Could we all go on a picnic to the park, I think Henry would like that too" he explained seriously – he liked Henry but he was only a baby and couldn't play ball yet, but he knew the grown ups would, even if Reid was bad at catching.

Hotch nodded and picked up his phone, hitting 6 on his speed dial.

"I'll call JJ first and see what she thinks" he told him, motioning him to finish with his flying cereal as the phone was picked up.

The bright morning sunshine illuminated the lovers lying in the bed, arms and legs entwined as Garcia tugged the covers, only to find them wrapped around her bed mate.

Opening her eyes she looked over at him and smiled, pulling the covers harder they suddenly came loose and he rolled in to her. He opened one eye sleepily and frowned.

"Hey pretty momma, nice way to wake me up" he said, his voice full of sleep.

Garcia giggled as he pulled her against his chest, his lips brushing her hair as she burrowed closer still she tipped her head back to look up at him.

"You stole the covers, I was getting cold" she explained.

Morgan trailed a hand over her thigh and watched her eyes darken as he said slowly.

"Princess you are the hottest woman I know"

Garcia laughed and covered his hand with her own, their fingers caressing as she lifted them up to look at them.

Their contrast was stark – her skin so pale and creamy while his was dark and smooth – lacing her fingers in his she turned to watch his examining her hands.

Frowning slightly at the expression on his face she asked.

"Is something wrong Derek?"

"I am just wondering how such small hands can hold my heart" he told her, looking down in to her shining eyes, leaning forward she kissed him lightly – her tongue sliding over his lower lip, she felt him shudder at the contact and a gentle growl emit from his throat as he took the kiss deeper, Garcia moved over his body, loving the feel of his skin against her – at the moment the phone rang.

"Damn it" he muttered as picked up first his phone realising it wasn't his he then grabbed Garcia's pink phone.

"It's Emily" he told her – smiling as she sat up and clutched the covers around her naked form.

"Hi Emily whats up? She asked brightly, watching a mischievous glint sparkle in Derek's eyes, he began to gently tug the covers from her, she slapped his hand away, trying to concentrate on what Emily was calling for.

"I was just wondering how Morgan was today and letting you both know that a picnic is planned for lunchtime at the park – you are both invited of course" Emily told her, all the while there was a silent tug of war between Garcia and Morgan for the covers.

"I'll ask Morgan if he wants to go, and he is doing great thanks, just being a pain as usual" she laughed as Morgan looked at her in mock annoyance.

"Picnic in the park with the team? Lunchtime"? Garcia explained to the grinning hunk in her bed.

He nodded in agreement, and took that moment to whip the covers from her.

"Hey!" Garcia squeaked, then closed her eyes as she heard Emily laugh on the other end of the phone.

"Am I interrupting anything P.G? What happened between you two huh?" she laughed, she could almost hear the blush creeping over her friends face.

"Um nothing happened, and your not interrupting I swe.." Garcia broke off when Morgan gave her hard look and sat up – she frowned at him and spoke to Emily quickly.

"Hold please" and hit the mute button.

"Nothing happened? Not interrupting? Just what is happening here Penelope? I was a one night stand?" he asked, there was annoyance in his voice but mostly he was confused.

Garcia shook her head fiercely "Of course not, I um just didn't know how much you wanted them to know is all – maybe you wanted to keep things quiet about us, we didn't exactly talk this about this did we sweetheart" she told him honestly.

Morgan lifted Garcia on to his lap and took the phone from her hand, un-muting Emily, Garcia could only hear his side of the conversation as he spoke to her.

"Hi Emily I'm doing great thanks, and yes in fact you was interrupting – I was enjoying a nice morning after kiss with my girl, uh huh I agree it has taken us enough time, but now I got her I am not letting her get away. Okay if you and JJ can stop squealing at me please we will meet you at the park at noon, bring lots of food because I intend to work up an appetite" laughing he hung up the phone and looked at Garcia's opened mouth stare.

"I think they understand now" he laughed, cuddling her close.

Garcia sighed and lay her head on his shoulder, breathing in his scent she could hardly believe this was real – on an impulse she nipped his shoulder, her small white teeth sinking in to his glossy flesh.

"Ow woman are you nuts" he laughed, rolling her back on to the bed.

"So this all real then" she asked innocently, Morgan felt his heart swell at her words – he had felt the same, he loved her so much and for such a long time, finally being with her was like a dream.

"Let me show you how real this is sexy lady" he told her, making Garcia giggle and then sigh, and silently sent up at prayer that noon would get there very slowly.