Due to popular demand, here is the start of the story that probably show how much of a obsessed freak I am in Sci-fi and horror.

Especially with these kinds of creatures.


Note: This spans over ten years. And it includes the news and various characters. Just in case you get confused.

As the world spins and turns

August 15th 2XXX

We interrupt this program to bring you this emergency broadcast.

It seems that the worst has come. The stories that we have been hearing for weeks has finally come to light and the reality of it has been realized.

The dead are walking among the earth.

And we the people are in danger.

So reporting that, the Minister of Japan has issued a lock-down of the city. Anyone in certain areas should evacuate immediately.

Until then, stay indoors and avoid contact with others. Don't associate with strangers and trust no one.

The door to hell has opened and Death is coming for us.

No one is safe, I repeat, no one is safe.

"But why father? Why can't mother come with us?"

"Son, I told you. Your mother is sick and we have to go get medicine."

"But she needs someone to take care of her. I don't like mother being alone."

"Yeah, I know son. I do but…your mother….she's changing. And it would be best if we stay out of her hair."

"What do you mean by-"



"Son, we have to run."


"Run. Now. We have to go."

"What do you mean? What was that? And mom-"


"Son….we have to leave."

"….mom…she's...she's bleeding."


"She's bleeding! We have to help her! Mom!"



"I'm so sorry son. But mom's not mom anymore. You'll find out soon enough."

"Brother….you promised…..you promised you'll be back. You promised you'll be safe. So why….why did it end up like this?"

"So what do you suppose we do?"

"Isn't it obvious? We have to find the families and work on a cure to cleanse the world from the dead cannibals."

"But we need a place to do so."

"I know one. We can find a way while being isolated. Try to contact all the members as you can."

"And if we're the only ones left?"

"….Then we would be the ones to create a miracle. Desperate times call for desperate measures."

February 21st 2XXX

The time of peace is upon us. Thanks to a small group of scientists and researchers, toxin has been developed to wipe out the undead that has destroyed our world. The name of the leader of that group while remain undisclosed, has informed us that it will be launched into various parts of the world via missile. In just a few minutes, we will see a series of light and soon the feeling of relief once again.

So on this day on, the UN has declared this day the 'Salvation of Humanity'. To remember the day that human beings were almost extinct and the lives sacrificed prior to this day.

May our lives change for the better.

A lone dark-haired young man walked on what was once Tokyo. There were corpses everywhere; all of them once zombies. He reached the intersection and saw a groups of refuges walking towards him; most of them seeing light for the first time.

Next to him was an older woman who placed a pale delicate hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her as she sadly smiled back.

"Your father would have wanted you to live; so you can make the world a better place."

The young man blinked before frowning. "He said that I would understand one day; about this world and what has happened but you know what? After all this time; I don't think I'll ever understand. But I'll try."

It was the first and last time that Kurogane Suwa had cried over the death of his family.


Don't worry, the good stuff is underway.

Just you wait.