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1 Chapter one True Feelings

"Tell me we're going to be o.k" Abby said, staring into Carter's eyes.

For the first time in his life he was in love. In love with Abby. He was scared, but he didn't want Abby to feel that way. He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. A thousand thoughts went through his mind. But when he realized that Abby was returning his kiss, his mind was put at ease. He pulled his lips from hers and looked into her eyes.

"We're going to be o.k" He said.

This time she leaned in and kissed him. All the feelings that she had for Carter were finally let loose. She wanted him. She wanted him so much. She dropped the ice pack onto the floor and found his hands and locked her fingers into his so that their palms were together. She pushed him backward until they both fell onto the gurney.

They pulled apart gasping for air. Abby untied his scrub and pulled it off of him.

Carter started planting kisses ranging from her ear lobe to the bottom of her neck. He looked up at her and stared deep into her eyes, seeing the love reflecting back into his own. He reached his hand up under her chin and pulled her lips to his.

This time their kiss deepened. Her tongue explored the inside of his mouth. Oh how she had waited for this moment for so long. She wanted this moment to last forever.

Carter reached up and pulled her hair out. Her beautiful dark hair cascaded down around her shoulders. He couldn't resist running his fingers through it.

Just then the door opened. Abby pulled away from Carter and looked towards the door.