Hi folks hooah (the United States Army's version of what is commonly known as the Marines' hoorah) and hoorah and all that military stuff, name's Wolf2 here with a new story, Star Wars: the Ranger and the Jedi.

Now I know those of you who have done your homework on the Star Wars Expanded Universe might think that by ranger, I'm making a story about a member of various groups inside the Star Wars universe like the Antarian Rangers, Sector Rangers, Wilderness Fighters or something else well wrong.

The ranger is a member of a group of the US Army (That's United States for those who don't know what that means but then again who doesn't know those initials and what they mean) called the US Army Rangers and to me that group is one of the most greatest elite groups on Earth but they still get less media fame.

And for those who have questions, just leave them in a review and if they concern the plot, ill only reveal some details. Not all of them, so as to not spoil the surprise but still some to help understand the plot.

Well this is just a prologue or heads up which ever floats your boat. Well leave a question in the reviews plus I also like to give a thanks to my good friend AlienvsPredator5 who helped me with the plot of this upcoming story and my other current stories. Thanks my friend.