Hello everyone, I come back out of hiding to bring you some good news but sadly also bad news. For now I would like to say I had seen the Season Five and series finale for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series and even though many were sad to learn the series had ended and even though I am one of the them, I was kinda glad it ended because it had a great ending and it revealed what happened to Ahsoka as a Jedi in between Season Five and Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Plus on to the bad news sadly. The bad news is that I am deciding to end the Rangers story. I know many of you may be mad at me over this but I have reasons, some I am afraid I can not mention right now.

But wait there is good news, good news is I am going to rewrite the story and there will be a return of the Rangers.

Now I don't know exactly your reaction to this news may be not good or may be understandable and if you have questions about anything or would like to voice your opinion on the rewrite decision, please put them in your reviews and I will respond to them or you can contact me by sending a private message to me on my Wolf2 profile.