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The Forbidden by Jaded Jimmie

Phantom is the king of the Ghost Zone and a smart student as Danny in high school. Phantom is an egoistical, selfish adult who always get what he wants. When Phantom sees a cute gothic girl will sparks fly or will everything crash and burn? What will happen to Sam waking up to the white haired ghost? Sam POV

Full Summary

The Forbidden by Jaded Jimmie

Phantom is slowly taking over the world. He destroy buildings, killed people and even raped a couple of girls. Not a couple but a lot. He is quite handsome with his long snowy white locks and dark green eyes. Phantom isn't our average ghost but something more dangerous. I accidentally fell on this guy, Daniel Fenton. And he's a bit moody but who am I to judge? He's super cute and a major hottie but now I regret meeting him. He's always around as if he was my boyfriend; Jim said he may likes me but seriously. He's the most popular guy at Casper why would he into me? Why is Phantom suddenly appearing in my bedroom? Are my best friends dating behind my back? Is Jimalyn craziness rubbing off on me? Why is the king unbuttoning my shirt? Oh hell no.

~Sam POV~

I lied sprawled across my bed. Dang alarm clock, waking me up. I heard the door into my room open and the sound of heels clicking as they passed door. I felt the weight shift on my bed, someone sitting at the edge silently looking at my form under the covers. A hand gently touched my shoulder, their warmth sending my half open eyes back closed.

"Sweetheart, you gotta get up." A soft voice above me said.

"Jim, leave!" I snapped at my friend.

"Ain't going no where." Jim said as she giggled.

"Whhhhyyy! I'm 18 years old I should have a choice about going to school." I protest, nuzzling into my comforter.

"We're seniors in high school; not senior citizens." Jim remarked as she pulled the blanket down.

"Fine fine I'm up mommy." I said.

"Go shower and make mommy proud." Jim joked back.

"You're unbelievable." I called back as I walked into the bathroom, door wide open.

"I know! I'm despicable!" Jim yells back sounding like Dafty Duck.

I didn't acknowledge her but started my shower and jumped in. I begin washing myself feeling incredible as the soap wash away the dirt and weariness into the drain. I rinse my hair and gotten out the steamy wonderland and the cold air slam against my skin. I walked out the room after drying and placing the towel in the hamper.

"Sam you'll make a man happy when he sees your naked booty everyday." Jim said reading a book called 'I Was Jane Austin's Best Friend'. Jim, well Jimalyn Love was one of best friends.

Jim has long brown-black hair that taps her hips with red streaks, her makeup consists of winged out eyeliner, gold eye shadow, red lips, and bronzed cheeks. She wore a yellow halter with yellow stone on the strap, that wrap around her neck, an oval in the center was cut out to show her some of her boobs, then it was cut showing her lean stomach, followed by a black belt that held her green miniskirt and lastly light brown hills. Jimalyn is very pretty; hyper but pretty. There are five people in our friend group: Jimalyn Love, James Sanchez, Kaitlyn Masters, Blake James and myself, Samantha Manson.

"Haha." I replied monotonously.

"Here." Jim said handing me my bra and thong, which I took and put on.

"Wear this," Jim said handing me an one sleeve top, dark purple shirt with a v-neck that stop three inches under my breast. I simply put it on to lazy to look for my own and argue at the moment. She also handed me some skinny-leg jeans and my combat boots.

"Smexy!" Jim said. She's in her own little land nothing would bring her out now. I sigh and push her out the door of my mansion. Yes, I'm rich but no parents, they left when I turned 18 and well they left me everything and now trying to restart their lives. They why they want it but they still paid the bills and run the business. Who's losing in this situation?

"Hey." Jimalyn seem to jump slightly at the voice that said hey. It was James; dark caramel skin, dark almond shape eye, thin brown lips, mohonk. He wore a quarter sleeve top and jeans with black sneakers. Jim squealed and smiles turning her head. James raised an eyebrow and shrug before walking off with a blank expression. Clueless as ever

"Sam…" Jim said in a low tone, "I'm wet."

"You're turn on by a hey?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

"There are so many naughty ideas running through my mind just looking at him and his voice is so, God..." Jim held her stomach shivering slightly.

"Think about Star." I said. Jim eyes snapped open the frown deeply anger written over her features.

"Ewe!" Jim said; she never did like Star. I don't either but that's her.

"Haha, gotta to stop thinking about James." I laughed, smartly as we walked into the Casper High School.

"So summer's coming got any plans?" Jim asks suddenly.

"No…" I trailed off before realization hit me, "No!"

"Aw c'mon Sam he's the hottest guy in Casper. He dark and keep to himself." Jim tried hard to persuade me to date Daniel Fenton. Why would I date, that jerk of an A- Lister?

"Oump!" I groan as I tripped and landed in the arms of Daniel Fenton himself. Someone reading or watching this please save me!

"Gothic much?" He asked his aquamarine eyes were dull and his hair was thick, massive, Jim told me how she fantasizes playing with Daniel hair.

"Duh what oh so ever gave me away?" I asked shoving him to the side angrily after struggling out his arms.

"Mmmh. Name?" Daniel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"None of you noisy ass business!" I snapped back.

"Samantha but she prefers Sam." Jim said with a slight eye roll.

"Name's suit her." Daniel said before talking to Jim as I stomped off.

"Ignore she's such a lobster. You have to boil her and pick her meat with a tiny fork." Jim joked to Daniel who in return smirked.

"Sammy!" Daniel yelled out to me in an amuse tone, smirking at the full power glare directed toward him.

"Sam!" James yelled and I advised all my attention toward him. His dim eyes flaring with tears whirling down his cheeks.

"What happen?" I asked placing a encouraging hand on James's shoulder.

"It's Jimalyn. Phantom kidnapped her!" James explained. I stood there, wide eyes, open mouth and heavy hearted.

"No." I whisper timidly.

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