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He wants her and he desires her now.

Phantom paced in the heart of the castle before sitting in his white, green and golden colored throne; he caress the throne next to his with a heavy sigh. The throne had a purple heart at the top, the body silver with black arm rests, the throne for his queen. Phantom smile at the thought of Samantha Phantom: Queen of the Ghost Zone and the bearer of the king's children. An image of Sam in the chair smiling at him warmed his heart as he reach to touch her only for her to disappear. Phantom cussed at the fading image of Samantha but smiled. If he wants to see her all he had to do was go into the human realm.

Time to visit her.

~At Fenton's work~

"Sam?" Danny panted as sat up, glowing from the erotic passion they shared. How can she make him feel happy? She was such a wonderful lover and she was all his!

"Yeah?" Sam asked lowly trying to get her breathing together. Who wouldn't after five, hot, sensual organisms?

"Do you like having sex with me and Phantom?" Danny asked. Sam's breathing stopped altogether, he knew? Danny stood up and walked to her side of the bed, he sat near her breasts. He lied his head on one and waited for her answer.

"Truthfully," Sam started, "I love having intercourse with you and Phantom but it isn't fair."

"Why not?" Danny asked not moving. He was perfectly fine wrapping his arms around her in a drown happily in their sexual luminousness. Besides, she fits so flawlessly against his form.

"It's like each of you have to share me," Sam said frowning, "and it seem unfair to me, I'm the one being used as a sex toy."

"You are not a sex toy." Danny said looking into her purple eyes. He soon fell deeper inlove with the murky eye color after sex but it's nothing compare to her eyes intensifying color, when she smiled.

"Maybe not to you but I was thought I'd be married before I have the sex." Sam said looking away from Danny.

"Well how about we get married then?" asked Danny turning her head so their eyes met, hope swim in his brilliant azure eyes. Purple met Blue.

"We can't Danny," Sam said as Danny untie her bondage, "We're too young and this is lust."

"I love you Sam," Danny said before smirking, "and no matter what you I'll be around the corner."

"Okay then," Sam said not telling him about her plan forming in her brain.

"Don't even think about hiring a personal tutor to come to your house everyday." Danny said, "They'll send me."

"Whatever." Sam grumbled rubbing her stinging wrists.

"No body guards either," Danny said nuzzling into the crook of her neck, "they can't keep you from me."

"Restraining order?" Sam asked pushing at his chest.

"Samantha," Sam shivered at his dead-plane voice, "I wanted you for four years and plan for this for two. Do you seriously think I'll allow anything to come inbewteen you to be with me?"

~17 years within the future~

A dark skinned girl tilted her head. Her dark verdant-green orbs stare at her bestfriend. They were in the local Amity Library. She ran fingers in her long black hair and looked at her bestfriend. She wore a small yellow top with a camoflague green skirt and brown sneakers.

"Lilly?" She asked. The girl beside her looked at her, her blue eyes met her friends.

"What's wrong Jimalyn?" Lilly asked, her dark bangs cover her eyes.

"Why are here again?" Jimalyn asked after marking her page of the book she was reading.

"To find information about my parents," Lilly said snatching the book Jimalyn was reading.

"And why?" Jimalyn asked again her maroon stain lips set in a deep frown.

"I need to know what's wrong with my family, "Lilly said, "Phantom and Fenton were to different people but how is it I'm made from both of them?"

"Why don't you asked your mom?" Jimalyn asked, "You know the woman who carried you in her belly for nine months and shelter you?"

"Jimalyn Evelina Foley I don't know where my mother is. Fenton is gone and Phantom is protected by the strongest ghost conceivable. So please tell me what else I can do to learn what happen?" Lilly snapped.

"Lilian Samantha Fenton-Phantom turn to Lilian Phantom and go into the Ghost Zone and ask your father!" Jimalyn hissed before stomping out the library.

Okay if you're confused about the last part Lilian was created but she doesn't have a family and trying to find out about her parents. So she and her friend Jimalyn are trying to find out what happen. So this is the last chapter with Danny-Sam-Phantom. Tell me should I conutine it (this story on this story) or make a new story (of Jimalyn and Lilian adventure to find her parents)?

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