When Regina woke up in Storybrooke she knew that she only had a limited time to get her goal done. Rumpelstiltskin had told her about the child coming to end it all when she'd met him in his prison. It never failed to scare her that that…abomination could still be intimidating even though he was powerless and there were bars separating them.

She should've just killed him when she had the chance that day. It wouldn't have been that big of a loss. However he'd thrown her off when he demanded that she sacrifice her father's life to get what she wanted. And then she was just eager to get it done.

And now that she'd lost everything to get her ending, she wasn't going to let this so called chosen child ruin it for her. What was the point of having a happy ending if she knew that 28 years from now then it would end? That wasn't a happy ending. It was just a happy time period in which she would eventually lose. There would be no satisfaction in her getting what she wanted. That murdering whore would win and Regina would lose if that child survived.

She couldn't let that happened.

When she woke up in her new world that she was now reigning over in her own way, she had all the memories and information that she would need in order to find that child and make sure that the little brat wouldn't be a problem.

It would've bothered Regina years ago that she was willing to kill an innocent child to get what she wanted but she'd gone past that years ago. The sins of the mother would fall on the daughter. As unfortunate as it is then the baby was too much of a liability for Regina's happiness and if she worried about the innocents that got in the way then she wouldn't have enacted this curse in the first place.

It was nothing personal, but she had already lost everything. There was nothing that she wouldn't limit herself to now that she had her own happiness on the line.

When Mr. Gold woke up in the bedroom of the familiar yet unfamiliar house, his eyes automatically went to the window and he sat up.

A sunrise. How long had it been since he'd seen that? Right outside that window was fresh air. He'd spent months breathing in the musky dank underground air that was humid and suffocating at times.

It would be a nice change but it only meant so much.

He knew that he wouldn't be pleased once Regina actually enacted her little curse. He used his position to get power but he couldn't have bargained for freedom if his life depended on it. He could leave town but he would have to return. IT was still a cage. The cage was time and this bloody town in this bloody world that prohibited him from leaving these horrible people and exploring on his own.

He had no doubt that he could've gotten himself power elsewhere in a week.

He sat up and grabbed the strange clothes that were waiting at the bottom of the bed. He wasn't used to these but he knew he'd have to play the part if he wanted to keep the mad queen believing he was deaf and dumb to the world they came from.

He stood up and his leg screamed from pain.

A cane waited by his bed stand. Everything was in place to confirm the false memories that he also shared with the real ones.

Oh he hadn't missed this leg when he had power.

He grabbed the cane and used it to stand. Regina was nothing if not predictable. She would be basking in her new power but she would go after Emma soon. He had to find her first.