A/N: Welcome! This is slightly different than my previous two works. It'll focus on some 'What-if' scenarios. I've always been curious as to what goes on in certain episodes after they had ended, like 'Betrayal' and how Beastboy got out of his funk. While I'll do my best to keep everyone in character I might take a few liberties, just warning ya!

In an abandoned theme park many miles away from Jump City, history was being made for a certain group of teenage superheroes, but not a history they would look upon fondly. For it was on this night that they were betrayed by one of their own, to one of their greatest enemies. Four of the five Titans would be shocked and angry about their newest members traitorous ways. The fifth, the one covered from head to toe in green and who called himself Beastboy, would have his heart broken.

The night started out so well for Beastboy and his date, Terra, the sixth and newest member of the Teen Titans. They weren't superheroes that night, they were just a pair of fifteen year old teenagers enjoying each other's company. That all changed when the pair was attacked by Slade.

At first, the changeling battled Slade with everything he had. He was doing it to protect Terra, his friend, possible girlfriend and someone he cared deeply for. But then he learned the truth, that she had set up his friends and fellow Titans to be slaughtered by Slade's robots.

The green Titan continued to fight, battling Slade in a house of mirrors while Terra watched on, paralyzed by her inner conflict. However, his heart was heavy and his spirit was broken. The girl he had had a crush on for a while now was actually his enemy. This thought hung over him like a heavy cloak, making his limbs feel heavier and his brain feel numb. All he could think to do was to continue the battle with Slade.

Sharp pain stabbed into Beastboy's lower back as Slade kicked him into one of the broken mirrors. The changeling clenched his teeth tight to keep from crying out in pain. Slade was relentless and rushed towards the green Titan, rearing his right hand back in preparation to smash him in the face with his fist.

Beastboy reacted quickly, morphing into a kangaroo and kicking out with his feet before Slade could strike. He ended up smashing his feet into Slade's sternum, knocking the villain across the room and into a mirror at the opposite end. Shards of glass scattered from the point of impact, some of them getting stuck in Slade's torn costume.

Throughout all this a distraught Terra could only watch on helplessly. Her head was cradled in her hands as she desperately tried to decide what to do. She should help Beastboy right? He was so kind and funny and made her feel great about herself. But what about Slade? He taught her how to control her powers, he mentored her, saved her from a path that surely would have meant her destruction. So didn't that mean she owed him?

Her thoughts were interrupted when both Slade and Beastboy disentangled themselves from the pane's of broken mirrors they were both stuck in. The two combatants then proceeded to charge at each other, Beastboy morphing into a bull halfway through his charge. With impressive reflexes, Slade reached out with both hands, gripping both of the green bull's horns and remarkably halting it's charge.

The masked villain had no time to pat himself on the back however as the bull quickly morphed back into the familiar form of Beastboy, leaving Slade gripping nothing but air. The changeling took advantage of catching him by surprise, nimbly maneuvering between Slade's arms. The green Titan reached out, grabbing Slade's right wrist with his left hand and the masked menace's left wrist with his right. Gripping tightly, Beastboy brought both of his feet off the ground and planted them firmly in Slade's face.

The villain grunted in pain, falling onto his back and skidding across the ground ten meters away. The emerald Titan immediately moved to capitalize, leaping into the air, morphing into an ape and bringing both of his fists down onto Slade's fallen form. Unfortunately before his fists made contact, Slade tucked his legs in and leaned his weight onto his shoulders. The one-eyed villain then pushed off the ground with his hands while kicking into the air with his feet. The move allowed him to defy gravity and pulled him into the air, Slade immediately performed a backwards somersault and landed on a wall.

Bending his knees, the one-eyed villain suddenly sprang forward, ramming his right shoulder into the green ape's chest and tackling it to the ground. They tumbled across the floor, each trying to get an advantageous position. In the end, Slade managed to get on top of the green ape. Clutching the ape's throat with his left hand, Slade brought his right fist back to deliver the finishing blow.

Beastboy quickly morphed from an ape to a giant green snake, wrapping around Slade's waist and pinning his left arm to his side. The green snake positioned it's head behind the masked villain's left shoulder, it bared it's fangs in preparation to deliver a poisonous bite. Before it could Slade reached over with his right hand, gripping the snake's head right before it was going to dart forward to sink it's fangs into his left shoulder.

The changeling hastily morphed into a hummingbird, freeing himself from Slade's grip from his sudden change in size. Not wasting any time, the small green hummingbird flew right above Slade's head and then morphed again, this time into a very big and very heavy green elephant. The masked villain's one eye widened in surprise before he desperately dove forward to escape being crushed by the massive animal's weight as gravity brought it down.

Slade struggled to right himself in mid-air from being in close proximity to the elephant when it impacted the glass-ridden floor. He managed to land on his right side rather than his head, reaching into his utility belt, the masked villain threw an explosive disc. The disc detonated near the right side of the emerald elephant's torso, knocking it onto it's left flank.

Morphing back into his normal form, Beastboy rose to his hands and knees. His eyes were shut and his teeth clenched tight from the pain. Slade's eye narrowed, seeing an opportunity. The villain dashed towards the changeling and delivered a vicious kick to his torso. The strength of the kick was strong enough to send Beastboy into the ceiling, which he slammed into with a sickening thud.

Beastboy's limp form began falling back to the floor, his body facedown and parallel to the floor. Slade leapt into the air and delivered a solid right hook to the green Titan's jaw, relentlessly keeping up his assault. Beastboy was sent into and through one of the walls of the building. As the one-eyed villain landed, he stood up tall, admiring his handiwork.

His brief moment of arrogance cost him as a green tiger burst forth from the hole in the wall. The tiger's razor sharp claws on it's right forepaw dug into the flesh of Slade's torso, tearing through his costume and leaving three bloody diagonal lines across his chest. The tiger continued it's dive past the villain, landing on it's feet and quickly turning to face it's enemy once more.

Slade's one eye narrowed as he clutched his bleeding chest with his left hand. He had managed to lean back so the tiger's claws hadn't dug in like they could have. If they had, he would have been in serious trouble. Turning to face the green tiger, Slade pulled out a knife from his belt with his right hand. He reversed the grip so that the back of the blade rested along his right forearm and charged at Beastboy once more.

The Tiger mirrored Slade's action, charging towards the masked villain and leaping into the air. Slade lashed out with the knife, aiming for the tiger's belly, while the emerald tiger struck out with it's right forepaw, aiming for the one-eyed villain's head. Metal met claws as the knife was deflected by the tiger's claws and vice versa. The two fighter's attacks had nullified each other and because of the speed they had built up in their charges momentum was carrying them past each other. Neither could press their attack.

The two ended up swapping positions, Slade in Beastboy's position before the charge and the changeling in the general area of the masked villain before the charge. Terra was watching this whole battle unfold before her eyes and felt her world unraveling. There was no fixing this, Slade and Beastboy were not going to magically become friends and stop fighting. It was all going to hell and her comfortable life would never be the same.

Unable to bear it any longer the blonde geomancer turned and ran down the closest hallway she could. The reflections from the cracked mirrors showing a girl who looked like a total stranger to Terra. She shut her eyes in response and willed her legs to move faster, the geomancer wasn't even sure where she was running to. Terra just knew that she had to get away.

Beastboy saw Terra run away, he quickly morphed back into his normal form and called out her name, preparing to run after her. Something was wrong though, everything around him began to blur together in a mix of colors. That was odd, he didn't think Slade had hit him so hard and he didn't feel lightheaded either. The changeling ignored his sudden impaired vision and continued to call out to his friend.

"Terra! Terra wait!"

"Wait Terra!" Beastboy shouted, his eyes snapping open as he saw his right hand stretched out, reaching for his blonde friend, but she wasn't there. In fact, he wasn't in the house of mirrors anymore, he was in Terra's room, lying on her bed. How the hell did he get back here?

The green Titan's left hand brushed against something cool and smooth, he quickly turned to look at what he had touched to discover a grey heart-shaped box. The sight of the gift he had given to Terra brought it all back to him. He cradled the heart-shaped box in his hands and lowered his head sadly.

A dream, it was just a dream.

"You're finally awake." A monotone voice stated. Beastboy quickly looked around and found Raven levitating in a corner of the room. She sat indian style in midair, her hands on her knees, her violet eyes staring at him stoically. The changeling moved so that he was sitting at the edge of Terra's bed.

"How long have you been there?" He asked her.

"Long enough to hear you thrashing in your sleep." She answered simply. A few moments of tense silence ensued.

"Why are you here?" Beastboy questioned, his voice soft and his gaze on the carpet in Terra's room.

"Making sure you don't do anything stupid to yourself." Raven responded, he met her eyes with his own then.

"You don't need to worry about me. I'm not going to hurt myself. I'm just...I'm just really bummed that's all." The green Titan said. Raven's face remained a stoic mask.

"I'm not worried about you, I'm just making sure my teammate doesn't do something idiotic, you do that enough when you are in a normal state of mind. And I use the term 'Normal' loosely." Raven replied, although she said it calmly, to Beastboy she might as well be yelling and stabbing him with a verbal knife. She saw the changeling's hurt expression and instantly regretted her choice of words.

"Nice to see you're as mean as ever Raven. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get something to eat. I'm really not in a mood to be cut down by your rapier-wit and sharp tongue today." Beastboy responded, making his way to the door and exiting out of Terra's room, leaving Raven to wallow in her guilt.

The dark girl frowned, she didn't mean to sound that harsh. The words just naturally flowed from her lips. Beastboy was just such an easy target for her verbal jabs and normally he was easygoing about it. However this was different, the worthless traitor Terra had hurt him emotionally and Raven hadn't been able to properly adjust to his change in demeanor yet.

Raven's eyes narrowed slightly as she thought of the blonde geomancer. How dare she take everything they gave her and spit in their face! Wrecking the Tower, trying to destroy her and her friends, breaking Beastboy's heart. All of it was unforgiveable in the dark Titan's mind. Terra would pay.

The dark girl closed her eyes and assumed her meditation position. First things first though, she had to meditate. Raven could feel her emotions starting to get out of control and that would not do right now. Once she had sufficiently calmed herself down she would go and make amends with Beastboy.