To shape a new destiny (Avatar: The Last Airbender spinoff/fanfiction)

After the initial issue of defeating Firelord Ozai was complete, Aang was faced with another issue, one in which he had never considered when starting his journey to master the elements. What to do as the Avatar. The world was left scarred and broken, people lost their ways and the war had drained them of their energy. But to me, Aang was a light; he was a boy standing in the middle of it all with a plan. My name is Katara, and this is the story of how my husband saved the world a second time.

There are so many places where our story could've started. It could've been when Aang was recovered from the iceberg a year ago, after Zukos inauguration, or the first time Aang and I kissed for longer than five seconds. But in my mind it'll always be the day I knew for sure that my best friend was in love with me. It was a memory that was stained into my brain.

We were on Ember Island, hiding away as refugees once again. It was not something we were unused to, but with the addition of Zuko I was having a hard time adjusting. Around this time I had warmed up to him enough to stay in his summer home. It was suggested by my brother Sokka that we attend a play about ourselves and our journey so far, and unknown to the rest of us, Aang was offended by most of it. Well, we were all offended! But Aang is the one who took most of the damage.

They had portrayed Zuko and I as lovers. I didn't know what to think of it, because I had never imagined myself with Zuko that way. My feelings for him had forever been clouded with anger, and I am just now learning him as a person. Aang stormed out at intermission and didn't return. The rest of our group suggested that he was buying candy but I knew him better than that. Something was wrong. After searching I finally found him, standing alone on the porch near the far west side of the building, looking out across the ocean. The moons pale light sparkled as the waves crashed against the rocky shore down the north side of the beach, and brushed softly against the sand near the south side.

As I approached him, I soon realized how distraught he was, hunched over the railing like he was going to cry. It pained me to see him like this. I crossed my arms and waited, waited for him to acknowledge me or something but he didn't so I finally asked, "Are you alright?"

"No, I'm not. I hate this play!" He reached up and threw the hat he had worn to conceal his arrow to the ground.

"I know it's upsetting, but it sounds like you're overreacting," I say, walking up to his side. We were all upset by our characters, but I had never seen Aang this distraught over something as foolish as a silly play.

"Overreacting! If I hadn't blocked my chakra I'd probably be in the Avatar-state right now!" He threw his arms up in frustration before returning to his position before, deciding to himself it was not worth it yelling to me. We're both silent and I think of ways to assure him that this play is not worth upsetting over. Soon I lose my focus and glance up at the moon, his fullness tonight radiating its power. It brings back awful memories. But it also makes me feel stronger than I have in a long time. A million thoughts run through my head and Aangs voices the only thing pulling me back to reality.

"Katara," he says, "did you really mean what you said in there?" He turns to me, his big gray eyes nearly breaking my heart. He was truly hurting and I still had no idea why. It simply cannot be because of this play!

"In where, what are you talking about?" I ask.

"On stage, when you said I was just like a…brother to you, and you didn't have feelings for me," he says this as if I should've known, placing his hand on his chest. I observe the way he falters when he says 'brother', and I know that's clearly what's offended him the most, not the fact that he was cast with a woman.

"I didn't say that, an actor said that," I reassure him.

"But its true isn't it?" he looks down at the ground and I feel I know where this is going. I tug on my own arm, my mind racing. "We kissed at the invasion and I thought we were gunna be together, but we're not," he says sadly, avoiding my eyes.

"Aang, I don't know," I finally murmur, turning towards the rail and thinking of ways to tell my best friend that I can't be with him. Not yet.

"Why don't you know!" he pushes, coming closer. He was driven not by need of my reciprocation of his feelings, but to know at least how I feel. The truth.

"Because we're in the middle of a war, and we have other things to worry about. This isn't the right time," I tell him. There was something brewing inside of me, a want I had never felt towards Aang before. To me Aang had been a child, a little boy who'd woken up from the deepest of slumbers in my arms. He was like my brother, but it's not every day you find your brother longs for your companionship. And that you long for his as well.

"Well, when is the right time?" He sounds as if he's going to explode if he doesn't know in this moment, and the confusion swirling in my mind only amounts to the words that follow.

"Aang I'm sorry but right now I'm just a little confused." I tug on my hair and close my eyes, trying to get the throbbing in my head to slow. He's silent and I think for a moment that he may just let it go. At least until I get my feelings sorted out.

I was wrong. I feel something soft and pleasant, cool and gentle. Aang is pressing his lips against mine and as soon as I realize it I pull away, gasping as my hand flies up to where his lips just were. Aangs lips, pressed against mine!

"I just said I was confused!"I yell at his desperate and vulnerable coal eyes. I try to lower my voice, knowing how fragile he is. "I'm going inside." And that's when I rushed away, inside to the sound of voices and the smell of delicious firenation food.

Of course that day had been the turning point in our relationship, and since then I had led him to believe that I could never return his feelings. But it was over the next few weeks that I found myself to do just that. I was in love with Aang, and had he not done what he did that night, I would never have known.