Rated T for character death(s), violence, and cursing.

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Life as a Neman

The Message

A dusty voice recorder is shown on a stool in a dark, cold room. The recorder seems simple and dull. A man presses 'Play' on this old machine. And its message begins to play.

"My name is Athena. I used to be a Noctowl on my home planet, Terra, but now everything has changed. Now, I am a Human on the planet 'Earth'. These two planets have always lived part form one another. Until now. I do not know why this is happening, but it's happening for a reason.

"My friend, Alyssa, is also a Human now. She was a Froslass. Alyssa also created a new term for us, Pokémon that have turned Human, called Neman. Neman shortens 'New Human' according to her. I must give her credit, Neman sounds so normal yet modern, as if it were a new race of Human. Which, technicality, it is."The soft ruffle of paper is heard in the background.

"We have a base; which doubles as a business. This way, it is easier to pay for any others we find. Alyssa and I will provide housing, and food. We will also provide lessons. I will teach the basics of the native language to those who cannot speak it. Alyssa will teach how to fight as a Neman.

"Another 'teacher', if you will, is Xlesa, a young Human girl Alyssa and I saved in a fire. She would be teaching Human things, such as Human actions, and sayings. Just don't ask her anything about it; she doesn't exactly know that she would be teaching.

"But now I must give credit to where it is due. Alyssa and I weren't the first Nemans to arrive on Earth. We had a teacher as well, Mrs. Bee and her children. But Mrs. Bee and I had…different views on how to handle our situation. I wanted answers she, however, simply wanted-"

Distant yelling is heard in the background. Athena sighs. "I better go soon before those two kill each other. Future advice for my future self- Before I start another recording, give Xlesa her drawing pad and Alyssa a mission. I do not wish for any deaths in our Neman Sanctuary. A rec-."

The man turns the recorder off, having heard enough. "I can't believe I fell for that crap…" He said with a cold tone as he glared at the figure in the same room as him. Said figure glared back, regardless of being imprisoned and weak. "You always had such a strong will, didn't you?" He said, daring the prisoner to speak.

The prisoner continued to glare, silent, as if the man hadn't spoken at all. The glare was cold and filled with anger but there was a slight hint of hurt in their eyes. It seemed to be the only sign of weakness the figure allowed themselves to give.

The man narrowed his eyes. Maybe it was about time to-

Soldier! Status report.

The man chuckled. "You're lucky, I have a report to give." He then looked at the prisoner in the eyes and smirked. "Try not to die; I want to be there when you kick the bucket."

And with that, he left the prisoner alone as he went to deliver his report.

I don't think that was so bad, a little short but not that bad. But what I think doesn't matter, its what the reader thinks. So go ahead and flame me if you want to. This is based on a roleplay I made called 'The Neman Revolution'. So thanks for my fellow Nemans on that Rp. You guys are great, and I can't thank you enough for letting me write this. But thank you, the reader, for taking your time in reading this.

-Crazied (Aura)

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