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Life as a Neman

'Settling In, Is It Even Possible?'

Act 1- Him Too? (Xlesa's P.O.V)

"It's safe Xlesa." Athena said from behind the door.

I know that she wouldn't lie to me so I opened it. I still looked around though, after all, Alyssa is a nutcase. I like my head connected to my little body, thank you. So I did a little check-off list in my head, like usual, going from the right of the room to the left of it.

Alyssa with her spiked bat thing, check. Alyssa with her huge lunatic smile, check. Athena looking tired, check. Glasses, wait, no glasses…weird… Cute guy with white/black hair, che- wait, WHAT THE HELL?

I blinked. Come on Xlesa, quit staring! Say something! "Awww! Athe has a boyfriend!" I said excitedly. "You look so cute together!"

Three blank, confused stares were my reward for my little joke. Wait, him too? I knew that Alyssa and Athena would give me blank stares but that's because I didn't tell them what 'boyfriend' meant. After all they are Neman, Pokemon probably have a different word- wait. What?

"Sorry Athe, I wasn't paying attention. What did you say?" I tilted my head and paid more attention.

Miss. Owl rolled her eyes. "I said, enough with the English words we don't understand. This is our new… What's that blasted word again? Oh right this is our new Noct Noc!"

Crap, not again. I facepalmed. "English wo-man, me no speak Pokemon. Me Human, no Neman." I said, again. I understand that sometimes they forget that I'm Human, but I need to know who this guy is! I must always know the name of all my models.

Athena sighed. "Blasted English… Alyssa do you remember the word?"

"Alyssa thinks the word is 'roommate' in English." Great, so she's uses 3rd around him too. Does she know him well?

Wait, roommate? Athena said that only Nemans, and me, could live down here. So that means- "So he's a Neman too?" I asked with wide eyes as I stared at him.

His red eyes looked a little nervous suddenly. Which made me wonder; what did these two say about me? "Yes, I am. You're Xl-"

"AWESOME!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I grabbed his wrist and dragged him through the door and into the Neman Sanctuary. Well that's what Athena calls it anyway. To me, it's a huge basement with lots of rooms and hallways.

The main room has yellow wallpaper, black couches, and a white floor. It's also the biggest room down here. The whole basement had to be school-sized. But I haven't really seen a school recently… Anyway, the main room is right after the door, so I dumped him on one of the black couches. "I'll be right back. I just have to get something." I grinned. "Don't move a muscle." I then ran to my room to get my type recorder. For him to be my new model, he needs an interview. And I plan on giving him one. I hope that he doesn't mind.

Act 2- Tape Recorder Lessons (Ex- Absol P.O.V)

"Don't move a muscle." Xlesa said before she ran and left me in…in.. whatever this thing was. It was comfy though, so I shouldn't really complain. But I had to look around this black thing. So I kneeled in front of it to inspect it. Why was it so comfy? What was it?

"Oh the memories!" I heard Athena say. I raised my head to see a smiling Athena and Alyssa.

"Hi." I said quickly and continued to inspect the thing.

"Athe," Alyssa started. "We have to go."

"Why?" Athena asked. She sounded a little surprised.

"We're not supposed to be in the chapter. Let's go." Alyssa said calmly.

"Right, I forgot." Athena said. The girls' footsteps then faded away.

I lifted something black off of the thing but there was still black under it! Does this thing ever end?

"Oi! Leave the couch alone!" I jumped at the voice. I turned; it was Xlesa. She looked a little mad. Was this wrong?

"Hello." I said, still kneeling in front of the thing that she called a 'couch'.

"Hi." She sighed. "Okay, I'm going to ask you some simple questions." She held out a blue box-looking thing with some kind of writing on it. "I will need you to talk into this; it'll record your answers. I promise that that's all it can do. This is a tape recorder." Xlesa smiled. "Are you okay with this?"

A 'tape recorder', sounds safe. 'Simple questions' sounds safe too. But why should I even worry? Xlesa looks like she wouldn't hurt a Spinarak. "What does 'record' mean?" I asked as I sat back down on the 'couch'.

Xlesa looked surprised. "Um…uh…" She looked around, as if she was trying to find a way to explain. "The tape recorder will hear you're responds, and store it in its 'memory'. The 'memory' is the tape that is stored inside." She turned the tape recorder to its side, and I saw these buttons. "These buttons control the tape recorder." Xlesa pointed at the red circle. "That's the 'Record' button." Then, a sideways triangle. "That's 'Play', it will look for what was stored and replay it." A square after that. "This is 'Stop' button. That's what you press when you're done with the recording." She then used two fingers to point to two buttons that were next to each other. The one on the left had two triangles pointing to the left while the other was the opposite, two triangles pointing to the right. "These two are the exact opposite of each other. The one on the left rewinds the recording, while the one on the right fast forwards the recording."

"You lost me at 'rewinds'." I say honestly.

Xlesa hits her own forehead with her palm. Did something confuse her? Why did she attack herself? "I'll just have to show you." She then sits down on the 'couch' next to me. "Do you agree to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Do you promise to answer every question, regardless of how awkward or confusing? Do you promise that you will be one of my models?"

Why do I have a feeling that I will regret this? "Yes, yes, and what do you do to your models?"

"I draw them of course! I am an artist." She said with her head held high. I wonder if she's any good…

"I won't get hurt while being one of your models?"

Xlesa looked mad again. "What do you think I am? A crazed thirteen year old killing off her models one by one? Geez! Athena and Alyssa are my models too, and they're alive!"

…Sadly, she had a point. "Fine, I'll be one of your models."

"Cool!" Xlesa smiled. "You ready for this?"

I leaned back on the couch. They were only questions, right? What was the worst thing that could happen? "Of course I am." I said smugly.

Act 3- The Interview (Xlesa's PO.V)

I pressed the Record button on my tape recorder and moved it toward her mouth. "First question," (Which had been on my mind since I first saw this guy.) "Are you related to Death the Kid, yes or no?" I mean come on! Kid has black/white hair too. Sure it was actually black with three white stripes, but it's still has the same colors!

I moved the recorder toward his mouth to hear his answer. He stared at me blankly for a few seconds. "Who?" He asked.

"I guess not… Next question, what were you back on Terra?"

"A Pokemon called Absol, the Disaster Pokemon." He said calmly.

"Oh my god! You're a disaster?!" I screamed.

"No, no!" He defended. "We predict natural disasters! Like blizzards and tornados."

"Oh." I took a deep breath. "You got me there, Mr. Absol. Next question, what was your name?"

"It's Absol, of course. I was the only one for miles."

I giggle. "Good one." I look up to see his serious eyes. So he wasn't joking. Great I just offended him. "Sorry, but you need a better name. If you don't mind, I can give you one."

He looked shocked for a moment. "Um, okay. Nothing to strange, okay?"

"Do you really think that I would give you a strange name?" I say innocently.

He opened his mouth to answer, but I stopped him. "Don't answer that. Anyway, can you read?"

"I can read footprints that Pokemon leave behind, and I can read some of the Ancient Pokemon speech."

I sweatdropped. "That's not what I meant, but okay."

"What did you mean then?" His red eyes contained confusion. "What else is there to read?"

"There are lots of things to read, hundreds! Some is English, that's what we speak here, and in other places, there're other languages. But, before the big war, there were millions of things to read. At least that's what they say…."

"What big war? What happened?" He asked.

I blinked. I really need to stop talking without thinking. It might get me in trouble one day. "Nothing! Uh," I tried to remember what my next question. "Um….Can you write?"

"….What?" Now his whole face said 'I-am-confused'.

"No then. What type is an Absol?" I hope he just lets the whole 'war' thing go. My questions first, then his.

"Absol's are pure Dark types." He said like it was common knowledge. But now that I think about it, to him, it was.

"What attacks did you know?" Athena told me that every Pokemon has these attacks, but that it was harder to do them now that she wasn't a Pokemon anymore.

He opened his mouth to answer, but then he only blinked out of confusion. "I-I don't remember."

"Athena told me that when Alyssa and her first got here, they didn't remember something's either. So I guess it's normal." I said with an understanding smile. He nodded slowly, like he was still in shock.

I put an arm around his right shoulder, or at least I tried to. My arm is too short to reach his left one. I need to drink more milk… "Don't worry about it. You'll remember one day."

"Do you really think so?"

"Oh dear Shadow, I know so." I smiled at the name I made.

"Shadow?" He turned his head to look at me. "That's my new name?"

I pouted like a little kid. "You don't like it?"

He shrugged. "It has a ring to it."

"YES!" I shout as a hug my newest model. "I'm glad!"

Act 4- Is It Even Possible? (Shadow's P.O.V)

I was a little shocked when Xlesa hugged me. She seemed so happy that I liked the new name she gave me. But why? It was just a name. Humans are complicated beings.

Xlesa then pulled back. "Sorry, I guess that you're not comfortable with hugs yet." But before I could say anything else, she started talking again. "How about we get you started on that modeling? Please Shadow."

She's trying to make me forget that I didn't remember the moves I used to know. She's a caring girl; I'll give her that. I sigh. "What do I have to do?"

Xlesa makes some noise of excitement. I'm not sure what it was though. "Yay! All you have to do is to stay still. I'll be right back!"

Le Time Skip!

"Can I see it?" I ask while Xlesa seems to put the final touches on the drawing. It was on something called paper and she was drawing with a pencil. Before she started, she explained what both of them were. I thought that it was kind that she explained without me telling her to.

The whitette shook her head. "I need to color it first. I'll tell you how coloring works when I finish it." She started cleaning up. "They should be here soon."

"It's fine. But who are 'they'?"

"Miss. Owl and Miss. Loca, duh. Who else? They usually go out to see if they can find any other Nemans." She looked up from her actions. "You're the first one. Well, besides them of course but they don't count each other."

I just stay seated, unsure of what else to do. "They leave you here by yourself?" I say in disbelief. I may not know much about children, but I'm pretty sure that they shouldn't be left alone.

"Of course not!" Xlesa snaps. "Athena would never do that. They leave me with a mumble mumble." If you looked closely enough, you could see a pinkish tint.

…What? The words after 'a' were just mutters. "I didn't hear you."

She crosses her arms and looks away. "Mutter mutter." Her face had some more pink in it.

…Once again what? "A little louder."

"A BABYSITER! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!" She just explodes. Her normally pale face was as red as a Pontya's mane now.

I hold my hands up in defeat. "Okay, okay. Don't bite my head off."

"Yeah, yeah. Damn smart ass…" She grumbles.

"HELLO MY MINIONS!" Alyssa's voice boomed.

"Oh great…" I hear Xlesa say under her breath.

"You damn Ice type! Keep it down! It's late!" Athena demanded.

I smile. Those two are very close. It's easy to tell. From the corner of my eye, I can see Xlesa smirk. I wonder why… "Miss. Owl! I missed you!" Xlesa said as she ran toward their voices. I follow since I have nothing else to do.

"You blasted girl. How many times do I have to say to stop calling me that?!" Athena yelled. I catch up with Xlesa in time to see that she was hugging both of them tightly. Athena sees me and gives a sorry-to-bother-you smile. "I hope that she wasn't too much of a handful."

"I'm right here you know."

"She wasn't a problem at all." We say at the same time.

"We will need more supplies in a few weeks." Alyssa randomly adds.

"That's right." Athena agrees. "Mr. Absol-"

"Shadow." Xlesa corrects.

"I beg your pardon?"

"His new name is Shadow."

Athena looks at me for confirmation. I simply nod. "Very well. Shadow, in three weeks we will prepare you for shopping for our supplies. Unless you are uncomfortable with that."

"No, it's fine. I don't want to be a free loader." I smile again. She's so…nice to me. For no reason whatsoever.

Only now do I realize that Alyssa and Xlesa are completely silent. Xlesa then releases the two women and stretches her arms. "I'm going to bed. Night everyone!" The little girl then hugged me and left the same way that we came.

I just blink. Why did she hug me for? "Well Alyssa is going to bed too." Alyssa said as she started walking after Xlesa. "Hey, Newbie," My right eye twitches with annoyance. "We better teach you how to fight. You suck!"

I felt my eye twitch even faster. Damn her… I may weak now but I'll get stronger! ….Crap. Now I sound like some foolish little baby Pokemon that goes to some journey to get stronger. "What is her problem?" I ask Athena. I knew my voice sounded annoyed.

Athena shrugged. "That's just how she is. That's all I can say." She yawns. "Come on, I have to show you where your room is."


"A room is where you will be sleeping." She replied.

I follow her as we pass the big room that Xlesa was asking me questions in. Then we went into another hallway. It had ten doors on each side. Twenty rooms in one hallway… Athena didn't want to run out of these 'rooms'.

"There's so many…" I say in awe.

"Always be prepared." She stops in front of the third door on the left side. "I hope this room suits you, Shadow." With that, she opens the door.

It wasn't the most spacious thing in the world, but homey regardless. The bed had grey sheets on it. The walls were black. There were grey objects around the room as well. In other words, I loved it. "Wow…"

"Excellent! You like it!" Athena said happily. "Oh, these are used to store any items you have. But their name escapes me." She said as she put a hand on one of the grey things.

"Thank you." I say awkwardly. I pretend to look around, but in reality I just didn't want to meet her eyes.

"No thanks needed, really. It's what Alyssa and I planned on doing from the beginning." Athena turns and walks toward the door. "Night Shadow. In the morning, please report to the main room. Oh, and do try to settle in."

She leaves and I find myself wondering. Is it even possible?

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