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Life as a Neman

Chaos and Magical Lands

Act 1- How did…What Just…? (Shadow's P.O.V)

'If you find a man that's worth a damn and treats you well. Then he's a fool, you're just as well, hope it gives you hell.'

What the…

'Now you'll never see what you've done to me.'

What is that?

'You can take back your memories, they're no good to me.'

I put the soft thing that my head was resting on over my ears to block the noise.

'And here's all your lies, you can look me in the eyes.'

I growl. Let me sleep…

'With the sad, sad look that you wear so well.'

Crash! Crash! Bzztt…ztt.


I jump up at the scream. The voice was female, but that wouldn't help much. So I get up and walk into the hallway. Hopefully the source would scream again I could help once I know where it's coming from.

"I promise I won't do it again! Really, I swear!" That's Xlesa's voice! And it sounded like it was pretty far, so Xlesa's door must be farther down the hallway. Which has a lot of doors in it…. Just great. Now I have to wait for another scream to know which room is hers. I slowly walk so the attacker wouldn't be able to hear me.

"Look, I know that you need your sleep, who doesn't right? But I promise, no, no I-I swear that it won't ever happen again. Just don't kill me. P-please?"


I run toward the last door in the hallway; there's no questioning it. Xlesa's room was the last door; the only white door in the hallway. (The rest being different colors and shades)

But when I was halfway to the door, it burst open. Xlesa's eyes widened when she saw me there but she kept running.

"Run idiot!" She yelled. She moved her hand, like she wanted me to move over. I had no choice; Xlesa didn't look like she was planning on slowing down. The whitette ran pasted me, went into my room, and slammed the door.

"Where did she go?" A familiar voice asked.

I turn around to face…Athena. Only she didn't look…normal. I swear that I saw a dark, evil aura around her. In each hand were five brown feathers; I think they were feathers. (But why would someone be afraid of feathers?) I couldn't see her eyes; her wild brown hair was covering it. She was wearing a long white dress.

"Uh…who's she?" I ask, trying to distract the possessed Athena from harming the young artist. She had to be possessed; there was no way that the calm Athena would normally act this way. Right?

"You know where she is." The evil one growled as she started to walk toward me.

I started walking backwards; hopefully I wouldn't trip.

But I think Arceus has a twisted sense of humor since, in a matter of seconds, I did trip.

"Tell me where she is…" She growled once again. Quickly I got back on my feet and sprinted back to my room.

"Xlesa! Xlesa!" I banged on the door. "It's Shadow! Open the door!"


"Open the door!" I dared to look back; possessed Athena was close. I could see her eyes now; they had a murderous look in them. "XLESA! Open the damn door!"

"No way!" A muffled voice said. "You'll let her in! Get your own hiding place!"

"It's my room!"

"Does it look like I care?!"

I hate kids, especially little artistic girls with white hair. Maybe I still have a chance to hide; I just need to know how close Athena is.

"Turn around slowly."

I'm dead. It was a nice life I had. Until, you know, I was sent to another planet stuck in a useless form. Before that my life was fine, a little dull but livable. I slowly turn around. Athena stares with her murderous eyes, her feathers close to my throat.

"You know where she is. Tell m-" She then fell to the ground with a small thud. Behind the possessed Athena was tired looking Alyssa.

"How did…What just…What's going on?!"

Alyssa looked at me with an irritated look.

"What? I didn't do anything. Blame the kid."

Alyssa then glared and took out a small white orb thing. Before I could ask what it was, she slapped me and threw the orb on the ground. The rainbow smoke (most likely from the orb) blinded me for a few seconds. When I could see again, Alyssa AND Athena were gone.

My jaw dropped and I leaned on the door. "How did…What just…?"

"Is it safe Shadow?" Xlesa's muffled voice asked.

But I was still in shock, so I couldn't really answer correctly. "She just…But-but how… What just happened?"

My door opened and I fell to the ground. My eyes saw Xlesa; she looked amused. "You look like a deer in headlights. Come on, get up." She then kicked my side. Must I get abused?

With a glare, I got back on my feet. "Happy now?" I said coldly.

"Yes actually." Xlesa grinned. Only now did I realize what she was wearing. The young girl had a big black shirt, big enough to reach her knees, with some kind of writing on it with a heart and white pants. "But now I need you to move out of ze way."

Ze? "What does-"

"Never mind." Xlesa rolled her eyes.

"But I-"

I guess she was tired of waiting, since Xlesa raised her hands and tried to push me, but she wasn't strong enough. It was…cute for a lack for a better word. It made me smile a little. I move out of the way but Xlesa almost fell foreword. I said sorry to her while she glared and walked back to her room.

I stare at the back of her head, wondering: Did I do something wrong again? Why are females so hard to understand anyway? Maybe this planet's females are all insane in someway.

Confused and abused, I went back to my room to see if I could fall asleep. What did I get myself into?

Act 2- Cooking 101 (Xlesa's P.O.V)

I'll admit I don't normally make breakfast, (We have a gas stove and Athena won't replace it so I can get over my fear) but I decided that I can try to cook since it's Shadow's first whole day with us. I'll just avoid using the stove. And with no one using the stove, what could happen?

I look at the small table next to my bed, already missing my little radio. It was just a normal blue one, but it was a gift from a close friend of mine. All I wanted to know was if Shadow was willing to see what was making the noise. How was I supposed to know that Athena turns psycho when someone disturbs her sleep? Lesson learned the hard way I guess.

As quietly as I could, I opened my door to start my many missions. What were my missions? Keep reading. The subtitles will pop up soon.

On top of our scene, words are shown. 'Mission One: Survive walking through the hallway.' Then those words fade and another mission appears. 'Mission Two: Find the items needed for meal.' Once again, those words disappear and a new mission replaces it. 'Mission Three: Make toast with peanut butter and hot chocolate for everyone!'

When I was almost out of the hallway, the floor made a small noise, and I froze. Alyssa definitely heard that. (As crazy as she is, she's really awesome ninja.) Shadow might've heard that, but he wouldn't hurt me. I just hope that Athena wasn't awoken again… After a moment of no doors opening and no me running for my life, I started tiptoeing again. Almost there…Just one more do-

"What are you doing?"

I think I jumped three feet. I put my hands over my mouth to avoid me screaming. When I turned I realized that it was just Shadow. "Oh, it's just you. You scared me!" I whisper.

"It's not like I meant to. Something made a noise so I woke up."

Great, there goes my surprise. Unless….



"I have an idea. But I need your help." I smiled and tried to do my puppy eyes of doom.

He blinked and tilted his head. Kinda like a dog… "What's wrong with your eyes? They're really big and sparkly."

Damn it! It didn't work. I guess I'll just kidnap him.

"Come on." I grab his wrist and force him to follow me.

"But I need to go to the main room for something." He protested.

"That was if you woke up after Athena, she's still sleeping." Geez he acts like an obedient dog! Wait- "Are Absols like dogs in anyway?"

"…What's a dog?"

I facepalm and just ignore his question. I really should've known that would be his answer.

Anyway, I lead us toward the kitchen. Out of the room hallway, into the main room, and headed for the bottom left corner of the main room into another square-ish area that was our kitchen. The kitchen's colors were my idea actually. The whole thing was black and silver. Everything. I couldn't get the things myself, so Athena and Alyssa had to find everything. They even had to put the stuff in the right places while following my orders. It was fun to order them around. They did get a little mad though.


"What Shadow?"

"Where are we?" His eyes, or should I say eye since I could only see one, taking everything in. Time for a little fun.

I whirl into the kitchen, arms as high and wide as they can go. (Which isn't that very far…) "You are now in the magical land where meals are created magically! Now you can't tell anyone about this room. It's a secret place. Tell anyone and I'll have to kill you."

He stayed silent for a while. Maybe he saw though my little trick…. "Then why I could see it from the main room?"

…Uh…..…. I got it! "The magical land has chosen to trust you Shadow. Do not let the magical land down."

"….Really?" He looked surprised, like he couldn't believe that a 'magical land' would choose him for something. And he was right, but I wouldn't dare tell him otherwise. I was having too much fun.

"Yes, really. Now come in, come in. We must get started."

"Okay I guess." Shadow slowly walked into the 'magical land of meals'. "It doesn't feel magical."

"And how would you know what a magical land feels like?" I challenged.

He just ignored me and walked toward the black fridge. He's going to open it! Freak out, freak out, freak out.

"Ah!" He jumped back from the fridge, staring at it with a wild look in his eyes. (eye? Whatever…) "What is that?! It's cold in there! How is that possible?"

I shrug on the outside but inside I'm trying not to laugh. "Told you this place is magical. Now watch. I shall show you the basics." I walk toward one of the silver cabinets and pull out the Skipper peanut butter and the Miss. Swiss hot chocolate mix.

"What's that for?"

"Why it's for the meal of course." Now where was that bread…? Bread, oh bread, do you not hear me calling you mentally? It's not on the counter, on top of the microwave (I check the time really quick; what was I doing up at 5:50 in the effing morning!), or in the fridge, so where- Oh that's low… It's on top of the fridge! I can't reach it!

Confession time. I'm a bit short for my age. I'm thirteen and four foot ten. The fridge is over five feet! So only the tall ones (Cough Athena and Alyssa cough) are the only ones that can reach it! But if someone helps me, the bread shall be mine! MUHHHAAA!

"Shadow, I need you to lend me a hand."

"I don't think that I can."

I blink. "Why n-"

"It's stuck to my body."

I turn around. Giving him my Are-you-freaking-kidding-me look. He just stares like he didn't do anything wrong. Okay he didn't do anything wrong, but this is getting annoying! "Look noob," His eye twitched. "I need you to kneel, cup your hands together, and then lift me up high enough to get the bread. And if you ask what bread is I'll smack you. Understood?" I said while I did the actions so he wouldn't ask what to do.

"I'm not a noob." He glares.

"Oh yes you are. Trust me Alyssa will mop the floor with your unconscious body in your first fighting lesson. Now do as you are told!" I point to the floor with my right hand.

"Why should I?"

Now my eye twitches. "This is payment for the drawing. After this we are even."

"I didn't know that I had to pay you." He did have a point there I never did mention the price….

But why admit it? "Artwork is never free unless a child makes it for approval. I am not a child." I cross my arms and look away.

It's silent for a while. "Fine. But you better not be too heavy."

Cue the vein. Never call a girl fat. EVER. Unless you want to deal with either rage or depression. As Shadow finally did as he was told, I was planning his demise.

One day Shadow. One day….

"What are you waiting for?" He said impatiently.

I just put my two feet in his hands and tell him to lift me up. We were a little wobbly, but I did grab the bread. Victory! The noob sets me down and takes the bread from me to look at it.

"So this is bread?" He says more to himself than me. "Do you eat the whole thing?" Shadow then holds the Super Bread closer to his face. Wait what if he tries to take a bite! I need to stop him!

It takes a few quick hops, but I manage to grab the Super Bread. The red-eyed Neman glared and opened his mouth but before the words could come out, I spoke. "No, the bread is inside. The see-though thing is just to keep it fresh."

"Huh," The slight glare he had went away as he stared at the bread again. "So the see-though thing is magic too?"

"Yeah, sure." I wonder what will happen when he finds out that this is all just an attempt to get his reaction to a prank… Eh, I'm sure that I'll be fine! "Okay we have all of the magical items to make the meal, so now we have to make it!"


I grab four small, square black plates from the cabinet and open the Super Bread bag thing. "Watch and learn young one. Watch and learn."

"I'm pretty sure that I'm older than you."

"Shut up, I'm trying to teach here." I plug-in the black toaster and place four slices of bread in it to toast. (Yeah, we have one of those fancy toasters that toast four slices at one time. Jealous?) I hear the microwave open but don't really think anything of it; he'll probably just close it again once he gets con-

Why do I hear the microwave heating something up? I turn to see the Skipper peanut butter inside while Shadow watches it spin.

"No!" I run to the microwave and turn it off by opening the door. "Are you trying to kill us? Certain plastic can't go in the microwave! It can melt and go into the food inside! Don't you know what you're do-" I stop mid-rant when I realize that he doesn't know what he's doing. He was just acting on his curiosity. I turn to the toaster. "Sorry. I forgot…"

"No, I get it. Melting that is bad. I-uh was too nosy I guess."

"No, I was being a bitc-"


"OH SWEET MOTHER OF KINGDOM HEARTS!" I quickly put a hand over my mouth. What? I get scared when the toaster pops the bread out. Don't act like it doesn't scare you too!

"Sh! Are you trying to get us ki-"


Both of us turn toward the source of the noise. In the main room, a sword (One of Alyssa's) was pinning a note to the floor. We turn toward each other.

"You get it." He starts.

"No you."

"You should get it."

"No, I insist that you should get it."

"I'm a just a guest, I wouldn't dare."

"Guest my butt, you leave here now. Don't be a freeloader. Pick up the note."

"….I can't read it."

"So? I'm just asking you to pick it up."

"…You do have a good point,"

"See? So go pi-"

"But I still think you should get it."

My jaw drops and he just smirks. I put the next two slices in the toaster and walk towards the sword/note. I swallow as I bend to pick up the sword and note. I set the sword down and bring the note back to the kitchen. Once I'm next to Shadow, I start to read.

You two woke Athena up TWICE already. You're lucky I didn't let her kill both of you. Anyway brats, you have two choices. Either shut up or I'll kill you and make it look like an accident. And I mean that in the worse way possible.

-A Pissed Assassin

Great, just great. Now there are two people that have given me death threats. "I'll be in the main room to avoid screaming. Call me when that pops up again."

"Sure Xlesa."

I walk into the main room and plop on the couch. It's still so early… So a little nap wouldn't hurt anyone.

One 'little nap' later

"Xlesa, wake up."

"I don't…wanna…."

"Get up." Persistent little voice, aren't you?



I jump up to see Athena's pissed face. Wait, she's up?! Oh crap…

"Delighted to see that you have woken up. Now, care to explain what happened here?"

"Happened where exactly?" As far as I can tell the couch and main room seemed fine…

She stepped aside and I saw the kitchen. Alyssa was leaning on the wall, smirking at me. Shadow was still in the kitchen, but he looked nervous. His white shirt had burned edges and peanut butter stains. There was hot chocolate mix on the floor and counter. The smell of burned bread filled the air.

"Oh….There." I laughed nervously. "I-uh-I-I just wanted to surprise everyone with breakfast. That's all."

Alyssa opened her mouth but Athena cut her off. "No Alyssa we can't kill them. Senseless killing doesn't solve anything."



The redhead crossed her arms and pouted. "Meanie…"

Miss. Owl rolls her eyes. "Xlesa, you're grounded. Shadow you'll have to work for us a bit longer."

"That's not fair!" "Do I at least get pants to wear?"

"No, ya pansy."

Shadow turned to glare at Alyssa. "I hate you."

"Ask me if I give two fu-



"Blasted language!"

"It's already rated T! It's not like its K or something!" The assassin reasoned.

"So? Too much bad language can result in a rating of M! This story is unpopular enough! A mature rating will ensure that this won't get any views!" An awkward silence filled the air. Why do we keep breaking the fourth wall?

Athena cleared her throat. "Back to the planned script." She sent a quick glare Alyssa's way. "Punishing you is not fair?" She raises her eyebrow. "You two dirtied the kitchen, and wasted food. How in blasted Terra is that not fair?"

Well when you put it that way…. "I guess that might fair."

"Good. The grounding shall last until I say otherwise, understood?"

I get up and start walking toward my room. "Yes, yes. If you need me, I'll be rotting in my cold, radio-less room."

"What happened to her radio?" I almost fall forward. How can she not remember what she did?

"Nothing Athe, nothing at all." I could hear Alyssa's smirk.

When I finally get to my room, I have a mini-funeral for the radio and fall back on my bed. I stare that the ceiling for a bit before I dig under my pillow for my picture. After a few seconds, I feel the familiar edge of a photo. With a smile, I pull it out so I can see it.

It's a simple picture, but it was who was in it that mattered to me. It was the same close friend that gave me my radio, come to think of it I owed a lot to him. I smiled as I remember the day it was took, my eighth birthday.

"I guess something's never change. I'm still a little troublemaker I've always been. I wonder how you are…" Subconsciously, my gaze lands on the ceiling again. But I didn't see just the ceiling; I saw memories. All of them were bittersweet now, but I'll focus on the sweet part.

While visiting memory lane, I fell asleep. Being grounded isn't so bad; it means I can sleep for as long as I want.

It's about time I finished this. Geez I took forever… And blame the randomness on an AMV called 'Ouran Highschool Never Ends' the one that won best in show in 2008. It's basically prefect, no spoilers for Ouran and it matches the lyrics! Not many AMV match the lyrics so I love those that do. Anyway, I had it on repeat while typing Xlesa's part. About the last few moments in Xlesa's part, I didn't describe the picture on purpose. She's not ready to tell you guys who it is yet. But you may be able to guess something. (Maybe) The poll thing is still up by the way in case you wanna vote. Until next update then. Thanks for reading!

-Crazied (Aura)

(P.S - Poor Shadow. xD Everyone is treating him like crap. Oh well...)