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"Komui! Do your work now!" Reever shouted at his superior, holding a stack of paperworks to do.

"No..." Komui groaned out. "I need.. coffee..." half of his body is sprawled on top of his paperworks, his right hand holding his beloved mug he always used.

Reever sighed and set down the stack of papers he was holding. "Fine, I'll make it for you." he said, holding out his hand for the mug.

"No! I want Lenalee's coffee!" he wailed like a child, waving around his mug.

"You just sent her to a mission with Miranda! And you're the one who said it will take around two weeks to finished it!" Reever shouted, getting annoyed at his superior's antics.

Komui pouted. "You're mean." he said.

Reever sighed again. Just then, Johnny came in. "Komui! There's trouble! Hurry! Come!" he shouted.

Komui perked up at that. "What's wrong?" Reever asked.

"The basement.." Johnny said.

Komui stood up, his glasses gleamed under the light. "What happened?" Oh no, it couldn't be 'it', right?

"Oh god.." Komui muttered, fixing his glasses.

The science department looked agape at the door of basement. Reever growled. "What the hell are making in there?" he yelled.

Right now, the door of the basement is being slammed repeatedly by something big. And the door didn't look like be able to hold it any longer too.

Komui turned toward him and shrugged his shoulder. "Well, I was experimenting on a few animals before and left it in there. Never expected them to be this big, though." he answered calmly.

"What do you mean by 'I didn't expect it'?" Reever yelled again. He sure do yelled a lot today.

Komui laughed lightly. "No can do, eh?"

Johnny sweat dropped. "Is there any way to get rid of them?" he asked.

Komui shrugged his shoulder. "Dunno." he answered.

"You couldn't get rid of it?" one of the scientist asked.

"Too lazy.." Komui said and stretched. He walked out the basement, leaving a group of scientists. The scientists are quiet for a while. A bang was heard from the door and the scientists jumped.

They all scrambled to everywhere, panicked. Just then, Reever shouted. "Stop! Just get back to work!"

All the scientists stop running around and walk out the room, all the while grumbling about mountains of work.

"Johnny." Reever called out. The small scientist turned back. "Yes?" "Can you called an exorcist to get rid of this? I don't think Komui will get rid of this and we can't keep this here. I'm worried it will grow bigger and break through the door." Reever said.

Johnny nodded. "Okay."

"Allen!" Johnny called out.

The white haired boy turned toward the source of voice in respond. "Yes? What's wrong?" he asked, smiling brightly.

"Can you help me? I need you to get rid of something." he said.

"Something?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

Johnny nodded and grabbed Allen's arm. "Come on. Right now, you're the only exorcist available." he said.

"Yeah. The other exorcists are being called for missions." he said. He himself had just came back from a mission. He will get rid of this thing Johnny mentioned about fast, and get back to his room to sleep.

Johnny take him to the basement. "What's wrong here?" he asked.

Johnny pointed toward the door. "There's something Komui made in there. Dunno what's in there, but Reever wants someone to get rid of it, quickly. And you're the only one available right now." he explained.

Allen looked at the door for a while and nodded. "Okay, I'll get rid of it."

Johnny smiled. "Thanks Allen! Gotta get going. I've got some work to do." he said and waved, walking out of the basement.

Allen smiled and waved him off. When Johnny had dissapeared, Allen turned toward the door.

"Now then.. Got some cleaning duty to do." he muttered and advanced toward the door.

"What did you make anyway?" Reever asked Komui as Johnny got in the office.

"Nothing important, just some octopi and others." Komui said, twirling his pen.

"Octopus?" Reever asked, raising an eyebrow, remembering about when Komui called men as octopi. Komui shrugged. "You know, their behaviour and others." he pointed his pen toward Reever. "I give them some hormones."


"You know, for growth and others." Komui said, now trying to balanced a pen on the tip of his finger.

"So that's why they grew really big." Reever muttered.

Johnny gasped. "Oh no, forgot the warn Allen about it being really big." he said.

Reever looked at him. "It's okay. Allen will be able to get rid of it. Just get back to work." he said. Oh, if only he know how wrong he is.

Allen gulped when he saw the creatures. Or should he say part of the creatures. Allen must say the creatures are huge. And their slimmy tentacles are everywhere.

Allen took a step and one of the smaller tentacles crept up his leg. Allen immediately actived crown clown and brought up his left hand. He cut the tentacle that crept up his leg and a shriek was heard from one of the creature.

Allen looked at the hidden creature in shock, eyes wide when some of the smaller tentacles shot down to him and grabbed both of his legs.

"Waaa!" Allen was caught off guard, the tentacles grabbed him and pulled his legs up, bringing him into the air. He struggled a bit and tried to cut the tentacles with his claws again when more tentacles grabbed both of his hands, preventing them to move.

"What the hell!" Allen shouted and struggled more. When he tried to used crown clown's cloak to sent the tentacles off, a large tentacle came near his face, blocking his nose and mouth. Some of the smaller ones start to crept up to his face too.

Allen gritted his teeth, he used crown belt to slashed the tentacles. The creatures shriek again and cover Allen's nose and mouth with the large tentacle again. This time, some kind of thick liquid came out of the tentacles, from both the smaller that was holding Allen and the bigger one that was closing Allen's nose and mouth. Allen struggled more, but a strange smell hit him.

'It must be the liquid.' Allen thought. The smell was not pleasant at all. He never smelled anything like this before. It smelled somewhat sweet, but an unpleasant sweet one. It make Allen's head dizzy and can't see straight.

"Ahh.. Forgot to tell you guys about it." Komui said.

"What is it again?" Reever asked, getting annoyed.

"I have modificate the genes of the animals." Komui said, smiling.

Johnny cocked an eyebrow. "And?" he asked.

"It shows a great result, they looked somewhat animals, but like a completely different species. I haven't know about their behaviour, though I must say they're somewhat aggresive. And they could produce some kind of thick white liquid that could make living things dizzy and could make nerves can't work for a while. Sometimes, it may cause someone to lose conciousness. Dunno what they're for, though." Komui said.

"Why didn't you tell us before? They sound really dangerous." Reever said.

"Forgot." Komui shrugged.

Reever growled. "Oh no, Allen didn't know about it. Hope he's alright." Johnny said, worried about the white haired boy safety.

"Ngghhh..." Allen moaned out in pain as the tentacles tightened it's grip on Allen's limbs. The creatures had made more thick liquid and it had rolled down crown clown's cloak.

Allen gritted his teeth and tried to move crown clown again, but more sweet smell hit him and make his head dizzier. "Shit..." he muttered and crown clown deactived. He didn't have any more energy to active crown clown and maintain it's form. The smell from the liquid had make him weaker and weaker. If this goes on, it will be bad. 'Really bad.' Allen thought.

Mean while, more tentacles crept up his limp body.

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