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Kanda grunted when the tentacles pushed him forward, his dick slammed into Allen's ass. The smaller boy flinched, his stomach has gone flat again when all of the liquid had poured out of his entrance.

Kanda gritted his teeth. He had to take this thing down now or else his beansprout will be hurt.

Komui gagged as a tentacle shot down it's liquid into his mouth.

'This is bad.. If I didn't do anything, Lenalee will be a victim too.' Komui thought. He scanned the room, searching for any possible weapon. He didn't want to destroy his own work, but if this keeps on his cute little sister will lose her virginity.

His shoulders dropped when he noticed that no possible weapons are present right now. The science department must have hid it in the basement.

'Nooo! What will happened to Lenalee?' he screamed inwardly.

A figure step inside the black order and sniffed the air. "Yuck, what is this smell." the figure said.

The lean figure take another step, her eyes caught a movement and she immediately jump toward it, smashing it with her feet.

Lenalee raised an eyebrow when she saw the tentacle beneath her boots. She poked it with her heels and crushed it again. 'Must be Komui.' she thought.

She sighed to herself. 'And I thought I could finally get some rest.' she thought to herself again.

"Well then, got some work to do." she said, flexing her arms.

Lenalee squealed once again, clutching the photos in her hands.

"Good thing I finished the mission ealry!" she said, looking at the pictures.

"Lenalee.." Allen said from behind her.

"Yes?" she asked, smilling sweetly.

"Uuh.. Can you throw away those pictures?" Allen said, beside him Kanda was gripping his Mugen tightly.

"No way! I love this pictures! If only I got home earlier!" she said, gripping the photos tighter. On the photos was.. well, you know what. I didn't need to describe it..

Lenalee looked at the pictures again and giggled. Kanda gripped his Mugen tighter. Allen looked at him and silent aggrement passed though them.

Allen and Kanda sneaked into Lenalee's room and closed the door quietly.

Allen scanned the room, searching for any possible threat in the room. He sighed when he saw nothing dangerous and stepped in deeper.

He looked around and his eyes landed on a stack of photos on top of the desk. He grinned and walk toward the desk, snatching the photos. "Kanda, I got the photos." he turned toward his lover.

"Ehh?" his eyes widened when he saw Kanda had been wrapped around the same tentacles he just saw yeseterday.

"Ghhh.. Beansprout." Kanda grunted out.

Allen reached forward to grabbed Kanda but another bunch of tentacles shot toward him and wrapped around his body.

'Shit..' Allen thought.

Behind the bathroom door, Lenalee stood holding a jar with slimmy substance in it and a camera in her hands. She grinned evily. "Rape time begin." she said.