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                                                  The Flame of You…

                                                       Chapter 1

"Miss Kisaragi, a letter."  A man whispered behind the young woman.

Blue-eyes stared into his obsidian ones as she gingerly took the small letter from his hand. She stared at the fine ivory stationary for a moment and then looked at her servant to take his leave.

The young man nodded as he took his post outside to his chambers, his lady needed to be alone.

The young woman stared blankly at the envelope, almost dreading to see what lay within it. Her tremulous hands opened the delicate paper as her eyes automatically fell upon the written words.

She read each jagged word in sadness; he was leaving her, but why? Was she not good enough to be his girlfriend? Had she not done everything to please him? She gave up everything for him and now he was leaving her like some broken toy.

Inside, she felt betrayed, humiliated, and alone. She must have done something wrong. Why else would he be leaving her like this? She could not allow him to slip through her hands. This man was the world to her.

Yuffie Kisaragi was not a woman to be betrayed, much less, messed with. He would see the error of his ways and come crawling back to her as before! He always had when he apologized in an intoxicated state. She loathed seeing him drunk.

How had she gotten mixed up with an over-obsessive Turk anyway? Were they not enemies? She was so confused for her sudden infatuation with the likes of Reno Edwards.

Maybe it was his smart-ass attitude or how he handled his nightstick with an enemy. She loved to see him in combat with that weapon! She wished he would teach her how to use one. Alas, he would shove her off saying it was not to be used for the likes of ladies.

What bullshit! He just did not want to take the time and teach her! He never wanted to do anything with her! The only thing he wanted to do was fuck her brains out. Thank God, she never gave him the satisfaction of it!

She somewhat regretted never giving him her virginity. Perhaps, if she had he never would have abandoned her like this, like the many other times before. She was so alone.

Yuffie could not let him go. She loved him, if it was even feasible for her to love. She knew she felt the little tingly sensations, the butterflies in the stomach and such. But still, she could not give up everything to him. Why?

It had been a little over a year since AVALANCHE went their separate ways. Cloud and Tifa moved to Kalm and settled into a new bar dubbed 'Clouded Hart'. The profane pilot she had loved to beleaguer finally proposed to his faithful mechanic, Shera. From what she heard, they were expecting a little Highwind of their own.

Barret and Red returned to their homes to resettle everything that ShinRa had destroyed. She honestly missed teasing Red and making fun of Barret's dialect. Last of all, the loner of the group was Vincent. She had the slightest idea where he went. After waving a solemn farewell, he left after METEOR. She would bet her life he went back to that blasted mansion and committed suicide or stayed with that ghost bitch that never loved him.

She hated to hear him reminisce on the 'beloved' Lucrecia, as if portraying her like some angel sent from God. She gagged at the thought of him saying it was his sin for failing her. It was a shame he never accepted it wasn't his fault. He could never see that she was just a bitch that used him. Shame indeed.    

Yuffie shook the thoughts of her fellow comrades out of her head as she got off of the tiny mat. She looked at her shorts and pulled them down a little from the slight rise when she sat.

It was annoying when her shorts would cause unnecessary wedgies. At least, her clothing did not require the piety of dusting the dirt off. God forbid, she would turn into an Aeris!

Whatever the reason, it was time to retrieve her love. She needed him. She needed a companion as her father had suggested. She would love to marry the redhead and have his children.

She could imagine little red and dark-headed children playing and fighting together. She would give up her selfish ways just to have a family with this man. Reno meant that much to her.

How could she deny him anything? She couldn't, right?

She had to find him, wherever he was. God only knew whom he was fucking now. Although, she stayed faithful to him, he could not return the trust. It was not his nature.

She knew her father would not approve of her search. Why would he? True, he knew how much she loved this Turk but for what? Her father believed Reno treated Yuffie like a doormat. He was not what he had in mind for a son-in-law and Yuffie knew that.

She inhaled as she opened the screen door to his chambers and stepped in. Yuffie gave Godo a nod and sat before him. Bowing, her head she acknowledged his presence.

"What is it?" The older man asked tiredly, deeply knowing what the matter was.

"Godo…I must go."

The graying father shook his head tiredly. "Yuffie, listen to me, he does not des-"

"Deserve me?" Yuffie interrupted. "Godo, you know damn well I love him! I will find him! He just does not understand how much, you know?"

"Yuffie, I just don't want him to hurt you like before. I do not wish for you to tie in with him!"

"I'm going! I don't care what you say, Godo! When did you ever start taking an interest in my life anyway? After Mom died? Don't give me that shit!" Yuffie cursed as she forced a tear back from her eye.

Godo could only look at her with his pleading eyes, silently begging her not to do this. He knew how this Turk was, how he treated his daughter, and how he was a poor excuse of a father to stop it. If only, she could find someone deserving…

Alas, he could not live her life for her. She was bound to make her own mistakes and learn from them. It was part of life. However, he hoped she would make a right decision and be happy. He wanted her to be happy, even though he never could show it to her.

He sadly watched her leave the room in search for this man she loved. Love indeed. She was not in love with this pitiful excuse of a human; she was blinded by his arrogance. Besides, a man that had the decency to treat a lady with respect and love her unconditionally was hard to come by these days. Most men only wanted sex and material things out of a relationship.

It was sad that most gentlemen were either taken or dead. Godo wished she would marry within her own race. A nice Wutianese man would make the greatest of husbands and fathers. It was a shame all of the men in the village were related to her…

He worried for Yuffie, truly. She was the closest link he had to his wife. His daughter was the empts of her mother, beautiful. She would indeed make a fine wife to any if she would just settle down and become the woman she was destined to be, although that was not her nature. She was next in line for the Kisaragi throne and Godo wanted to see her rule with a spouse.

God forbid, it would be that undeserving Turk. The Shinra were corrupt power-hungry savages that only hurt people. And now, his beloved daughter was flaunting herself around one, a killer no less.

He hated the agents worst of all, Devils in navy suits. He loathed how they acted as if they were God, giving life or simply taking it away from a simple pull of a trigger. No one from Wutai ever became a Turk unless noted.

He regretted that Yuffie was so blind not to find someone else. Although, this journey may hurt her, it may help her realize what kind of lowlife scum Edwards truly was. God forbid she brought him back with her. Godo was hopeful his prayers would be answered.


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