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The Flame of You


Brilliant beams of the dying sun cascaded against the mountainous land of Wutai. The languid, warm colours of bright red and fiery orange burnt the realm with its fiery touch. Within the distance, a solitary howl from a wild lupine creature was heard. Jubilant chirps from musical crickets, and the small illumination from fireflies gave the darkening atmosphere a warming reassurance.

The spacious sky's pale covering darkened as a myriad of bright stars revealed their ethereal radiance. All was quiet within the tiny town. Nothing disturbed the Night's silent symphony---it would be sheer blasphemy.

Unfortunately, the subtle commandment was unheeded by two observing shadows. Cool cerulean and fiery crimson stared into the distant horizon with mutual feeling. This was truly meant to be. Wutai's newest lord and lady held each other in a loving embrace than Klimt would envy---their souls were intertwined.

The new lord gentle nestled his wife's smooth cheek and placed a kiss upon her succulent-lips. Fire danced within her oceanic-orbs, promising of what was to come. Ah yes, tonight would truly be another moment spent in radiant splendour. Tonight would hold more than just sexual pleasure, but also another promise of undying passion.

Vincent's hands roved the curves and linings of Yuffie's body, until finally resting upon her swollen abdomen. He received a gentle smile, knowing their first night brought more than mere gratification. Somewhere, deep inside his heart, he knew they had created more than a memorable moment. Their child---a product of their love---would have two loving parents to love and take care of it.

It would have a life neither parent had, a life of true family and love. Even Godo was awaiting its arrival. Grandparents. Perhaps, a cold father could redeem himself and be a true grandfather. If a demon could compose an angel to fall for his illicit charms, than a human man could certainly learn to love, albeit their father/son relationship was a but rocky. Nothing was perfect.

"I still say it's a girl, love." He whispered teasingly.

"And I say it's a boy, and I'm never wrong!" Yuffie nipped his chin.

"Never, love?" A sable eyebrow questioned. "Never is a strong word."

"And so is, I'm right!"

"That's two!" He corrected before receiving a jab in the ribs.


"Yes, but I'm a wonderful smartass, you must agree on that!"

Her impish expression stayed firm. "I don't know. I remember that time you and Dad had that fight and---"

"We're not going to bring him in this again, are we?" His face pouted. "I didn't sling him across the room that hard!"

"Maybe not. But still, you pissed him off. He's still going to get you back. You realize that, right?"

"Of course." He whispered, pulling her closer. "But, I'm prepared to take a beating."

"Even from me?"

His expression melted to one of mock horror. "Oh no, dear, you're entirely too dangerous for my liking."

"Good." She said with conviction, and kissed his cheek. "Because, I love to see you below me!"

The sable brow rose once more. "Oh? And I suppose I shall be in this position, when?"

Yuffie pulled him closer, stormy-blue meeting deep crimson. "Tonight." She whispered, a trace of mischief within her voice.

He agreed. "Tonight, my love. Tonight, we'll renew our promise, and make it worthwhile."

"Yes." She murmured with content. "You know, I enjoy spending each moment life with…if only just to be with you."

Vincent read the truth within her eyes. God, she was beautiful. How in hell did he ever deserve such beauty? Fate was truly wonderful.

"You warm a demon's heart, Yuffie." He placed her hand over his chest. "And you soothe its soul."

A stray tear fell from an eye. "Oh, Vincent…" she whispered above a stifled whisper. "I love you so much."

"As do I, Yuffie, as do I."

She felt Vincent's lips capture her once more, proving the primal passion within his demonic heart. The innate knowledge of true love and the ancient fairytales of love and splendour from the old masters rang all too true. This was fate. This was destiny, and he found it with it with his blessed enemy. How sweet irony was.


"Yes?" He asked hazily.

"I want to name our son Kafei."

His heart stopped, albeit briefly. "Kafei? But, that's---"

"I want to name him after his father." She held her ground.

Against his better judgment, Vincent conceded. "All right, Kafei is a good name. However, I doubt the others would approve of it."

"Screw them! We're the guardians of this land, are we not? No one else other than Dad knows about your identity. And besides, Kafei is a name of high-esteem. Please, Vincent, don't just agree because I want it. I want you to consider the honour."

Vincent kissed her forehead with assurance. "I would truly be happy if my child was named after me. It would give me another reason to love this existence even more." His eyes moved toward the open door of their bedroom. "I also want to give myself faith in another reason…"

Yuffie nodded in affirmation, fully knowing his dark intention. "Come, my love." He said with amusement. "I think it's for bed!"

Fin : .

Author's Notes: First off, I want to say thank you for reading and reviewing my work! I will give a full list of my deepest thanks and gratitude at the end of my notes. Two hundred reviews…wow. I never believed I would receive that many!

Okay, where shall I begin with this? Ah yes, this fic was partially inspired by the desire to write a possible relationship between Vincent and Yuffie. Being as it is my favourite fanfiction couple in the world of Final Fantasy, I wrote this for a number of reasons. One: I was tired of working on If the Gods Only Knew. Two: I was tired of people slandering the possibility of this couple. And three: for personal reasons.

As you can see, my writing style changes a bit throughout this fic. I suppose it was mainly driven by my life outside of the Internet. I wrote this to get away from the reality of my existence. So much that you know, love, and understand can be altered within a short amount of time. You can say I was traumatized with the failed expectations of social life. Friendships and loyalty are questionable at times. I never realized how much pain, can be brought on by an alleged friend's betrayal. And so, this fic became an emotional punching bag for my frustration and anger. And what a wonderful punching bag it was!

For this past year, I have actually had the desire to complete something. I must admit this fic has also helped inspire me to choose my college major! I suppose writing has its benefits!

All right, enough of my personal ranting, I want to confess a few things. First, I was partially inspired by a song! Yes, the one posted at the beginning was what instigated me to do it! Flames by VAST is truly an inspirational and moving song. I suggest all to listen to it. Jon Crosby's voice is just…mind-blowing! Of course, some may not like rock mixed with classical, but each to his own.

Music has always been a major factor within my life, especially writing. Be it hardcore metal, or the sweet dulcet melodies of classical music, the moving notes has always conveyed me to be creative. (Art/writing.) Even a simple song can help me go on a writing tangent and actually make sense in what I have to say. Even titles to my works come from it. Listening to Flames is a prime an example for such wondrous support, thus The Flame of You… was born. I know, strange title, but distinctive nonetheless.

God, I have so much to say about this, I fear I'll have a chapter written over it. So, allow me to be brief. There are many topics within this. Love, betrayal, confused emotions; everything a normal human being endures everyday. I wanted to capture this flaw, and make the characters imperfect, because they are. (I'm starting to sound a bit freaky, no?)

Capturing the true beauty of being human is truly an achievement. I know I was a bit redundant throughout this fic, and I caught that, but I also wanted to express how the same flawed thoughts go through a person's confused persona. I wanted to give a real feeling for the reader to understand what I trying to conclude. Uncertainty can be detrimental if not stopped. Forgive me I'm a true romantic that wants to give light to existentialistic ideas.

Life is unfair, and that's a harsh fact all of us must realize. However, I wanted to make this story have a happy ending. Good God, they had already suffered through the first five chapters! I thought it time to give this story some closure on a more positive note!

Also, did anyone notice the date on this? It's exactly eleven months and eleven days since I started it. And yes, I've planned to do this for a very long time. Can anyone guess why? It's truly a silly reason, but please guess! If anyone gets it right, I will so admire your ability to read my insane mind! I may even dedicate my next fic to you! (Sounds remotely tempting, doesn't it?)

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But anyway, I wanted to finalize everything and try to answer any questions some of you might have. I ask of you not to kill me for the abrupt ending. Truly, this fic was originally comprised of thirteen chapters! (Can you see I've sort of lengthened it a bit?) Also, I have left some loose ends within this fic. I'm sure most of you have caught them, and I am partially considering of writing a prequel to this.

Mainly because, I wanted to go in-depth with the fateful relationship of Reno and Yuffie. Also, Vincent's alleged betrayal was not too clear within this story. I also hinted more between Cloud and Tifa. (Chapter Twenty, hint, hint.) I find that couple also interesting to write about. Vincent's past could also be another thing to focus upon. Ah! So many tempting things to go into! Also, I envisioned Vincent's childhood form to look like Kafei from Majora's Mask in the Legend of Zelda series. It seems I've borrowed from various works, no?

Oh well.

Also, I'm deeply considering of adding an excerpt as well. As you can see, I mentioned an obvious fight between Godo and his irredeemable son-in-law. Whether I add it here, or on my site, is still in question. However, I am truly tempted to tie a few loose ends to this. And I know the part with Reno and Vincent should have been better, but it would have taken the ending into different path (which I did not want). I wanted Yuffie bitch-slapping Reno for some reason, and sadly I had to cut the part with Vincent going for his jugular. Even writers have to sacrifice their ides, I suppose…(

I promise there will be closure with Reno, and many questions may be answered within the excerpt. You can possibly expect it sometime in the near future.

Anyway, I guess this concludes everything I have to say. Unless, I forget something and have to mention it in another fic or something, I don't know. But, if anyone has questions, comments, or anything, please feel free to leave a review, or e-mail me. I truthfully enjoyed all comments, criticism, and complements throughout this writing odyssey. I guess I do have the ability to put an actual sentence together!

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