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Alexandra Hudson sat on her bed, happily daydreaming to herself of what tomorrow would bring, and tomorrow would be the day that she was going to go to California! For a teenager who was supposed to be anti-social, he was rather un-teenager like. On Alex's bucket list, she wanted to go to her two dream states: The first was California and the second was New York City. When Alex was younger and tried to persuade her Dad to take her to New York he always ignored her but would be happy to take her to any other state apart from New York, she was guessing that he had a bit of a grudge against New York but she never knew why.

"Hey, stranger!" Finn announced himself as he knocked on Alex's door,

"Oh, hey Dad!" Alex said seeing her father, Alex had the closest connection to her Dad, most sophomores hated there Dad's, but she thought that her Dad was the most awesome person in the whole world, and she would fight anyone else that said otherwise! It was just her and Finn growing up so they had always been insanely close.

"You nervous?" Finn asked his fifteen year old daughter as he sat down on her bed,

"No...Yes, well sort of!" She admitted placing her head on his shoulders,

Finn didn't like being away from Alex, ever since Rachel left him and took a part of him with her, he wanted to be with Alex all the time, that meant that any boys in Lima, Ohio who were attracted to his daughter would automatically report to him as he was insanely protective over his daughter. Alex respected him for it but it was sort a drag sometimes.

"It's just a bit daunting that I'm doing a solo at Nationals!" Alex admitted biting her lip, Finn laughed as he remembered his time at Glee club at Nationals, it was scary as anything but the atmosphere was amazing!

"But I'm doing Don't Rain on My Parade so you know, I should be amazing!" Alex gave herself an ego boost as she flicked her long dark chocolate hair over her ears, it was hard to even look at Alex now because she reminded him so much of his ex-wife.

"You should be!" Finn smiled at his teenage daughter, he kissed her on the head and wished her good night and then turned off the lights for the house and tried not to think about the resemblance between Rachel and Alex, it hurt too much but he couldn't help it, but then his stomach hurt even more when he started to think about his other fifteen year old teenage daughter experiencing New York City with her mother.


Amelia Berry was nervous, it was incredibly strange for her, after she was the daughter of multi-awarding winning Rachel Berry, one of the best vocal coaches Broadway had even seen. She went over her vocal runs to warm up her voice; there were only a few short hours until she was going to California! And she was the first sophomore ever in her glee clubs history to sing a solo at Nationals. She couldn't wait!

As Amelia went over more and more scales to advance her breathing techniques, her Mom couldn't help but walk past her room and Amelia reminded Rachel of herself when she was her age in glee club...with Finn.

"You're nervous." Rachel bit her lip as Amelia finished yet another set of vocal runs,

"How did you ever tell..." Amelia sarcastically replied to her mother, Amelia thought her Mom was the most amazing person in the whole world; it was just Rachel and Amelia when she was growing up.

"Honey," Rachel looked at her fifteen year old daughter, "I know you might be a bit too old for it, but if you wanted to we could get the jar of peanut butter and watch Funny Girl over and over again until we puke..." she suggested to her daughter who's smile automatically widened when she heard the words "peanut butter."

"Mom, you know me way too well..." Amelia laughed as she sat down on her bed and brought out the peanut butter that she had been eating from under her bed, Rachel already had the DVD in her hand and she placed it in the DVD Player in Amelia's bedroom and the two of the snuggled up together and watched Funny Girl – for the billionth and third time.

"I love you Mom!" Amelia whispered falling asleep next to her mom,

" I love you too Mia!" Rachel replied lightly, gently kissing her forehead and leaving her to get some sleep before her long flight to California tomorrow, Rachel tiptoed back to her bed, and she regretted letting Amelia go to Nationals even though Amelia had pleaded with her for months to go, Rachel had always been protective over Amelia since she stayed in New York City without Finn, without her other daughter who she had no idea where she was or what she was doing. If broke her heart to know a piece of her was probably at the other side of the country and she couldn't be with her, but now Rachel just had to put on a brave face for her daughter, as she tried to get as much sleep as she was taking her daughter to the airport tomorrow morning.


Alex woke up incredibly early, her Dad had already tried packing her suitcase once, but she needed to pack it again and put in the most valuable item she had: the only surviving picture she had of her Mom. When Alex was younger, she found it in her Dad's wallet and always looked at it but he gave it to her when he caught her looking at it for the millionth time, but the picture was ripped in half, and no matter how hard Alex tried, she could never find the missing piece.

She packed some more clothes and stuffed them on top of the picture and she zipped up her suitcase and grabbed her sheet music for "Don't Rain on My Parade" and then went downstairs to have breakfast with her Dad.

As Finn drove Alex to the airport, they talked about when Finn was in New Directions and when they went to Nationals in Junior and Senior Year, Alex's Dad never really talked about his time in high school so she liked hearing about his time in high school, well apart from the time when he "supposedly" got Aunt Quinn pregnant, TMI.

As the car stopped at the airport, Alex and Finn got out of Finn's car and then shared the longest parting hug that each of them could give,

"I love you Alex!" Finn said to his daughter while holding her in his embrace,

"I love you too Dad..." Alex told her father as she took her suitcase from her father and slowly walked off towards the terminal,

"Hey Alex!" Finn shouted at his daughter, Alex's hair whipped behind her ears as she flicked her head around to see her Dad, "Be awesome..." he called as she was being dragged off by her friends in glee club, that would be the last time that Finn would see Alex in three whole weeks, and he couldn't stand being apart from her.


It was exhausting flight for Amelia, but she was finally in California with her best friends in the world ready for Nationals! It was amazing, nothing could bring her down, she was so excited!

Vocal Masterpiece: Amelia's glee club she thought was the best glee club in the world, and as she was the best singer in glee club, she was literally the best singer in the world! How could she not be? She was after all the daughter of the Rachel Berry.

As the glee club were in the lobby of the Hotel Vintage Court, Miss Wilson, the glee club director came up to her with a saddened expression, as she handed a piece of paper, on it, it read:

California Glee Club National Championship

Leg 6/Leg 10 – First Round


Don't Rain On My Parade – Solo by Alexandra Hudson

Who's Lovin' You – New Directions

Be the One – Solos by Alexandra Hudson and Luke Puckerman


Don't Rain On My Parade – Solo by Amelia Berry

Seasons Of Love – Vocal Masterpiece

God Only Knows – Vocal Masterpiece

The smile soon came off of Amelia's face...who the hell was Alexandra Hudson and why was she stealing her solo?

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