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Amelia Hudson sat on her bed, looking at the rather compressed room around her. It had been two months since they moved to Lima, but it had felt like forever and a day since they moved from their apartment in New York. But it was worth it, she loved it. She loved living in Lima, she loved knowing that she had a twin sister as her best friend, she loved attending a school where she had friends, and she loved having a Dad.

She flopped back on her bed, gently humming the notes to 'Defying Gravity' to herself, it was a change to share a room and it was definitely a challenge to get all of her stuff and an extra bed into Alex's room but again…worth it. She was so content in that moment that she didn't hear the thud of her sister's elephant feet gushing upstairs and bursting into the room.

"You're falsetwo could use a little work!" Alex joked as she came into the room and flopped down onto her own bed, right next to her sister's. Mia smiled at the on-going joke between the two.

"Mom's downstairs if you want to go talk to her." Alex said, looking at her phone on the bed side table. Mia rushed to her feet, her Mom had a tight schedule playing Christine in the National Tour of Phantom of the Opera but she always made time to Skype her family and she always tried to come home once every fortnight. It wasn't perfect but nothing is, and that's the closest to perfection that they could get.

Mia raced down the stairs to find her Dad sat at the kitchen table talking to her Mom via Skype, the laptop the only barrier between the two. It was hard not to see her everyday but at least Mia knew that she had a full and happy family always there for her. Once Mia could convince her Dad to stop being such a 'Mom-hog' she finally got some time with her Mom as her Dad proceeded with burning some fried eggs at which was followed by some mocking by both Rachel and Amelia.

After some well needed girl-chat which was quite honestly, Finn zoned out of, they finally said their goodbyes as Mia frantically ran round the house, after losing track of time to find her school belongings. However, Finn once again became a 'Mom-hog' to have one last flirtatious conversation before he had to sign out.

"So, are you excited?" Rachel asked, knowing exactly what Finn was feeling but asking anyway.

"What do you think? It's not every day that this happens, are you still definitely coming?" He asked, his voice reduced to a hushed whisper towards the end of the sentence hoping not to be invaded by the willing ears of either of his daughters.

"Yes, I'm definitely coming!" She giggled, causing an instance grin on Finn's face - a comfortable silence came upon the two – silences were always comfortable. Simply put, they just liked being in each other's company.

"I have to head off now, but I'll see you later!" He excitedly announced as the similar rumble of Alex's footsteps running down the stairs reminded him that he needed to leave.

"Okay, I love you sweetie!"

He smiled.

"I love you too."


Finn Hudson loved all of the three leading ladies in his life. He loved them dearly and with no end. However, all three of them did have the tendency to do vocal runs and vocal warm ups, very loudly and very constantly. It wasn't that he didn't love their voices, he just didn't like the constant shrilling sounds that they made in the warming up state - He loved them, but sometimes it drove him crazy.

However 'sometimes' came into play, as Alex, Mia and the rest of the New Directions were warming up and their voices could be heard like a bullhorn above the chaos. So Finn, did what any good parent would do – he left them to it and checked his phone to see if his future wife was here yet.

At first, Finn and Rachel felt bad for keeping Rachel's homecoming a secret but he figured that their children's happiness would increase when they finally knew, so they kept it a surprise for the twins. After months in Phantom, Rachel had decided to take a break and let her understudy have her moment in the spotlight, so she could get back to what she loved the most – her family. Starting with, watching her daughters perform at Sectionals.

After a joyous reunion in which, revolved some squealing, some hugging and picking up, and a 'Finn, we're grown adults, put me down!' being giggled, they walked down the halls of their alma mater, hand in hand – ready to watch their daughters grace the very same stage where they fell in love, were engaged and even once, broken up.

But, it didn't matter.

All the mattered was that they were doing it together.

Always, forever and faithfully.

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