The Dragon Knight

Chapter One

As Draco strolled to his fireplace, he lifted his war staff glared into the eyes of his kill which lay on his floor. With his Dragon Armor, he drew his dagger and removed his trophy's scales. Its eyes were blood red and its scales were blue. Unlike most of its kind, this dragon could not fly of an accident of birth. This made it an easy target. As Draco lifted his dagger, he began to drive it the dragon's flesh. His name well meant the word "dragon". He grabbed out any unwanted substances from the beasts gut and tossed them in his fireplace.
"This will be a good meal" he said carving through the dragon flesh. He rose to his feet, stared at his meal, and walked to his front door. Although he wasn't done cleaning the dragon, he was tired. He took a deep breath of fresh air, thinking that he would be done in a few minutes, but when he glanced at the King Dracon of Asadur, he knew it was urgent. Dragon packed his staff, sword, and dagger to see what the problem was. "What is it my Lord King of Asadur, what is your need?"

"I have come to recruit warriors to fight off King Azrabad, and he happens to be the same race as Lord Azerath."

"I see. Well I am glad to join you. My staff's blade is dying to take a head or two."

"I'm glad that you have decided to join us. Azrabad has marched his troops to the pools and mountains of Karia. Now we must counter attack his force."

"Glad to." Draco was trembling with excitement as his staff sheathed in the carrier on the back of his armor. His black armor had not had Orc blood spilled on it ever. He smiled like he was going to get the best gift in the world. As he mounted the horse next to Dracon, his King called for his companions: Tayth, Deledan, Feralin, Mardin, Bardin, and Talin. Draco's name may have been similar to Dracon's, but Draco had no family relationship what so ever. This was the war that Dracon finished. This was the second part of the War for the Land of Moradon. Moradon was a land that had several countries: Norm, Karia, Daine, Kaine, Gorum, Deadland, Suron, Illum, Canadiah, Raine, and Raine. This was a large world from the dead shores of Deadland to the Islands of Suron. Dracon rode his giant horse to the mountains of Karia with his troops. Not knowing if the Orcs of Azrabad were still in the Karian Mountains, Dracon's troops had armed themselves with swords, staves, and spears.

"Where is the enemy?" said Draco. He looked up to the trees with his black hair going across his eyes. His armor had just a neck guard, shoulder pads, and gauntlets. His staff was metal, it had a long, two foot long blade, and on the other end, a single spike for a secondary blade. All of a sudden, Orcs from all shapes and sizes ambushed the thousand troops. Draco stuck up his staff and skewered the first Orc he saw. Thrusting his blade into the breastplates of Orcs, he felt the tension and the adrenaline of war. He slashed the heads of the enemies. He quickly cut through the waves of Orcs. They were amateurs. They weren't specially trained and they were just commoners of their race. What Azrabad thinking? Tayth well examined the very skilled Draco. He was a very talented warrior for a Dragon Hunter. Deledan was the Hero of Moradon. The Ranger, Tayth was great friends with Deledan. Although Tayth was extremely sleep deprived, he was very deadly. His swordplay was just as deadly as a man who slept very well. Tayth was the watch guard at his Ranger Camp, so he could go without any sleep at all.