I was happy that there were so many Lorax fanfics that popped up since the movie. I was so in love with it that I watched it twice! I loved how they made the story as well as the brilliant animation.

So now here I am, attempting to make my first Lorax fanfic. WARNING EVERYONE NOW! these first chapters haven't been beta checked, so I apologize in advance if there is any incorrect grammar, I can understand that bad grammar can ruin a good story. If there is anybody out there that would like to beta read my chapters, I would be extremely grateful.

Disclaimer: This film adaption of this story is copyrighted to Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment. And of course the amazing original story belongs to the genius himself, Dr. Seuss(Theodor Seuss Geisel)

Warnings: AU

The Tree with a tongue

Prologue: Working under the table

Underneath the smog smothered night skies, the metal shell surrounding the town of Thneedville laid cold and quiet. The stale slow winds shifted the grickle grass and the sounds of crows were heard squawking in the distance. The silence was soon shattered as a section of Thneedville's outer walls folded over each other, creating an opening. Coming out of the opening were a small set of vehicles, their small rubber wheels traveling down a brick road, crumbling from old age. When the vehicles reached a crossroad that forked into several more roads with various signs, a small lens scope with a tiny light emerged from the top of each of them, scanning the signs before they all went on a separate route.

They disappeared into the smog, never to be seen again.


Meanwhile, back in Thneedville, aside from the dimly lit artificial trees, the very top floor of a tall corporate office that loomed over the whole town was dimly lit as well. A tall leather chair in center of the main office was facing towards the windows, leaning back and forth gently.

Two technicians named Luke and Charles stumbled into the office, fidgeting with the controls that they were holding.

The leather chair stopped moving, a voice came from it, "Well?"

Luke replied nervously, "W...well, Mr. O'Hare sir...we uh, lost contact and visual with all the scouting vehicles."

The chair sharply turned to face them, a short man with groomed black hair shouted, "WHAT!?"

Charles flashed a hopeful smile while sticking a finger in the air, "Well, not all of them sir! We do have one left and I have a good feeling it's going to..." he turned his attention to the small screen on the control he was holding, the smile quickly faded, "Oh...never mind, we just lost it."

O'Hare gritted his teeth, threatening to rip out his hair, "Why does this keep happening!"

Luke lowered his controller in defeat, "Mr. O'Hare, from what we seem to notice during each scouting mission, the small street signs keep changing every time something approaches it, it's almost if..."

"He doesn't want to be found." O'Hare finished with a snarl.

"Well, if there are other traps out there sir, why don't we just send the blimp and we can fly over them, think of all the time and money..."

"NO!" O'Hare slammed his tiny fist on the arm of his chair, "I can't risk the rest of this town snooping their little noses into this." He pushed himself off the chair and paced around, "I've built my fame and fortune selling clean air to all those idiot saps down there, and the only person who can take all of that away from me is out thereā€¦...somewhere. "

The two technicians laughed. Luke replied "Oh I wouldn't worry sir, with all those scary stories you made about the Once-ler, no one will dare think to leave."

O'Hare glanced at them, a wide tooth filled grin on his face, "Exactly. While they stay nice and safe in my town, I'll have free reign to hunt him down as much as I need to."

Charles fidgeted, "Uh sir, if you don't mind me asking, how exactly can the Once-ler ruin you? I mean, sure he was the legendary inventor of the Thneed but that was decades ago, he might have passed away for all we know."

O'Hare's confident smile dissolved into a snarl, "That's none of your business. The only thing you should worry about is finding the Once-ler for me, 'less you want to lose your jobs. So if I were you, I would start building a new set of those scouting vehicles PRONTO!"

The two figures quickly rushed out of the room, closing the door behind them. O'Hare slowly looked back out the window glaring into the distance,

'I'll find him, and I'll destroy any seeds that he has, there's no room for trees in this future.'


So, what do you think? Sorry it's so short, I couldn't figure out a good way to merge it with the next chapter, so I uploaded them both at the same time to make up for length. I decided to give names of the two guys that showed O'Hare that 'bottled air' product, since I couldn't think of anybody else O'Hare's associated with besides his two bodyguards.