Bad Hair Days


Kagome lay sobbing fitfully in bed as her mother sat beside her rubbing her back soothingly to comfort her grief. Unknown to her mother the reasons for her anguish was not what her mother believed, the loss of a friend, but instead the betrayal of a lover. Everything had happened so fast... and even now Kagome was frantically trying to make sense of it all.

"I know you and Aika were close dear, it's difficult to lose a friend so suddenly." Kagome's mother spoke in sympathy having learned Aika, Kagome 's newest friend, had moved back to her mother's because of sudden family circumstances. The truth was much different, and Kagome could not bring herself to voice it to her mother. She felt so ashamed, so betrayed... so humiliated.

"I'm going to make you something warm to drink. Everything will be okay." The bed shifted as Kagome 's mother lifted from it to leave, pausing at the door to favour her daughter with maternal concern. Once the door shut gently behind her Kagome curled up clutching a pillow to her chest as her expression scrunched into a pained distress.

"Aika.. why?" Kagome grit through clenched teeth as the memories of their short friendship and first time romance replayed once more in her mind.

"We have cleaning duties together today." They had been the first words Aika ever spoke to her, standing bent over her desk at the end of class wearing a bright friendly smile. She was a little taller and a little more mature looking so she gave off a natural feeling of trust which put Kagome at ease.

"Oh that's right!" Kagome had gasped having actually forgotten the particular duty and sheepishly waved to her three close friends who pouted. "Sorry I'll catch up later." She apologised to them as they had made plans over lunch to eat together after school. They accepted it and ran off with goodbye's and soon the room grew quiet as no one but her and Aika remained.

"So how do you like it here?" Kagome asked midway through the cleaning, she was sweeping the floor as Aika wiped down the desks. Aika was a new transfer student less than a month old to the school and it was still a mystery to why she moved so suddenly. The teacher had said a family emergency forced her to move in with her aunt, but Aika to her knowledge never told anyone the details.

"Oh its noisier then home, but I think I like it here." Aika paused to sit on the edge of a desk and tap a finger to her chin. "There is just a lot more of everything."

"A lot more of everything?" Kagome questioned with an amused tone. "Like what?"

"Well!" Aika beamed and hopped off the side of the desk dramatically before twirling about in place. "There's a lot more to do, I mean my little town was so small and didn't have anything fun. Here there are arcades, karaoke, dozens and dozens of cafe's!" Aika began to ramble happily and Kagome was forced to giggle at the girls liveliness on the subject.

"It must have been terrible living without these things." Kagome smiled and Aika stopped her twirling mid speech to look at Kagome with a lopsided grin.

"Well I found other ways to entertain myself." Aika admitted but in a tone that made Kagome blink, as if there was some hidden meaning to it she wasn't getting. A subtle tension filled the room but it was broken as Aika beamed and went back to work with a encouraging cheer. "We better finish this up so we can go have fun!"

They continued to work until everything was finished, it had not taken long as there was rarely much to do. It was then that it happened... Kagome standing by the windows, broom in hand, whipping her forehead with her wrist while looking about for anything she might have missed. She had not notice Aika moving up beside her till she heard her name.

"Kagome ." Aika spoke as if about to ask a question and Kagome turned her head shifting her torso towards Aika. She was completely unprepared when Aika, closer then she had expected, casually leaned forward and kissed her. Kagome recalled staring dumbstruck at Aika who lingered on her lips a moment before pulling away with a friendly smile as if it had been a normal greeting.

Kagome had risen the back of her palm to cover her lips as her eyes steadily widened with shock at what had just happened. Her first kiss, it had been stolen... and by a girl she barely knew. How could she be so mean? Aika saw the betrayal in Kagome 's eyes and opened her mouth to speak an explanation, but Kagome turned and fled the room grabbing her school bag in passing, too panicked to really understand what just happened. She should have stayed and shouted at Aika, but for some reason all she wanted to do was run away.

The following week had been a trial since they shared the same class. Because of the kiss Kagome could not even look at Aika and the rest of the class felt the tension even if they didn't know its reason or source. Kagome 's friends quickly picked up on her distress and wondered if she and Aika had a fight. Kagome couldn't tell them the truth and made excuses to try and convince them everything was fine, they didn't buy it, but didn't press her for answer's either.

It came as a complete surprise on the weekend when she returned home from a store, her mother catching her midway up the stairs to her room informing her that her study partner was waiting for her. She questioned her mother about it and learned one of her school friends had come by claiming they had a study date for an upcoming test. It was news to Kagome, but she didn't worry about it thinking it was one of her three close friends. Unfortunately she had been wrong.

"W..what are you doing here!" Kagome stammered and pointed at Aika who sat on the edge of her bed with a playful smile.

"Oh i'm here to study with you for next week's test of course." Aika said matter-of-fact. She stood from the bed and moved to the window where she had discarded her bag and pulled out several notebooks. "We did agree to study didn't we? You said we would when we had clean up duty."

It had taken Kagome a short moment to think back to that day. The kiss had blocked everything else out, but now she did recall the agreement... she had just forgotten. She didn't understand though, how could Aika simply ignore the fact she kissed her and come over like nothing had happened... It angered Kagome and her expression turned sour and displeased, but she couldn't bring herself to throw Aika out.

"So should we start with history?" Aika waved a textbook with an interested expression and Kagome was forced to give in. Maybe she would find a some way to ask about the kiss if they studied. Besides the more they focused on school work the less she could on Aika...

Like magic several hours passed with Kagome 's mother checking in now and then with drinks and some snacks. The tension between them had completely vanished as they began to debate history and school work, moving onto general interests, till finally it all came to a screeching halt as Kagome 's unasked question suddenly burst from her lips.

"Why did you kiss me?" The laughter they had shared just moments before was now a silent echo. They sat side by side on the floor with their legs folded under them, their shoulders almost meeting from their proximity as they huddled over a text book and several scattered papers.

"It was just a kiss." Aika replied after a long silent moment but the answer didn't comfort Kagome who pushed up off the floor to sit on the edge of her bed away from Aika. Aika stood too right before Kagome , and put her hands on her hips in a tomboyish manner. "What's the matter?"

"W..whats the matter!" Kagome flustered glaring up at the slightly taller girl. " can't just kiss people for no reason!"

"Sure I can." Aika grinned teasingly. "I kissed you didn't I?"

"This isn't funny!" Kagome protested and said what was truly on her mind. "We are both..." But she was unable to finish as her voice stalled in her throat.

"We are both what?" Aika frowned and suddenly hunched over Kagome, forcing her to lean back to avoid their foreheads colliding. "We are both girls? " Aika demanded her face literally inches from Kagome 's own. The fierceness in Aika's voice was intimidating and Kagome was taken aback feeling vulnerable.

"Y..yes.." Kagome managed to confirm feeling quite uncomfortable about it and turned her head aside so not to stare directly into Aika's eyes. She found her head turned back though, by Aika's gently hand, and found another kiss once more planted on her lips. She squeaked and jerked backwards but there was only so far she could go without falling flat on her back.

"What's wrong with two girls kissing?" Aika demanded after the kiss, and Kagome simply stared shell shocked that she had been kissed again. As Aika leaned in a second time to kiss her, she was unable to pull away and the kiss did not end like the others. Kagome found her hands fisting in the bed as she stiffened, unable to resist Aika as she kissed her. She found herself wondering why she was letting it happen, why she wasn't shoving Aika away... but no answer came. Instead to her horror Kagome felt herself respond to it, timidly returning the kiss. It was as if she lost her mind, why was she doing such a thing? The kiss ended then, moments after Kagome responded to it, as Aika pulled away.

"See It's just a kiss." Aika smirked and straitened with a grin, and just in time too as a knock came from Kagome s door before it swung open revealing Kagome s mother.

"Oh i know you two are hard at work in here but it's getting late, maybe its probably best your friend heads home Kagome , before it gets to dark."

"Ahh, is it that late already? I didn't watch the time!" Aika panicked in a lively manner looking at the clock before smiling back at Kagome . "I better run before my aunt worries. It was nice meeting you, and see you later Kagome!" Aika hastily packed her things and bowed to Kagome 's mother before waving to Kagome .

"What a energetic girl." Kagome's mother smiled and shook her head pleasantly before leaving the room. Kagome just sat still like a statue in bed, her fingers brushing across her lips with pouting frightened eyes. She did not know what to think, why had she returned the kiss... and why did it fill her stomach with a tickling giddiness when she had.

After school at the beginning of the new week Aika had grabbed hold of Kagome 's hand on the way out of school and ran off dragging her along promising that they would go out and have fun. Kagome had wanted to refuse, but a part of her resisted her better judgment and allowed Aika to carry her along. They had spent the evening browsing shops, eating sweets, doing all the things normal friends do. Kagome couldn't help but admit to herself just how much fun she was having with Aika, and was more than happy to be pulled inside a photo booth to take wallet photos.

"This one." Aika beamed as she closed the concealing curtain on the booths interior and pressed a button for one of photo designs. Kagome smiled happily waiting to pose, but had not expected Aika to suddenly pull her in close and kiss her once again. This kiss was much fiercer then before and Aika's arms were around her like a lovers. She blinked with surprise as the flash of the photo booth took a picture, and it reeled and waited to take the next.

"Hey, come on... don't ruin the photos." Aika complained breaking the kiss giggling playfully at Kagome . "Don't just stand there..." Aika purred and raised both her arms up around Kagome's shoulders and neck pulling her into a kiss. Kagome timid and reluctant responded placing her hands on Aika's sides, but slowly wrapped them around her as she returned the kiss. She began to forget where she was, in a public photo booth, as the strangeness and alien feeling of making out overwhelmed her. Before she knew it Aika's tongue was in her mouth and she was pinned against the wall, hands and arms intermingled. It was like a daydream until the final picture was taken and the booth gave a loud rude buzz.

"Let's see how they turned out." Aika beamed pulling from Kagome as if the whole encounter was just another casual aspect of friendship. Kagome felt weak in the knees as Aika lead her from the booth by the hand and held the photo strips in her other. She waited till they were alone sitting on a bench to share them with Kagome . Each and everyone was shocking to her eyes... she and Aika looked like lovers... though Kagome could not bring herself to admit to such titles. They were both girls... and besides... they had only kissed... right? It wasn't like they were doing anything more than that...

'Ahh!' Kagome had squeaked before silencing herself by biting down hard on her knuckle. It had been less the two weeks later when she sat on the edge of her bed, legs held apart by Aika's hands with Aika's face pressed under her skirt lapping firmly at her. Kagome could only squirm and make small sounds of distress and protest instinctively pushing at Aika's head with her free hand, but Aika refused to heed her wish's.

Kagome fell back in bed as her feet arched upwards on her toes, her panties bunched up around an ankle. Aika was merciless in her assault and threw Kagome 's skirt up over her belly jerking her thighs further apart, giggling and cruelly enjoying the reactions and sounds she was forcing from Kagome's mouth . It took only a few minutes before Kagome climaxed, a shrill sharp cry of alarm as her body convulsed. Aika clung to her and lapped at her soothingly till the waves of pleasure subsided and all that remained was an afterglow.

"Wasn't that fun?" Aika questioned like a minx meeting Kagome's eyes while she licked her lips. Kagome was still unsure how things had gotten so far, how Aika coaxed her panties down, how Aika forced herself between her thighs to bring her to climax. Now after the event Kagome felt relived, and somewhat uncertain. She had enjoyed it, but there were too many questions in her mind... it had been her first time.

"Now do me." Aika purred excitedly and unclasped her own skirt letting it fall before lowering and stepping out of her panties. Without pause she crawled into Kagome's bed continued her way up till she knelt right over Kagome 's vulnerable expression. With a little encouragement by a guiding hand at the back of the neck, pulling Kagome's mouth upwards, Kagome soon found herself returning the pleasure she had just received.

Another week had passed and Kagome has come to the conclusion she truly enjoy Aika's company and their relationship. She loved spending time with Aika and was growing to really enjoy sex with her even if she felt she was terribly clumsy at it in comparison to Aika's expert touch. Inside she was emotionally torn and vulnerable over many things. Was she a lesbian now, or did she still want to be with men... She didn't know the answers and every time her mind posed the question she turned away from it, abstaining in mute fear of what she might admit to herself.

Like all good things however, her relationship with Aika was not to last. Only six weeks into their relationship, when Kagome was seriously asking herself if she was in love with Aika, 'it' happened. Kagome had rarely ever visited Aika's aunt's house where Aika lived, but for some strange reason Kagome spontaneously decided to go visit. She had intended to ask Aika out for the evening and maybe find some place for a romantic encounter, but as she neared her destination her footsteps fell silent with the echoes of her heart shattering.

Aika stood outside her Aunt's home, but she was not alone. She was in a lovers embrace kissing an unfamiliar girl passionately. One of her hands was hidden bellow the girls skirt in a manner Kagome knew well. It was clear Aika was pleasuring the girl just like she had Kagome only a few weeks before when things moved beyond just kissing.

Kagome stood and stared with widening eyes as realization dawned on her... that her relationship with Aika was a lie. That it meant nothing whatsoever... just a game to entertain Aika. Kagome felt the tears splash against her blouse before she realized she was crying. She felt sick... the whole world spun as she stumbled and placed a hand against the concrete wall for support.

She must have cried out or made a noise, she couldn't remember, but something had compelled Aika to break the kiss with the unknown girl and glance down the street. Kagome watched as a look of horror crossed Aika's face laced with guilt and panic of discovery. It was too much to witness, Kagome didn't want Aika looking at her, she didn't want to be there, so she ran. She ran and did not stop even as Aika called out after her and gave chase. Kagome was faster, Aika had no chance of catching her.

It was several days later that she found a letter in her desk, Aika had been absent since Kagome discovered her betrayal and had not seen her since that moment. The letter was from Aika, it read that she felt terrible for what she had done and that she really did enjoy her time with Kagome . It also revealed the reason she moved in with her aunt was because she created a lot of problems in her home town by seducing other girls. Her Aunt had learned that she was doing the same thing again and sent her back to her mother's unwilling to deal with such a thing.

The letter finished with a simple 'it was fun while it lasted.' and the fact there was no words of love or deeper attachment is what truly hurt. Kagome had thought the betrayal had broken her heart, but the letter had been far worse. In the end she lay in bed crying as her mother did the best she could to sooth her and having no clue to the true magnitude of Aika's absence from her life.

Somehow Kagome thought... if Aika had come to her and made an excuse, even a stupid one, she would have accepted it. If only so they could stay together... but it was a guilty and shameful longing of desperation and anguish.

"Aika..." Kagome sobbed and fell asleep in tears missing her mother's return and the soft kiss on her cheek followed by a softly spoken works "First loves are always the hardest..." before her mother left her once more in sleep.