Bad Hair Days

Chapter: 4

It was a strange feeling walking to the village dressed in Inu Yasha's fire rat robes. Especially knowing his fate and the fact his killer walked right beside her. Kagome continued to steal weary glances at the demon who now controlled her fate, that truth left a deep mourning despair in her breast. She felt trapped in every possible way, had this been how Inu Yasha felt with the rosary around his neck?

She had no rosary, not in a literal sense, no she simply had Yura's words of threat, but that was more then enough to keep her in line. There was also the fact that even now, Kagome squirmed, that Yura had her hairs all around her body hidden beneath the fire rat robes clinging tightly to her naked flesh. Ready at any moment to constrict and slay her if she dared show her miko power.

"Mmmm, do humans really have to get around in such a manner?" Yura complained rhetorically at the burden of being forced to walk instead of using her hair as an express. She would happily have used her hair, but Kagome's damage to her nest had been extreme and it would take a greater amount of time to repair then she had original thought. For now she had enough hair to control the girl and deal with any threat that might present itself, if only she didn't need to walk however.

"We can't all be monsters." Kagome spoke softly being cheeky and earned a smirk from Yura who after a moment gave a tug on her command strings causing Kagome to cry out as her arms and legs suddenly clamped against her body restraining her.

"That's not a very nice thing to say... Not after I went through so much trouble to spare your life." Yura complained in a husky voice. Kagome whimpered, her head pulled back by the restrictive hair tendrils, and felt the threads around her neck threatening to choke her, but they did not. After a few moments, the point made, everything loosened returning to normal. Kagome did not apologize, instead she cast a scathing glare at the demon who walked with her arms crossed behind her head. Yura simply smiled taking pleasure in her defiance knowing it was a futile one.

They continued along like nothing had happened, Kagome looking downcast at the dirt path they followed. The night before had been terrifying, she could still see the writhing walls in her mind as hey crushed and tore Inu Yasha's body to pieces. It was enough to make her halt a moment and gage wanting to throw up, but she managed to catch herself and continue walking again ignoring Yura's questioning expression.

She had to stop that, Inu Yasha was dead and he could not save her, only she had to power to save herself now. It wasn't as if she had known him very well, a few days was hardly enough time to form a true friendship or bond... but then again, he had saved her life twice in that time. No, he was gone and that was all there was to it, but at least he left her something behind... his fire rat robes. Somehow she thought he might be happy... or at least satisfied that she wore them now, he could still protect her if only that much.

Thinking of the robes she looked down at herself, they were indeed Inu Yasha's robes but much smaller now. Yura had with much effort in the night managed to find a way to tear the material part which was both a good and bad thing. Good that she was able to use the material and sew it back together in a size fit for Kagome, but bad that Kagome knew the robes were no longer a suitable defence against Yura and right now... defence was something she strongly desired against the demon woman.

A fear washed through Kagome as she recalled more events from the night before after Yura had questioned her about the photos. Yura demanded to know everything about her and the girl in the pictures, to know why they acted like lovers. All this while Yura petted over her body and brushed her lips along her neck, jaw, and ears. Kagome did her best to answer innocently but Yura would have none of it... slowly forcing Kagome to admit shameful truths.

Yura was abnormally fascinated with the subject and Kagome was keenly aware why. It was impossible to imagine, but Yura did not seem to realize her own arousal or at least understand it. Yura was violently turned on from the images despite her fierce admission they were 'improper and indecent'. She did not know how to respond to her own feelings and could only clumsily let her hands over Kagome's body do it for her.

Kagome did not know much about the history of lesbianism despite her own experiences on the matter. She could only think lesbianism simply did not exist in whatever time she found herself, that it was a fresh and new concept with absolutely no exposure. It was something alien and new to Yura who thankfully was content simply to learn more about it before she tried to re-enacting what was displayed in the pictures.

It was cruel of Kagome to hope, but she wished when Yura got up the nerve or will to experiment, that it was not with her. It meant some other poor woman or girl, likely not knowing of the concept of lesbianism as well, would be raped and very likely not find any pleasure or enjoyment in it. How Yura would react then to such an encounter Kagome did not even want to fathom or even guess the fate of her victim.

"Kagome..." A horse weak voice called to her as she and Yura entered the village. The villagers seemed spooked and it was likely do to Yura's attack. They eyed Yura wearily but had no knowledge that she was truly the demon who had attacked them.

"Kaede!" Kagome called back in both alarm and relief. Alarm at seeing the old priestess being carried though the village street under the supporting arms of two of the villages men. She was covered in dirt and a bloody wound in her shoulder stained her robes crimson. Kagome made to rush to her side but she felt the thread around her neck give a threatening flex warning her to stay by Yura's side.

The action did not go unnoticed by Kaede who starred with shock and surprise, her vision still clear enough to see the network of hairs covering Kagome and how they all lead to the hand of the scantily clad woman beside her. Kaede did not know what to make of the situation and did not dare announce the demons presence knowing it would spell death for much of the village.

"Oh my... such a grievous injury." Yura gasped in mock horror feigning innocence. "Is she all right?" The men carrying Kaede favoured Yura with mistrustful stares but the fact Kagome was with her and that Kaede trusted Kagome, they relaxed their hostilities.

"Take me to my hut." Kaede commanded breaking eye contact with the demon. She did not know what game was being played or why Kagome wore Inu Yasha's robes, but she had a terrible assumption why. For now it seemed the demon did not come to slay them so it was best to share a conversation in privet.

"Kaede..." Kagome called and risked taking a step towards the old woman again as she was lead away. This time Yura did not stop her and also followed in her wake. Kagome felt trepidation wash over her, but she had to see Kaede and speak with her. If there was any true ally left to her in this fairy tale world it would be her. She prayed Yura would uphold her end of their promise, not to slay any more innocence if she helped her seek out the shards.

They moved to Kaede's hut and waited outside long minuets as the men helped Kaede tend to her wound. When finished men left under Kaede's request and ushered Kagome and Yura inside. Almost tearful Kagome knelt before the old priestess and wanted to reach out and cling to her as if she could protect her from Yura, but held herself back.

"So Inu Yasha is dead." Kaede spoke in a heavy sigh of fact. She did not need to be told as she centered her one good eye on Yura with weariness. "But you have let Kagome live, what game are you playing demon."

"Kagome?" Yura perked up and placed a finger to her chin in happy delight. "I see so her name is Kagome." After pondering over the lovely discovery she casually replied to the old priestess. "I am not here for myself, it was Kagome's wish to come to this village not mine." The information make Kaede's eyes widen and raise with interest.

"I'm sorry Kaede... I.. I didn't know what else to do..." Kagome apologized as she made fists on her knees her expression strained to keep from breaking down into tears. "She killed Inu Yasha... and she promised she would kill everyone else if I did not help her find the shards..."

"Kagome..." The old priestess slumped with an aged voice full of sympathy.

"It's not a big deal." Yura commented slyly ignoring the heavy atmosphere of the hut. "I really don't see why you're so upset over our arrangement. You help me and everyone else gets to live and continue their peaceful and uninteresting lives, all at the cost of you finding me the rest of the shards."

"Do you truly intend to keep your word?" Kaede questioned sternly. "I cannot imagine a full demon like yourself would agree to any terms a mortal would make."

"Ohhh..." Yura grinned dangerously and leaned forward. "Your quite the smart one aren't you... But rest assured I have every intention of keeping my word so long as Kagome can find me shards. If she cant... well I might just need to find a few ways to motivate her."

Kagome strained in terror at the implications of the words. It was a new condition to their agreement. It was no longer simply helping her find the shards, it was now finding the shards in a timely manner or blood would be spilt. Kaede too narrowed her eyes with a distasteful glare.

"What do you intent to do with the jewel when it is complete?" Kaede demanded.

"I don't think that's really any of your business old woman." Yura smiled sweetly refusing to answer. "But you can rest assured I have much greater plans for it then that incompetent hanyo did. As if becoming a full demon would change his fate... he would have died in any case." Yura then noticed Kaede's resentful expression on the subject of Inu Yasha. "Oh my, did I strike a nerve? I thought you of all people would rejoice at his death. Did he not kill your sister so long ago?"

"I came to terms with my sister's death long before I became an old woman." Kaede spoke wisely with maturity. "But she was but one life, since that time I have watched countless of those I cherish perish from famine , war, and sickness. Inu Yasha's death dose not bring me joy, only sadness. There was still time to redeem himself, but you have stolen that chance from him."

"Humph." Yura frowned with a bad taste in her mouth. "This is why I despite old people, you think because you have years behind you that you are wise. You are just a foolish old woman who chooses to believe in the good of others, over the truth that is the nature of things. A human is lucky in one regard, their lives are so short they never get the chance to realize the extent of their ignorance before they die."

"We humans do live short lives to what one of your kind are used to, but in exchange we live them to a much greater extent. We die with our hearts full of feeling, whether it be love, hate, or regret. We die leaving behind memory, family, and meaning. When you die you will leave behind nothing, not even your bones." Kaede had struck a nerve as Yura's eyes turned violent as strands of hair wrapped tightly around Kaede's throat choking her.

"No! Stop!" Kagome screamed intervening after having stayed out of the argument thus far. She threw herself on Yura grabbing her hand, while her other grabbed the control wires. They where extremely sharp and immediately bit into her palms drawing trickles of blood. Her panic and determination to save Kaede freed her miko powers and her hand glowed snapping the hairs like rubber bands drawn to tight. An instant later she found herself thrown from Yura who wore an expression of terror, recoiling defensively and ready to strike her down.

" promised! You promised not to kill any more innocence!" Kagome screamed and just in time to stop Yura's now hover blade from cutting through her throat. A heavy tension filled the room as Kaede coughed pulling the lose hair from her throat. Kagome and Yura stared each other down as Yura's blade hovered at Kagome's throat with its tip deforming her skin ready to pierce with just the slightest push. Eventually Yura calmed and threw her hand aside recalling her sword which flipped through the air and smoothly hilted back in her sash.

"If you ever cut my strings again, you will die." Yura spoke with a powerful demonic aura that was so potent Kagome was sure the temperature in the hut had dropped. The matter had settled there as everyone calmed and the argument did not resume. Everyone returned to their seats not speaking another word as Kaede soon began to make tea. There was no trust in the room and a subtle hostility for enemies lingered, but neither side was willing to raise arms. They ignored their instincts for battle and soon shared cups of tea before idle conversation returned.

By the time evening fell an agreement had been reached between Yura and Kaede. Though she was hesitant and loathed to help such a truly pure and evil demon, Kaede could not abandon Kagome in her plight and the matter was settled. Kaede and the village would do what they could to aid in tracking and locating of the shards, but no more. To Kagome that small amount of support had meant the world to her. It told her she was not alone, that there was still hope no matter how small.

It was later that night long after they left the village when Yura had stopped and pulled Kagome off the forest path, into the dense trees beside. It had been so sudden Kagome screamed, but Yura's hand covered her mouth muting it to a muffled squeal. Yura held tight till Kagome quieted and her breath normalized, finally pulling her hand away as Kagome grew submissive. Yura stared into Kagome's eyes a long silent moment, her eyes all but glowing with demonic aura, and then lifted Kagome's hand up from her side to drop something in it.

"What is..." Kagome questioned peering down as a black pearl rested in her palm. It was like a bead of obsidian, but after a moment she could feel something, feel some great pulse of power from within it though extremely faint as if it was coming from miles away.

"A gift..." Yura smiled and closed Kagome's palm around it pushing it back against her chest encouraging her to cherish it. "It's such a rare stone... one should feel honoured to receive such a thing." Yura explained with a soft sultry tone, her free hand combing once more through Kagome's hair. Kagome stammered and pressed back into the bark of the tree. Yura's eyes were hooded, powerful, and intense, being trapped between her and the tree with no space between them made Kagome's fragile heart flutter, if just for a moment.

The mood was broken though, as Yura turned away grabbing Kagome's wrist and pulled her back out onto the forest path to continue their trek. Kagome simply stared down at her feet as she clutched the pearl to her breast, her breath light and panicked.

No matter how she looked at it she was not imagining it, the look Yura gave her, and the gift... Yura might not know anything about human relationships, but knowingly or unknowingly Yura had just begun to court her. That was possible a more terrifying thought then the threat of death.