Title: Fester
Summary: "'Let the dissenter pay the price'" The Red Lanterns are seeking revenge on Razer for leaving their ranks. However, is Razer too valuable to lose? The Green Lanterns must decide whether or not if it is worth risking their own lives to save their Red counterpart. How much torture and pain is a life worth?
Disclaimer: I do not own Green Lantern: The Animated Series or Green Lantern. It all belongs to DC comics.
Authors Note: Well, guys, lots of pressure. I'm writing the third Green Lantern fanfic ever. I really hope you enjoy! Please forgive me for any comic continuity breaks. I am relatively unfamiliar with the true Green Lantern Universe (I'm a Batgal, sorry), but apparently GL: TAS is also a different universe from the DCU Green Lantern. Everything supposedly takes place after The Lost Planet but I'll probably adjust for the latest episodes since I am kind of winging this :D Enjoy!

The first few symptoms were so slight Razer thought nothing of them. A small cough, a headache that lasted for a few hours at a time then disappeared, itching eyes; nothing more than a space virus he had contracted since joining the ranks of the Green Lanterns, Razer assumed. He kept his sickness to himself. The young Lantern dreaded to hear what taunts Kilowog had under his sleeve. Looks like the Red isn't up to fighting because he caught a little bug. Maybe he should do us all a favor and get rid of that phony ring. What's wrong with you, Poozer? Homesick? Razer groaned and buried himself deeper into his bunk. He sighed and tried to fight off another wave of nausea. The headaches were worsening but were not unbearable.

Razer was suddenly greeted with a flash of light and the cheery voice of Hal Jordan. "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty. Aya's sensors have tracked a nearby GL."

The Red Lantern squeezed his eyes tightly shut and sighed again. "Speaking of unbearable," he muttered crossly under his breath. However, Razer still made the effort to get up. If he didn't at least make an attempt at getting up, he knew from past experiences he was due for a nasty surprise, courtesy of Kilowog. He stood up stiffly and made his way slowly towards the front of the ship where everyone else was already gathered. As usual, he sank into the furthest chair away with an expression of contempt.

Aya was watching him with a calculating look. "Are you well, Razer?" She glanced at this forehead. "The perspiration on your skin suggests you may be ill."

Razer sunk deeper into his chair and crossed his arms. "I am fine," he replied stiffly, trying not to attract the other two Lanterns' attention. "It is just insufferably hot on this ship."

Aya frowned and her eye on the ship blinked as it ran a temperature scan on the spacecraft. "The temperature is relatively low at this moment. According to Hal Jordan's home planet's measurement scale, it is only 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A mere 18 degrees above the temperature at which water freezes on Earth."

At hearing his name, Hal turned to listen to the conversation. "What is Razer complaining about now?" It was nearly every single conversation starter when the Red Lantern was involved.

"Razer states that the temperature of this ship is overly warm." Aya sounded confused. "However, my knowledge tells me this temperature is supposed to be cool. Are my cooling functions at fault?"

Kilowog entered the conversation at this moment. "Nah, Aya, the ship is at a perfect temperature. Probably something wrong with the Red. What's wrong, Poozer? All that hot air in your ring making you sweat? Or is it your dirty conscience?"

Hal ignored his fellow Lantern. "Are you sure you're alright? You are looking a bit pale."

Clearly annoyed, Razer flicked his tongue against the back of his teeth. "I am fine," he repeated, an exasperated look on his face. He pressed a hand to his temple. "Your incessant prattling is giving me a headache." He dropped his hand and glared back out the wide window in front of him.

Hal exchanged glances with his fellow Lantern. Kilowog shrugged as if saying "what can you do?" Not knowing quite what to do with a stubborn Red Lantern either, Hal turned his gaze back towards the window. He bit his lip to prevent himself from asking more questions. Razer seems to be in a particularly bad mood today—well, more so than usual.

"How much longer till we reach that GL, Aya?" Kilowog asked, breaking into Hal's thoughts.

The AI scanned a few monitors and pressed a button or two. "Ninety minutes."

Both Green Lanterns nodded as Razer suddenly stood up. "If I'm not needed, I will be returning back to my area of the ship. Privacy is requested." He strode quickly to the automatic door and slipped through, not waiting for an answer. The door closed and the three Green Lanterns were left in silence.

Hal turned to face Aya. "You know what to do."

"You called, Master?" The spherical Red Lantern hung uncertainly by the door.

Atrocitus did not seem to recognize that Zilius had spoken. The leader of the Red Lantern Corp remained silent with his back to the visitor.

"Master…?" Something was different. Zilius' gaze darted back and forth nervously. He just couldn't figure out what. He strained his eyes to see what Atrocitus was shielding with his body but he could not make out the object. "Master!" Zilius Zox was now starting to sound whiny.

"What happens to a Lantern's ring once they are killed?" Atrocitus' voice rumbled deeply. The soldier was taken briefly aback by the question but answered quickly enough to satisfy his master.

Zilius Zox licked his lips hungrily. "A Green Lantern ring flees to the next victim that our rightful cause will destroy."

"And a Red Lantern ring?"

Zox froze and frowned. "I don't know, Master."

Atrocitus turned slightly and revealed a glowing red lantern. The red glow threw a bloody haze on everything in the room and set hungry lights in Atrocitus' eyes. "The ring returns to me and the rage of the fallen Lantern fuels me, makes me stronger. Their rage fuels my own so I may avenge their deaths."

Zilius Zox tore his gaze from the red lantern and returned them to his master. "Forgive me for my ignorance, Master, but I don't understand." He bowed slightly.

Atrocitus placed a scarred hand on the lantern. The surface pulsed dully with a deep red glow at where he touched it. A light haze surrounded Atrocitus and the leader himself seemed to glow slightly. "Razer's rage is not my own."

Recognition finally seemed to dawn on the round Lantern. "Razer is not dead?" Zilius Zox's eyes grew wider. "But he has not returned to us, Master! He is breaking our sacred codes! A Red Lantern must return to Atrocitus, our leader."

"Razer's lack of loyalty is dishonorable and dangerous to our cause." The leader of the Red Lantern Corp slid his hand across the smooth surface of the lantern, throwing red shadows across the room and its occupants. "His faults will not bring an end to my cause. I will be avenged," Atrocitus growled to the lantern.

"Do you know where Razer is?" Zilius Zox pressed eagerly towards his master. "Where is he, Master? Tell me so I may fly to him and end his disobedience once and for all!" The spherical Lantern started to foam slightly at the mouth and twitch sporadically. "I knew the youngling was not worthy of the honor of being a Red Lantern!"

Atrocitus extended a hand out towards the Red Lantern. "Peace, Zilius Zox. Although your rage pleases me, you must be more patient. We must make Razer suffer the consequences for turning away from the Red Lantern cause. If he is killed swiftly and mercifully, others may follow his path, seeking a coward's death."

Zilius grinned and let out a dark chuckle. "Very eloquent and well-spoken, Master." His eyes darted back and forth between Atrocitus and the glowing lantern.

Atrocitus scraped a single nail across the side of the lantern. A blood red streak remained where his nail had cut.

"Let the dissenter pay the price."

Chapter One will be longer and much more interesting. I've watched all of the episodes like a hundred times so hopefully everyone is relatively in character. Feedback is great appreciated!