Last chapter! I'm honestly so sorry this took so long. I fell out of love with this story and couldn't get myself to keep writing, but I really wanted to finish this for you guys. I hope you all like it!

So, okay, they may have fibbed to his dad. Just a little bit. But, really, it's not that bad. The sheriff made it pretty damn clear that he expects that Stiles and Derek are going to have sex, probably sooner than later, and probably while Stiles is still underage (only by, like, 6 months, it's close enough!). He also made it clear that he would not arrest Derek for it, and that he wants to know absolutely nothing about it when it happens. He also made them agree to use protection, which –

Sorry, dad.

Stiles figures it's not really that big of a deal because Derek, being a werewolf, can't contract any diseases and Stiles, being a virgin, has never even come into contact with any. So, why use protection if there's nothing to protect against?

Plus he sort of really wants Derek to come inside of him, so. There's that.

Blowjobs are a thing that happens frequently, now. Stiles was freaked out about giving Derek a blowjob when he first tried it, because apparently there is a huge difference between reading and watching videos about how to give a blowjob, and actually giving a blowjob. Seriously, those articles he read were totally misleading; they made it sound like relaxing your throat for somebody to insert their penis into was a completely easy thing to learn, but no, it totally isn't. But, whatever. Stiles is used to it now, hell, he might even go so far to say he's good at giving head, with the way Derek reacts to it.

Stiles has worked his way up to getting not only three, but four of Derek's fingers inside of him. It had actually been pretty unexpected, because they had been using three for a while, and Stiles thought that that was as many as they were ever going to do, but then one night, Derek just decided to slip in his pinky along with his three fingers without any warning (not that he's really complaining, because after the initial burn, it was good. Fantastic, even.) and that was that.

Oh, and another surprising and completely awesome development is that Stiles gets to finger Derek. Yeah, he was not expecting that one. The idea of it was completely hot, but he thought that Derek was just going to be super toppy(which he was totally fine with, by the way), so he never really seriously considered it before it actually happened. They were just making out one day, with a complete lack of clothing and more than a little groping, when Derek had just turned himself over on the bed and presented his ass like the fucking gift that it was. Stiles, not knowing what Derek wanted him to do, was just taking his sweet time ogling Derek's backside, which apparently wasn't what the man wanted, because Derek ended up grabbing Stiles' hand and shoved Stiles' fingers onto his hole, and Stiles took it from there. It was pretty great.

It's strange now, sitting on the edge of his bed while the sky is slowly dimming into darkness outside of his open window. He and Derek had decided that tonight was going to be the night that they did the deed, they planned it all out, his dad was working the night shift, Scott had a date with Allison, and it just seemed…right.

Stiles is a strange mix of calm and nervous because on one hand, this is Derek so he knows he has nothing to really worry about, but on the other hand, this is sex, something they've never really done before. Sure, they've done other sexual things, just not the main attraction, so to speak.

Derek should be coming through the window any minute now, so Stiles is just waiting for him to get there. He had thought that maybe he should prep himself or at least be naked or something, but then decided that he wanted Derek to take care of that for him, so. For now, the usual jeans and tee-shirt it is.

About five more minutes pass of Stiles waiting impatiently and fiddling with the hem of his shirt before Derek arrives, hovering crouched in the windowsill.

"Hey," Stiles says quietly with a small smile.

Derek lowers himself into the room and walks to stand right in front of Stiles. "Hey," he says back.

Pursing his lips, Stiles grins down to the floor, then tilts his head to meet Derek's eyes. "So, uh, my body is ready. Well, not really, I figured I'd leave that part to you, so." He pauses and Derek snorts and shakes his head in a fond manner. "What? I mean, how're we gonna go about this? You know, the whole destroying my virtue thing…or at least what's left of it."



"Shut up." Derek murmurs with upturned lips, leaning down to capture Stiles' mouth in a kiss.

Stiles moans something unintelligible into the kiss, and Derek takes the opportunity to slide his tongue into the boy's mouth, tasting a hind of chocolate, no doubt from the boy's mild addiction to M & M's.

Derek maneuvers Stiles until he's lying down on the mattress with his head on a pillow. He climbs in to kneel between Stiles' thighs, bracketing himself with his elbows on either side of his mate's head. Derek rests his forehead upon Stiles', looking him in the eyes before he lowers his clothed hips to grind down on the younger man's.

Stiles gasps at the contact, burrowing his face into the crook of Derek's neck as he fists his hands into the fabric of the man's shirt. Derek brings a hand down the pet Stiles' side, grabbing the hem of his shirt on the way up. He sits back onto his knees to look at Stiles with his shirt pushed up to his armpits, his chest flushing lightly. He grazes a thumb over each one of Stiles' nipples, feeling them pebble into hardness at the touch. Pinching one of them lightly, he hears a hitch in the boy's breath. He leans down to latch his mouth onto one of the rosy pink nubs, taking the other in between his thumb and his forefinger and tugging lightly at the same time as he nips at the one in his mouth.

Stiles lets out a muffled whine, biting his lower lip to try and stifle the noise. Derek looks up at him from under his lashes just as he tugs Stiles' nipple with his teeth. Removing his mouth, Derek moves up to bite at Stiles' lips, kissing him until his lips are swollen red and shiny with spit.

Derek moves to nip at Stiles' earlobe. "Hands up," he says, and his boy obeys, lifting his arms over his head so that Derek can pull off his shirt.

Satisfied, Derek sits back to take his own shirt off, slipping it over his head and onto the floor next to the bed. He grabs onto Stiles' hips, rubbing his thumb in the cuts that lead town to his groin, using them to shift the younger boy's underwear and pants down, the bunched up fabric making it easier to grab a handful of the cloth and slowly pull both items of clothing down at one time.

Stiles shifts his hips up, making it easier for Derek to fully remove his clothes. Derek looks down at him, then leans up to capture his lips in a short kiss, sweet compared to what they would be doing. It's not like they hadn't done this part before, but it felt different somehow. It felt more significant than anything else they had done together, probably because they both knew what they had planned, that once they took the final step, there wouldn't be any going back.

Derek had explained to him that this was going to finalize their mating bond. Stiles didn't really get it at first, but Derek said that it was more symbolic than anything, that it wasn't necessarily the actual act of having sex that triggered the bond, but the closeness and intimacy that mates felt during it.

Neither of them were nervous exactly, but they both knew that it was a big step to be taking. Stiles knew that Derek would take care of him as the older man moved to scrape his teeth along his sides, thumbs digging into his hips, and Derek knew that Stiles would be there for him no matter what.

"Okay," Stiles says, reaching down to smooth a thumb over Derek's stubbled cheek, "I know we're having, like, a moment here, but we've never taken things slow, and this is not a good time to start."

Derek huffs and rolls his eyes, grinning despite himself. "I don't know why I like you."

"Sure you do, they're the same reasons I like you."

"Yeah?" Derek asks, "And what are those?"

"Well," the younger man starts, breaking into a moan when Derek lightly bites down on the inside of his thigh, "you're a real smartass sometimes, but it makes for good conversation." Derek smacks his hip a little, reaching up to grab the lube that's in Stiles' nightstand. "I guess you're not too bad on the eyes." He says with a breathy sigh as the older man starts to mouth at his erection. "You're pretty good in bed, although that's going to be put the test in a minute here."

It's cute how Derek can pretend to look annoyed with a dick in his mouth, really it is.

"But most of all," He says, reaching to tangle a fist in Derek's hair, "You're mine." He finishes, voice dropping an octave as he bucks up into the wolf's mouth, and Derek just takes it, eyes burning into Stiles'.

It's not too long before Stiles feels a slick finger circling around his entrance, pushing in with little resistance. He groans out his approval, shoving his hips down and letting Derek know when he wants a second finger.

By the time he whines for a third, Derek's already ahead of him, moving up his chest just enough bite at Stiles' nipples. Once Stiles is fucking himself down on his fingers, Derek moves his free hand to Stiles' mouth, giving the boy something to suck on as he continues to nip at his chest, making it red as his stubble scrapes across it. Stiles grabs onto Derek's hand that's in his mouth, maneuvering the fingers so that he can suck at them one by one, and the older man groans at the sight.

Derek inserts his pinky for good measure, grinning as Stiles whines at the burn tugging at his rim.

"You're gonna take it so well, baby, I can already tell." Derek tells him, planting a biting kiss to the soft flesh of his inner thigh.

Stiles nods frantically in response, Derek's fingers slipping out of his mouth as he pulls the older man up from his shoulders to joining their mouths together in a desperate movement. Derek pulls back from their kiss to stare into Stiles' eyes, and before the boy can complain about Derek's large fingers retreating from his hole, he feels the blunt head of something even bigger prodding at his entrance. Stiles gasps at the foreign yet familiar sensation of being filled, keeping eye contact with his mate until Derek has completely bottomed out, at which point he clings to Derek's broad shoulders, burying his face in the muscles of his mate's neck.

When Derek doesn't move immediately, Stiles makes a disgruntled noise against his skin, wrapping his legs around the older man's hips to gain some leverage. "Jesus, would you just –", he starts, bucking his hips upward to get Derek to move.

Derek huffs out a small, fond laugh. "Your so fucking impatient, Stiles." He says, in good humor.

"Yeah, well it honestly concerns me that you're so willing to just stay still when your dick is literally shoved up my ass, so ex-fucking-scuse me."

Without pulling out at all, Derek gives a sharp jut with his hips, showing Stiles just how deep he can get and reveling in the soft gasp his mate lets out at the sudden sensation. Stiles responds by pulling his hips back and then forward again, effectively fucking himself on Derek's dick.

"So greedy," Derek mutters almost absently to himself a he begins to thrust with a slow power that jolts Stiles body with each movement.

Stiles curses under his breath, eyes screwed shut at the feeling and panting into Derek's shoulder.

Soon, Derek has a steady rhythm going, fucking into his mate's tight hole with hard, slapping thrusts, the wet sounds of skin on skin filling the otherwise quiet room. The only other sound that can be heard his Stiles' panting and his helpless moans that he failingly tries to muffle into Derek's shoulder.

Derek curses under his breath, unable to keep his own breathy moans from spilling from his lips. He grabs onto one of Stiles' thighs and pushes it further up, the younger boy crying out as the new angle forces Derek's cock to drive against his prostate.

"Fuck, Derek, I'm so –I'm so fucking close, just, god," Stiles moans out, Desperate to come.

Instead of answering verbally, Derek nods his head where it rests against Stiles' own forehead, and speeds up with each movement of his hips, driving into Stiles with a relentless pace. He feels his impending orgasm approaching just as fast as Stiles' own. When Stiles' hole becomes even more impossibly tight around him as the boy tenses and cries out, Derek cant stop himself from tumbling over the edge into his own orgasm, biting down onto the junction between Stiles' neck and shoulder as he fills his mate up with his cum.

The feeling of the mating bond taking place is almost instantaneous, Stiles jerking his body even closer to Derek, grabbing onto the back of his head with both hands to keep him in place. Suddenly, Derek knows that he and Stiles are both feeling the overwhelming sensation of oneness and belonging, that the mate bond has finalized and they are now irrevocably bonded for life.

"Okay, that was seriously earth shattering and all, but you're really fucking heavy and I'm still in the wet spot."

Later when Derek wakes up to the wet sensation of his mate snoring softly and drooling on his chest, all he can do is smile to himself and stroke the messy hair atop Stiles' head.

He can't wait for the rest of forever.