It is the year 2011 that the popular Japanese card game known as Duel Masters has finally returned to the shores of the United States. After the original cancelation back in 2006, the game has made a serious splash among lovers of games and trading cards. The Duel Clash Association has set its sights on making Duel Masters as popular in the U.S. as it is internationally. Fans of the game and anime were more than pleased with the return and the DCA's efforts to revitalize the franchise were successful…

Using the power of the five great Civilizations… Fire, Water, Light, Darkness, and Nature… duelists from around all across the states compete against each other in tournaments and in personal matches with friends.

However, unknown to many people outside of the DCA and their associates, there is more to this game than meets the eye… what the fans didn't know, or ever expected, is that what was portrayed in the anime…

A separate world, divided among five powerful civilizations, and the ability to summon creatures into our world…

May not have been just another Saturday morning cartoon…

"Michael, are you ready?" William called to his son.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" a twelve year old Caucasian boy ran to his father, "I'm ready to go dad"

"Got your deck, your glove and your ID?"

"Yep, yep, and yep" he had his deck on his hip, his ID in a brown wallet in his back pocket, and his glove in a small backpack with a binder of extra cards.

"Well, have fun at the tournament you two" Lisa, Michael's mother said as they headed for the car

"It's too bad Leon can't come too" Michael said as his father drove them to the stadium where the tournament was being held.

"Yeah, well Leon has family visiting…" William said, "I'm sure you guys can play together this weekend and then you can tell him all about the tournament"

"You're right" Michael smiled happily.

William smiled back… he was glad that his son had a friend like Leon. William and Leon's father, Tim, had been friends since they were in elementary school and practically grew up together. Their friendship had lasted for years and the two decided to raise their families together. Leon and Michael were both born around the same time and the two of them quickly became friends, eventually their bond become closer than two brothers. They did everything together; they went to the same school, lived right next door to each other, played together, did their school work together, and they even got in trouble together…

But what these two really loved to do together was to play games; board games, video games, card games, you name it… They were always up for a challenge… and their favorite was Duel Masters. Even when they stopped producing them in the United States back in 2006, they still played the game. And when the game finally returned near the beginning of 2011, both Leon and Michael were like a couple of eight year olds on Christmas morning… especially when they heard about the new league system that the DCA had established.

Michael, especially, couldn't get enough of the game. He participated in every tournament he could… and today, the DCA was holding a special promotional tournament, who ever won would receive a stack of new OCG exclusive cards. William agreed to let Michael participate in this tournament, provided he agreed to keep up with his chores.

It took thirty minute to get there, another five to find a parking spot, and about another ten to get Michael registered for the tournament.

While William returned to his seat in the middle of the stadium, a hotdog and soft drink in hand, Michael was already competing against his first opponent, a boy using mostly a Water Civilization deck.

"I cast Holy Awe!" Michael showed the spell to his opponent.

"Ouch, Holy Awe now taps all of Kenny's creatures, including those blockers he summoned the previous turn" the MC announced.

"Armored Blaster Valdios, double break his shields, Ike!" Michael turned his card sideways as his creature opened fire, blasting Kenny's last two shields away.

Kenny looked at his cards and gave a disappointed groan.

"No triggers, huh?" Michael smirked, "Well, time to wrap this up… Mini Titan Gett, Todome Da!"

"And Michael Scott advances to the next round!" the crowd cheered as Michael approached his opponent.

"Hey, good game" he smiled as he reached to shake Kenny's hand; Kenny smiled back and accepted the hand shake.

William smiled as he looked up at the brackets. With that win, Michael just earned himself a place in the final eight. As Michael got a drink to cool off, he noticed a man, probably around his father's age just standing in the corner… he didn't know why, but something about that guy was giving him the creeps. The man raised his head and glared at the twelve year old, Michael froze… it almost looked like he had a dark aura emanating off of his body. He glared furiously, but then his expression changed to a kind of smirk…

Michael wanted to back away from this guy, but his legs didn't want to listen to what his brain was telling them to do…

After what seemed like forever, the man finally walked off… without as much as a word.

Michael tried to move, but he seemed frozen where he stood.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for the second round of the semifinals" the MC's voice said through the speakers in the lounge area, "Will the duelists for the second round please report to the dueling area"

"Michael Scott?" a woman's voice said as a hand appeared on his shoulder, causing him to jump.

"Yes?" Michael's heart was pounding in his chest.

"Are you alright" the woman asked, Michael looked at her and saw that she was wearing the DCA logo on her shirt.

"I'm alright, can I help you?" he said as he tried to steady his breathing.

"Um, you're needed in the dueling area" she said.

"Oh yeah, I'm coming" Michael said as he followed her to his respective side.

Michael strapped on his glove and entered the arena; his opponent was already standing on his respective table waiting for him. Michael shuffled his deck and placed it onto his table before looking up at the large monitor. A spinning coin appeared on the screen, a few moments later, it flipped and landed on heads, which meant that Michael would have the first move. He charged a fire card into his mana zone and called it a turn. He looked over at his opponent and froze immediately…

His opponent was the same guy from the lounge area… he smirked as he drew his card and charged darkness mana.

William didn't like this… that guy, whoever he was, gave him a really bad feeling. He hoped he was just being paranoid, but he had this strange feeling in his gut that something was going to happen… something bad.

As the duel progressed on, Michael managed to summon his creatures, but his opponent was having no trouble keeping the pressure on him… it almost seemed like he was toying with him the entire time. Michael was having difficulty making strategic moves correctly, and he seemed like he was distracted… scared even…

Michael currently had three shields and eight mana cards. He also had Twin Cannon Skyterror and Armored Blaster Valdios in the battle zone.

His opponent had four shields and eight mana cards as well. His side of the battle zone consisted of two Necrodragon Gilands, Necrodragon Jagraveen, and Dark Lupia.

As he reached for his deck to draw his next card, he realized his hand was shaking… his opponent just gave him a cold smirk.

Just who was this guy?

"I-I summon… Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning and Senatine Jade Tree" Michael placed his blockers into the battle zone, "T-Twin Cannon Skyterror, double break his shields!" Michael's voice carried fear with it as his creature roared and obeyed his command.

"Shield trigger: Terror Pit, destroy Aegis!"

"I end" Michael reluctantly said.

"My turn" he said as he drew, "I summon Bloody Squito"

"Now, Necrodragon Giland, Ike! Double break his shields!"

The dragon roared as it did as it was told, smashing two of Michael's shields. The frightened twelve year old brought his hands up to shield himself as the shattered pieces of the shields flew at him. Michael looked at his cards, no triggers… suddenly, he felt something warm sliding down the side of his face… Michael brought his hand to his cheek; a moment later he pulled his hand away and looked at it.

"What the!"

He was bleeding… his cheek had a cut on it, his shirt was ripped in several areas, and he felt a few grazes elsewhere on his body from where the shards had flown near him.

"I see you finally noticed" his opponent chuckled, "Makes this simple little game so much more interesting"

"What did you do?" Michael felt fear filling every part of his body as he saw blood slide down his hand.

"It's called a Kaijudo Duel… this is how duels were meant to be carried out" the man smirked

"What are you talking about?"

"Those who can summon real creatures into our world and control these beasts are known as Kaijudo Masters"

"Kai-judo… real creatures…" Michael couldn't believe what he was hearing, "But, it's just a tv show… how can-" he was cut off by the man laughing.

"You poor confused little creature…" he shook his head, "There is so much you don't understand… tell me, if it was just a 'tv show', then tell me, how did you get those wounds…"

How was all this possible? Was all of this really for real? Were those truly real monsters floating in front of him?

He looked back at his blood covered hand… he could feel his cheek still bleeding, his body beginning to ache slightly from the small cuts from the shield shards. He looked back at his opponent, that dark aura he had seen back in the lounge had returned.

Michael felt fear taking him; filling every part, every last cell in his body… tears began to form in the corners of his eyes. He was scared… more scared than he had ever been in his entire life.

"Necrodragon Jagraveen, Ike! Break his last shield!"

Michael cried out in fear as the dragon shattered his last shield.

"Michael!" William stood up, something wasn't right.

"Sh-Shield Trigger! Holy Awe!"

"I end my turn" he said without the slightest hint of worry in his voice.

"I draw"

"Well, come on kid… make my day" he smirked evilly.

"JUST GO AWAY!" Michael screamed.

Suddenly, Valdios moved, aimed his cannons, and unleashed a massive volley of cannon fire… without Michael giving it the order to attack. Valdios shattered the two shields, but did not stop firing… then without order, Twin Cannon Skyterror spread its wings and fired its guns all around the stadium.

Michael's opponent began to laugh loudly as Michael's creature's turned the stadium into a shooting gallery.

"Oh this is too perfect… seems your own powers have been awakened" he laughed as Valdios and Twin Cannon continued their rampage, "But it looks like you can't even control it…" Michael knelt down, his hands covering his head as tears streamed down his face, "Let me show you how a true Kaijudo Master controls his creatures… now my pets, ATTACK!" the three dragons roared fiercely as black and purple balls of light formed in their mouths, blasting the inside of the stadium with deadly beams.

Panic and chaos ensued as the people inside the stadium ran for their lives, desperate to get out of there. Yet William fought his way through the sea of panicking spectators… he had to reach his son, there was nothing in this world or the next that would make him abandon his son… even to save his own life. As William desperately tried to reach his son, the creatures continued to destroy the inside of the stadium, blasting large holes in the walls and ceiling, destroying entire sections of seats, debris flying in all directions.

As William finally got closer to the dueling area, a large chunk of a rafter broke free…

"Michael!" William called to his son.

"Dad?" he looked up as he heard his father's voice, but his relief quickly died as he saw the broken piece of the rafter falling straight towards him.