This one is sad... just a fair warning. Spoilers for The Second David Job. I don't own Leverage.

It doesn't feel right. All of them sense it, even if they'd never be able to put it into words.

To Parker, it feels like foster home after foster home, never able to settle in one spot because just when you got to liking where you were, someone came along and took you away and made you start over. After a while you learned not to get comfortable, or attached. It hurt less that way. But somehow, these four people have cracked into the safe where she imagines she keeps her 'soul', made her want to stay. And now the inevitable is here. And it hurts like hell.

To Hardison, it's a reminder of all those times he was bullied in school. All the times he was picked last, the times that he spent sitting by himself on a swing at recess, playing with a circuit board from a calculator or taking apart a watch and putting it back together just because he could. The other kids never understood. And then this team happened, and all he could think was finally, there was a place where he fit in. And now it's over.

To Eliot, it's coming home to the States after almost ten years away. It's finally being free of Moreau only to find that everything here moved on without him. Amy was married, his sister had a little boy he'd never known about, and with a bit of effort, he found out that the forces had officially listed him as MIA and likely dead. They'd stopped looking while he was still in the damned prison. Then these people came along, irritating and immature and so damned innocent, and he'd told himself not to get attached. It didn't help, and now he's cursing himself for it.

To Nate, it's every feeling of helplessness and worthlessness he's ever known. His father ground it into him; not being able to save Sam finished the job. All along he's felt that he didn't deserve these people. Despite their being thieves, they're the best people he's ever known (except Maggie, but she was different.) He's always had this sense that it was going to come crashing down. It didn't stop him from thinking of them as a family, but he won't stop this. They're better off without him.

And Sophie? It's every person who ever looked at her and saw only the surface. It's millions (hundreds of millions) of dollars of stolen money and artifacts, and none of them able to give her the one thing she really wants. It's ten plus years of waiting for that man standing in front of her, and all he has to do is say one word and she'll follow him. Anywhere, even straight into hell. And it's his silence, his willingness to let them walk away, his inability to accept that he's worth it. It's the most bitter feeling she's ever known.

It just doesn't feel right.