I Like You, Mikan-sensei

A student-teacher relationship is a taboo in society and is a subject which many people would frown upon...

An unassuming romance story between Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyuuga with an age gap of 5 years. After many obstacles that may seem to stop them from being together, will they still defy the odds and get together again?

Chapter 1: Prologue

The morning was chilly, yet he just strolled lazily towards the school gate without putting on a jacket. He noticed a group of students crowding around the school notice board. He ignored and walked past them. Just then, someone called his name loudly.


He stopped right in his tracks and sighed, "Yes, Ruka? I know it's you."

True enough, Ruka popped right in front of him and beamed. In returned, Natsume gave a small smile. Ruka grabbed Natsume's wrist and dragged him towards the notice board, though Natsume did try to shrug him off but was to no avail. They squeezed their way through the crowd and finally made their way to the front. Ruka pointed at both of their names together with the other names which were printed on a large A3 paper pinned on the notice board. Natsume scanned through the paper, not knowing why his name was there.

"Natsume! How lucky we are to be in the same class again this year!" Ruka cried in joy. "Wow! I'm so glad! What about you, Natsume?"

Natsume racked his brain. He wondered why he forgot that day was a new school semester and it was a new year for everyone. Not only that, everyone, including him, had promoted and had changed classes according to their results last year. He looked at the paper again. His class was 3A and his homeroom teacher was Mikan Sakura-sensei.

"Mikan Sakura-sensei?" Natsume mumbled as he rubbed his eyes in confusion and took another look at the name again.

No kidding. It's really Mikan Sakura-sensei. Natsume grabbed Ruka's arm and dragged him out of the crowd. Ruka stared questionably at Natsume for his abrupt behaviour.

Natsume whispered, "Hey, what is going on? Who is Mikan Sakura-sensei? I thought Narumi is our homeroom teacher?"

"How would I know? I thought Narumi-sensei is going to be 3A's homeroom teacher. Next, I think Mikan Sakura-sensei is a new teacher here," Ruka replied. "Honestly, I have never heard of that teacher before."

The two boys walked towards their respective classroom. They pushed opened the door and were greeted by many sweet smiling faces of their new classmates and former ones. They smiled back and took their seats at the back of the classroom, waiting for homeroom to start.

On the other hand, a certain 23-year-old lady was rushing into the teachers' staffroom, carrying a pile of files clumsily in her arms. She dumped them onto her table and began flipping through each and every file hastily. Another teacher walked into the staffroom and saw that clumsy little teacher flipping through the files in a disorganised manner. Shaking her head, she approached the distressed teacher and pulled out a file among the others.

"Mikan-sensei, are you looking for the attendance file?" She queried as she placed the file right in front of the distraught teacher.

Mikan-sensei teared up and threw her arms around her saviour.

"Luna-sensei, thank you very much! You are my saviour! You have found the file!" Mikan cried and took the attendance file from Luna.

Luna laughed for a short while and stopped. She had never seen such a clumsy, yet adorable teacher in her whole life. Mikan let out a soft giggle due to her embarrassment.

Luna patted on embarrassed Mikan and said, "Mikan-sensei, today will be your first day as an official teacher so I guess you wouldn't want to be late on your very first lesson."

Mikan smiled sheepishly at Luna and then stole a glance at her watch. Her smile was wiped off from her chubby face. Her eyes grew big and gulped. Oh no, she was late for 3A's homeroom by 3 minutes! She quickly bowed to Luna and ran out of the staffroom hysterically, leaving confused Luna behind.

As Mikan was running along the hallway, clutching onto the attendance file tightly, she began to ponder how Class 3A would be like and what type of students she would meet in that little four-walled classroom. She smiled with determination as this would be her newest challenge she had ever undertaken before.

So, this was the beginning of the unassuming romance story between Natsume Hyuuga and Mikan Sakura.

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