I Like You, Mikan-sensei

Chapter 40: Epilogue

2 years later...

"Have you seen Mikan-chan?" Anna and Nonoko cried while grabbing onto Hotaru's puffy sleeves.

Hotaru was sitting next to a rounded table, drinking a glass of plain water casually.

Hotaru looked at them and asked, "Who are you guys? I think I have seen the both of you before."

"What? Don't you remember who we are? I'm Anna and she is Nonoko," Anna shrieked.

Hotaru let out a small laughter, "I'm kidding. Mikan is in the dressing room. Do you need to see her urgently?"

Nonoko shook her head and said, "Not really. We just want to say our blessings to her."

Anna took out a pink rose hairpin and said, "We also want to give this to her. She will definitely look great if she put this on with that white gown."

Hotaru took that hairpin and said, "I will give this to her on your behalf, ladies. The dressing room is restricted to some people only. Luckily, I was her..."

"Yeah, yeah. We know that. So, thanks for helping us!" Anna chirped cheerily.

Hotaru got up from her seat and headed to the dressing room. She knocked on the door and waited for Mikan's reply.

"Come in!" Mikan's voice could be heard from the room.

Hotaru opened the door and took a peek inside the room. She saw Misaki combing Mikan's hair. Upon seeing Hotaru, Mikan sprang up from her stool and ran towards Hotaru. She hugged Hotaru tightly and giggled. Hotaru smiled and gently pushed Mikan away from her.

Misaki frowned and warned, "Mikan! Get back right here! Your hair is not done yet. You can chat with Imai-san later."

"Wait, I am here to pass a hairpin to Mikan. Anna and Nonoko told me to do so. I hope you like it," Hotaru explained while placing the hairpin on Mikan's hand.

Mikan thanked her and returned to her stool. Misaki continued to comb Mikan's hair and pinned the hairpin at the side of her head.

Mikan stood up and twirled around. Her long brown hair swirled across the mid-air like an elegant feather. Her long gown had frills at the tip of her sleeves. Everything was beautiful and resplendent.

Misaki cried in awe, "Mikan! You are so pretty! No one will believe that you are 29 years old this year. You look like an 18-year-old teenager."

"Stop exaggerating, Misaki-senpai!" Mikan pouted.

"Well, there's a saying that all women will look very beautiful when they become brides," Hotaru said.

"Hotaru is also very pretty today!" Mikan chirped.

Hotaru blushed a little and muttered, "Really? Thank you. Do you really think I will make a good bridesmaid? I..."

"Of course, you do!" Mikan exclaimed while holding onto Hotaru's hands.

Hotaru smiled and replied, "Thank you, Mikan. I hope your wedding will be a success!"

Mikan nodded. She was extremely excited for this day to come. It was her wedding! She was going to marry Natsume. Her heart was beating very fast. After dating for 3 years, Natsume finally proposed to her. In fact, he only proposed to her after he had finished studying the Law of Medicine and gotten a very stable job as a lawyer in court.

Of course, everything went well in the wedding ceremony. Finally, the last part of the ceremony came.

"Natsume Hyuuga, do you take Mikan Sakura as your wife?" the priest said.

Natsume nodded and replied, "Yes, I do."

"Mikan Sakura, do you take Natsume Hyuuga as your husband?" the priest continued.

"Yes, I do," Mikan replied.

The priest smiled and announced, "I hereby announce the both of you husband and wife. Please exchange your wedding rings."

Natsume took Mikan's hand and slowly slid the marriage ring into her ring finger. Mikan did the same with his too. After that, they exchanged kisses to end the ceremony.

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered for the newly wedded couple. Mikan interlocked her arm with Natsume's and both of them smiled sweetly at the cameras.

Mikan faced her back to the congregation and lifted her bouquet of roses high up in the air. All the ladies immediately gathered at the foot of the stage, hoping to catch that bouquet of roses after Mikan threw it.

Mikan flung the bouquet of roses with all her might into the air and it flew. Everyone screamed and gasped as it flew sideway instead. What a bad throw!

"H... Hey! Why me?" a voice called out.

Mikan and Natsume turned around and looked at the side of the hall. They saw a well-dressed blonde holding onto the bouquet while looking very confusing. The couple burst into laughter.

"Oh my! It's Ruka!" Natsume exclaimed. "Congrats!"

Ruka's face became flushed. This bouquet was supposed to be in a lady's hand, not his.

"Sakura, please throw it again!" Ruka pleaded.

Mikan sticked out her tongue playfully and shook her head. Ruka sighed in defeat. Some people cooed at Ruka's luck while others gave their blessings to Natsume and Mikan.

It was a happy ending for Mikan and Natsume. They had finally defy the odds and got together again.

Whilst the joyous moment carried on throughout the night, there were two people staring from afar at the lucky guy, Ruka Nogi. One of whom was a lady with a pair of violet eyes while the other one was a lady with a pair of crimson eyes.

Well, this was the beginning of another romantic story among these three adults- Ruka Nogi, Hotaru Imai and Aoi Hyuuga.

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