I just want to say thank you for the amazing response to Chapter 1. In this chapter, there is going to be more on the background of Jasper and Bella and how the two of them met. Also regarding updates, they will be random for a while till I figure out a schedule with everything that I have going on. Eventually, I might make the updates monthly and then weekly depending on the response and my schedule. Happy reading!

"What are we going to do?" Her voice was slightly nervous.

"What do you mean, love?"

"I was hoping that as soon as I had found you, you would want to leave with me."

"I do but I need to explain to Alice who you are to me?"


"We posed as mates for a while. Soon enough we became lovers but it was more for comfort. I think she knew that she was never really going to be able to keep me by her side. Probably why she let me go to Peter and Charlotte." I looked at her beautiful face. "Your not angry with me?"

"How could I be? I understand the need for comfort and there is nothing wrong with having it from someone."

"Did you ever...?"

"Now's not the best time. If you want to explain and say your goodbyes then let's go. We'll need to head there now if we want to be back in time."

"Time for what?"

"Our flight. Peter, Char, you and I are going away from America. We need to catch up."

I didn't bother myself with wondering how she booked a flight without knowing if I was going to come with her or not.

"Let's go."

As we reached the house that the Cullen's had last stayed in, I slowed down. My mind was racing with thoughts that I couldn't get rid of.

What if they didn't accept her? What if Alice didn't accept her? What if-

"Jasper?" My mates voice cut through the frenzy going on in my brain. I looked at her.

"Your nervous aren't you." It was a statement than a question.

"I am." I replied.

"Don't be. I have heard lots about them. If they don't accept me then they obviously have problems."

I snorted and rolled my eyes. "Maybe you and Rosalie will hit off." I teased her.

She made a face but smiled.

I love your smile.

I love you.

Speaking with our minds was something that we hadn't done in a while. Our bond was a little rusty and it needed to be re-affirmed fully.

I agree. Her mind was full of things that we could do to and I found myself becoming a little aroused. I smirked and made a move to grab her when she suddenly went into a defensive crouch. I immediately did the same but in front of her and a little to the side so she could still see. Nothing would be harming my mate. They would have to get through me first.

"I don't recognise the scent." The wind was blowing the expensive perfume and sweet flowers towards us and I relaxed a little.

"That scent, it's Alice's."

"How sure are you?"

"Very. I've lived with that scent, remember."

Our talk stopped then as the petite vampire entered the clearing. She looked at Bella and I growled low in my throat. I quickly stopped though. Some instincts were hard to break and I knew that Alice would not dare hurt my mate in front of me. I was still the Major after all.

She held her hands up to show that she wasn't going to do anything and I relaxed again though it was minute.

"Relax, my love. I can't sense any bad things coming off of her. She's safe and she is here to escort us to the house." Bella's gift was working overtime to give her all of the information she needed.

I stood up and so did my Bella. I kept her to my side but walked closer to the vampire who was waiting patiently. "Hello Alice."

"Jasper." She nodded to me and turned to look at Bella. "And you must be his mate, Bella. You're more beautiful that I saw and I absolutely love your shoes! Jimmy Choos right?"

I felt Bella nod weakly.

"You get used to her." I assured her. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Really? Somehow I doubt that, Jasper.

"Come on. Everyone wants to meet you both." She motioned for us to follow and we did, running a little behind her.

The sun was starting to set as we neared the house. It was still the same warm and welcoming home that had been made when we moved to Forks. The only things that changed were the furnishings and the trees at the back of the garden, which were taller and bigger, and it only served as a reminder for the amount of time that I had been away.

Alice stopped by the front drive and turned back to us. "Welcome to the Cullen Home, Bella."

"It's very beautiful. I believe that you, Esme and Rosalie designed and furnished it."

"How did you know?" Alice's eyes fluttered slightly and I knew she was looking into my mates future.

"It's my gift."

"What's your gift?"

"You'll find out sooner or later." At this statement, Alice went into a vision and she suddenly smiled, clapping her hands excitedly.

"I can't wait Bella! You and I are going to be the best of friends!" I sensed that Bella was a little taken aback at this. Why would you be best friends with someone that you knew nothing about?

I smirked and made my way up the steps leading to the front door. I made to open it when there was a flash and suddenly Carlisle was at the door, opening it. I dropped into a crouch and growled lowly before standing up as quick. "Sorry Carlisle, I'm a little on edge; I just got Bella back."

"Nothing to worry about Jasper." His lilting voice washed over me and I remembered the days when the Cullen men would go out on hunting trips to Alaska. I smiled softly and he opened the door further allowing me in. Alice danced in after me and I turned to see Bella standing by the steps anxiously. "Bella?"

"What if they don't like me?" I sighed and jumped down the steps to her side. "They will love you." I stated firmly and sent out waves of calm and confidence. She nodded after a few seconds and I smiled. "Come on then, darlin'." I felt desire coming off of her at the use of my Southern accent. There were some things that you could never be rid of and for me it was the subtle accent that crept up on me. "We'll have time for that later but for now, how about you meet the family."

She shook her head to rid herself of the less that innocent thoughts. "Sure." She took my outstretched hand and followed me up the steps, pausing before Carlisle."It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Call me Carlisle, Bella. You are going to be a member of this family very soon."

As we walked inside and into the living room, the rest of the family came in.

"Hello Bella, I'm Esme. It's a delight to meet you, finally."

"Finally?" She looked at me. "Has he been talking about me? All good things I hope."

"Of course they were." The mother-like vampire gave Bella a hug and I watched on as she returned it. Esme smiled happily and stepped back. She motioned her hand to the other vampire standing beside her. "This is Emmett and his mate Rosalie."

Emmett was a large man with curly brown hair and light amber eyes. He had a mischievous air about him and Bella smirked before stepping foreword. "Hello Emmett. I believe that you and I are going to become the closest of siblings. You enjoy play-fighting and drinking the blood of bears. So do I."

"Awesome! Alice back off. The newbie's mine." To make his statement clearer, he lifted me into his arms and twirled me around.

"Well, I got her first!"

"If you wouldn't mind putting me down, I'd like to meet Rosalie."


"No problem." Her voice was light and it sounded as though she wasn't really present in the room with all of us. I realised that she was having a vision. They weren't like Alice's in that they just told the future. This told her everything that there was to know about that person and judging by the way she was concentrating on Rose meant that she was seeing the whole of Rose's life.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you Rosalie. I can relate to you because I experienced something similar and yet not at the same time."

"How do you know? Did Jasper tell you?" Her voice was harsh and tinged with fear at the same time. Her emotions were the same.

"It's my gift. I know everything whether I want to know or not. Both a blessing and curse if you ask me."

Rose didn't say anything but her emotions told me everything. She was ashamed that a complete stranger knew every detail about her turning when she hadn't even told anyone else but Emmett and Carlisle.

"Hey don't worry about it Bella." Emmett spoke up. "You can't help it." Bella smiled weakly and turned to greet the last person in the room. Edward.

"You must be Edward then. Pleased to meet you. Did you know that if I had been human and born as a human, I would be your singer and your mate. We would have lived a long and happy life together with you turning me. I'm sorry. Sometimes I say thing without thinking first. I hope that I didn't offend you or anything."

"No you didn't Bella."

"Good. I would have hate to have embarrassed myself."

"Please, won't you come and sit."

"Thank you." She took my hand in hers as I led her to the loveseat. "You all seem curious about something."

"How did you and Jasper meet?" Alice was practically bouncing wanting to know the answer.

"It's a long story. I hope you don't mind me telling it to you."

"Not at all. We would love to hear more about you." Carlisle spoke.

"Well, it was back in Texas, Houston and it was the year 1844..."