I swear. This is the absolute last time I resubmit this chapter.

I need some OCs for this story. It's the first crossover of Kingdom Hearts and Huntik: Secrets and Seekers. I'm looking for 9 keyblade masters to meet my OC, Hunter, at each of the worlds he encounters and guide him to the ring of a legendary titan. I'm also looking for generic classmates, teachers, and at least one villain. I'm using worlds based on the following worlds from the Kingdom Hearts games to hide the legendary titans, but I'm probably not using the Disney characters from that world; Port Royal, Agrabah, the Pride Lands, Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum, Atlantica, Land of the Dragons, Beast's Castle, and a new one, Kingkow from Pair of Kings. I know you guys think there are only four legendary titans, but I'm including Grand Dragon Leviathan from the comics and the legendary titans from the second season.

Before I say anymore, I think I'd better explain the whole Kingdom Hearts Academy thing from the summary.

Long ago, there were two groups of people with skill of magic and combat.

The Keyblade Masters were the guardians of all the worlds, traveling the worlds and protecting them from the dark powers of the Heartless. To fight this evil, they used unique swords shaped like keys, aptly named keyblades. The keyblades are natural conduits of magical energies. This allowed them to not only train as master swordsmen, but as wizards as well.

The seekers were a divided order on Earth. They were people with strong wills that allowed them to summon spirit beings known as titans contained within magical amulets. The titans had first been summoned to Earth from another world by the first seeker, named Casterwill. Afterwards, the seekers became divided, some wanting to protect history, others seeking to use its power for their own sinister purposes.

One day, a keyblade master came to Earth and found one of these amulets. It bonded easily to him. Seekers all over the world learned about this and soon, both groups decided to share their powers. And since that day, Keyblade masters and seekers have always been one and the same.

Because of this merge in ancient arts, more keyblade masters and seekers gained powers than could be trained. So, the great masters of each side constructed Kingdom Hearts Academy, a school where those with strong wills could learn the secrets of the seekers and keyblade masters in hopes of mastering their powers to protect the worlds from the dark force of the Heartless.

Hunter, the son of legendary keyblade master known as Master Sora, has begun his training as a keyblade master. He has been chosen over the son of Riku, to find the rings of the legendary titans.

Here's the form for submitting your character. If you want to be the keyblade master of a certain world I have in mind, I will pick your clothing, keyblade, and titans, but feel free to make suggestions on that. I want to make sure they fit the world I put them in. I'm actually looking for two characters to be my character's sidekicks like Donald and Goofy, a love interest for my character, someone to play the son of Riku, which will actually be the villain, and evil keyblade wielders to fight my character at each world. I'll explain when I start the story. For keyblades, shotlocks, and command styles, don't be afraid to use something from the final mix of a Kingdom Hearts game. I've checked the wiki. For titans, don't be afraid to use a titan used by an evil Huntik character. For example, my character's most likely going to have Caliban and Anubian titans. In this story, all titans are generally used by the good guys, so basically, all titans are good in this story.

Name: Hunter Kingdomkey (I just made up a last name for him.)

Age(Students 14 to 23. Teachers 24 and up): 16

Looks: Short brown hair, blue eyes. Looks like Sora, but hair's not as spiky.

Position (Student, Teacher, or Villain): Main hero.

(If Teacher) Subject(please pick a keyblade that fits that subject. I also need three teachers for the ice cream store, mirage arena, a race track, and the gummi garage. I have keyblades picked out for them.):

Background: You'll see in the second chapter, as soon as I finish it.

Likes: Video games, TV, cartoons, anime, reading

Dislikes: Homework, country music,

Hobbies: Writing, practicing with his sword

Favorite movies/video games/books/TV shows/cartoons/anime: Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Inheritence, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, inFAMOUS, Ben 10, Xiaolin Showdown, Yugioh

Keyblade(Do not pick Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Kingdom Key, Way to the Dawn , or the Ultima Weapon. I've got plans for the first four. Do not pick an evil looking keyblade unless you want to be an evil character): Kingdom Key, for now. Ultima Weapon later. He's the main character so he's the one who gets it.

Clothing(can be anything): The clothes worn by Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2

Personality: Laid back, but he's not that sure he's really meant to do this. But when he's in a fight, there's no better fighter.

Titans(10 or less. Don't use all powerhouses. Use a wide variety, very wide. Feel free to use any titan you can think of. From the show, the comic, card game, season 2, even some titans you made up if they work. If I don't know what a titan you want looks like, I'll message you and ask. If your lineup doesn't work, I'll message you and we'll figure it out.): Solwing, Caliban, Dendras, Cavalier, Fenris, Lindorm, Springer, Nordrake, Anubian, Kipperin

Top Three Command Styles: Ghost Drive, Blade Charge, Wing Blade

Favorite Shotlock: Photon Charge

(Your character won't be limited to the shotlock and command styles you submit. These are just the ones you will probably use most often.

Fighting style(optional): Prefers to use sword techniques Sora taught him, but he's learning to use magic so he'll slowly mix that into his combat style.

I'm still open to suggestions on what worlds I'm using, so check the Huntik wiki to see the new legendary titans and leave suggestions for what worlds to hide them on if you want.