It Wasn't Your Fault

A/N: AU. TLH never happened. This story takes place about three months after TLO. This is me trying a Percy x Bianca story, so Percabeth fans, no flames please, and don't kill me! (Loud banging in the background, followed by screams.) Enjoy!

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Percy's POV

Perseus Jackson was calmly sleeping in his cabin when it happened.

He was in the middle of a really nice dream. He and Annabeth were at Montauk, where they were passionately making out in the moonlight. She was sitting on his lap, her eyes closed, and the moonlight giving her hair a golden-silver color. His hands snaked their way to the back of her Camp Half-Blood Shirt, his fingers curling around the hem of her shirt-

"Fire!" someone yelled from outside. Percy stood up instantly, as he was abruptly awoken from his dream. Normally, that word wouldn't mean anything, as the Apollo kids were always practicing their archery, but it wasn't the Will Solace, the senior counselor of the Apollo cabin shouting, it was a more feminine, more familiar voice.

Percy hastily grabbed Riptide from his bedside table, threw open his door and ran outside. As he predicted, it wasn't Will that was that yelled that panicked word, but rather it was Annabeth, who was fighting a Cyclops knife-to-club.

He looked around, and for the first time, noticed the impossible thing that was happening.

Monsters were invading camp.

A legion of cyclopes, dracaenae, hellhounds, a few telkhines, and the Minotaur were charging the campers, who were frantically forming a phalanx to retaliate. Hellhounds dashed here and there, clawing and biting at any camper they can reach. One camper, bleeding copious amounts of blood from the hellhound bating his shoulder, was dragged behind the monsters' lines, and his screams were instantly muffled. Percy shuddered. He did not want to think what happened to that poor soul.

The Minotaur, wielding the same axe he used in their last battle, was fighting Jared Faust, son of Morpheus. He bellowed, and swung his axe sideways, catching Mark unguarded on his right side, and the son went of Morpheus went down, cut cleanly in half.

That sight sent him over the edge.

"Hyaahh!" Percy charged the Minotaur. It never saw him coming. Riptide pierced the Minotaur on a chink on its back armor, and it dissolved into dust. "Who's next?" Percy challenged, overconfidence lingering in his voice. Several cyclopes, wearing armor made from cars and carrying clubs fitted with metal spikes, left whoever they were fighting and charged him all at the same time. Percy summoned water from his cabin and formed it into his personal tornado. The Cyclopes were knocked away by combination of raging water and fierce winds, and Percy dispatched them easily.

By the time he was done, the other monsters were already defeated. He immediately looked around for Annabeth to see if she was okay. His heart did a little tap dance when she saw her near Thalia's Tree, a little cut up but otherwise okay.

"Annabeth!" He called. His eyes were brimming with tears. Annabeth turned around just as she was tackled to the ground by an overjoyed son of Poseidon. "Gods, Annabeth, I was so worried! Are you okay?"

"Sheesh, Seaweed Brain! You're acting as if I just died!" Annabeth huffed. Percy ignored her. He held her at arm's length, his eyes darting around every portion of her body, checking for any signs of injury.

"Seriously, Percy, I'm fine! Just a few cuts, nothing that the Apollo cabin can't heal." She sheathed her knife, which she was still holding in a fighting form, as if waiting for another attack.

As they walked back to camp, Annabeth noticed the bodies that were lying on the ground. Twelve campers lay on the central green, dead. Most of them were so badly dismembered that she couldn't tell who they were. She stiffened when she saw that one of them had blond hair and grey eyes. Percy noticed her reaction, and affectionately put an arm around her and pulled into a hug. She sobbed on his chest, and her tears soaked his shirt.

Annabeth's POV

Annabeth felt guilty about it all. Here was a man who loved her with all his heart, mind, and soul. For all she knew, he would willingly stand in front of Zeus' bolt and die for her. All she could do was at least love him back.

But she didn't. Well, she did, but that was a long time ago. Her feelings for him changed, spiraling from a feeling of pure to love down to the kind of love that you would give a friend. But she couldn't tell him. After all, she, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, was never known to be a backstabbing two-timer. Percy helped her to her brother's corpse, where she kneeled and spoke an ancient Greek blessing.

"C'mon, Annabeth, I'll take you to your room." Percy coaxed, and she reluctantly followed. Why couldn't she just break up with him and get it over with? Because he's my best friend, and I just can't give him that kind of heartache, her mind reasoned.

As they turned around, a body lying in the bloody ground, cleanly cut in half, caught her eye. No, it can't be. Her mind was racing, and after a few moments, so was her body, running to the son of Morpheus's body.


Percy's POV

"NO!" he heard Annabeth scream.

He saw her running at full speed towards the body of Jared.

"Annabeth!" He called. She didn't turn around, nor even stop to look at him. When she finally reached the body, she knelt down, caressed his face, and wailed.

Percy was confused. Why would she cry over him? He went over to where she was crying her eyes out, and knelt beside her.

"Annabeth, why are you crying?" he asked, although in his mind, he already had guessed the answer.

Annabeth stopped crying, only for a moment, and looked at him eye-to-eye. Her hands were shaking, her eyes were puffy, and she was biting her lower lip, as if she doesn't know what to say. "Percy, I-"

Even without her speaking, Percy could see it in her eyes. That look of love that was once only for him, was in her eyes again, only this time it wasn't for him. He looked at Jared, then at Annabeth, then Jared again, and it finally dawned upon him.

"You know what? Forget it. I already know the answer." He abruptly stood up, ignoring her pleas to let her explain, and dashed into his cabin before anyone could see the tears starting to form in his eyes.

He slammed the door shut. Why didn't he see it before? Her guilty reaction every time he brought her a gift, her reclusive answers for his every question, that faraway look she had in her eyes every time they spend together, of course she had to be seeing someone else! He lied facedown on his bed, put his head on his arms, and wept.

He did not know how long he stayed like that. A small light illuminating from the corner of his eye snapped him out of his self-pity, forcing him into a sitting position. He narrowed his eyes to get a better look, as they were still teary from his hours of crying, and, as he realized who was the pale-skinned figure in front of him, he nearly fell out of bed.


Oooo! A broken-hearted Percy, a broken-hearted Annabeth, what else is to come? Tell me if it's any good so I know if I will still continue. Anyway, I hate stories wherein Percy just sees Annabeth take off with some guy and leave him hanging. I mean she's his best friend, so she just won't leave him like that! Don't get me wrong, some stories that start with scenes like that are still awesome, but it totally ignores the Percy-Annabeth relationship, you know? Anyway, here's a spoiler for the Next Chapter: Annabeth will hate Percy! Till then!